Do you cry a lot in nursing school?

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Do you find yourself crying a lot while in nursing school?

I never cried so much in a year as I have in this PAST year. I'm always scared about failing (I have one shot while others have two) or get so incredibly frustrated and stressed out. I'm in Med Surg 2 and these teachers are throwing SO MANY useless assignments and projects that take up so much of our time that we don't have time to study for the actual lecture tests. And we HAVE to pass the lecture tests before we can even go ON through nursing school!!

Sometimes I get confidence. And then I go back into freaking out and breaking down that I'll just cry. I hear that people cry as well. Do you?

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I'm not a cryer, so no. I do get frustrated though and you are spot on about the assignments taking up valuable studying time. That is just nursing school for you. When I get frustrated, I rant to my boyfriend, then I get back to work as usual. Don't let it get to you. If you need to cry, scream, punch something, by all means do it. But don't lose sight of your goals!

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Nope I never cry at school...

You're doing yourself a world of hurt if you become known for crying under pressure, especially if you're the only one complaining in your class.

Sure ... do it at home all you like ... though get some help

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I don't cry. I get ticked and vow to kick the ^%&$ outta whatever is stressing me out. Figuratively, not literally.....although kicking a couple of my instructors in the rear has crossed my mind a few times :D

I DO hope that your breakdowns are in private, though. Being known as the student most likely to freak out/break down can't be healthy to your collegiate career. Not to mention, it has to be a career killer. Keep that in mind.

I'm not a crier and I never cried while I was in school but when I got home was another story. I was targeted by an instructor and I remember coming home one day and crying my eyes out to my husband. He was shocked because I think he has only seen me cry twice in the entire decade we have been together. Crying just isn't my thing but that evil instructor got under my skin. My only advice to you is to NOT cry at your tears for when you get home or to another private place. Sorry to say this but you will find out that some of your classmates and instructors have a sadistic streak. Show them you are weak and that might make you a target.

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Alot of people cry, my dear, in nursing school. I did at home in the middle of the night when I was at the brink of almost failing pharm class. Cheer up and never go down. Afterall, everyone has their moments.:hug:

I have never cried at school. I've cried on the way home from clinicals, in the bathroom at clinicals, and at home but it's usually because it was a situation with a patient that touched me although I did cry last semester because I was SO FRUSTRUATED with my clinical instructor that it was either scream at her (never a good idea) or cry about it after a few glasses of wine.

But I'm an emotional person and there's nothing wrong with that. You should've seen me cry at Toy Story 3!!!!

Anyway, I do agree with the other posters. Better to NOT get upset in front of your other classmates or instructors if you can help me, it's not going to do very good. Better to go home or to the gym or whatever you do, blow off a little steam, calm down, think about it reasonably, then reapproach. You will be glad you did!

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I cried once last year when I had to remediate a skill. No tears so far this year and no temptation to. It is all a matter of keeping perspective and organizing one's life, at least for me.

Oh...and yeah....don't cry at school or in front of peers. But I didn't garner from your original post that you were doing that.

No. Dont feel bad though Ive seen grown men cry when I was in MArine Corps bootcamp. Big, tough, manly men crying for thier mommas lol.

What I meant was cry during nursing school... not literally AT the school... like at home, in the car, etc.

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Yes, I've cried for the most of 4 years now. I never sook otherwise but I often find things too stressful or unfair and the only thing to do is cry, wash my face and get on with it. Don't do it in front of others though it makes people uncomfortable. Plus I know plenty of students that do that too. No biggie, just don't get too depressed.

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