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anayo DNP, APRN, NP

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anayo has 10 years experience as a DNP, APRN, NP and specializes in Medical and Behavioral Health.

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  1. anayo

    University of South Alabama FNP Spring 2016

    Dont worry. Find another school to apply.
  2. anayo

    Sitting for AANP boards

    Good luck. Just remember dont change your answer on the exam if you are unsure cause you will likely change it to the wrong one.
  3. anayo

    My I'm going to medical school

    I dont get it fellow collegue. I know I am a midlevel. Ive said that before. Ive also said that NPs need to know their scope/boundaries as well. But MDs should respect NPs or any other midlevel too.(Not take advantage of them). Im not trying to be an MD. But being MD doesn't make you a "signifcant power" Every health professional needs to work together. Thats what I said before. I am happy being a midlevel. But hey, there are others who are not and want to MDs. Nothing wrong with that. Is it wrong to deliver good care and patients liking you? If youre not in this health profession do so then what are you here for? I know if you had an a-hole PCP you would fire him or her. If its about making lots money then that varies from state, county, or job in your current practice. And no its not all time I do 6 hours extra but you just said NPs arent willing to working hard enough according to docs. Maybe I am misunderstanding you. Does owning multiple practices + making lots of money + not seeing your patients + not being reliable make a good MD for some anyways? Even my own friend whose an MD says, " Those patients are like your family. Treat them like your dad, mom, sister, brother...."
  4. anayo

    My I'm going to medical school

    My fellow collegue, I can understand where you come from. I understand that whatever practice you are in, you must work within your scope because that's what you applied for. NP must respect their scope just as a MD must respect his or hers. And NPs should not expect having same salaries as MDs, but if one knows this, then why be an NP or any other mid level? However, I knew what I signed for, and what I want, however, long hours does not make you a great provider or earn respect. Your "quality of care" does. Working an 8 hrs a day doesnt make me or anyone else less of a provider. If I have to work more hours at my practice to educate a patient on their acute or chronic disease or when their managing severe symptoms e.g. stroke, heart attack until ambulance reaches them then I will. I have always done so. Which provider will not? I could never sleep well if I did not give it my all. But also when you add the 6 or more hours of charting/reviewing new labs you have to do at night and the follow up calls to patients you have to do in the morning as well signing heaps of paperwork...then how much extra work is needed? I dont understand this MD vs NP thing. Arent we all here to help each other? To serve and change the life of the patient? Having more loans, extra schooling, and residency does not mean an MD will not make mistakes. Also, does not excuse an NP from making mistakes either. We are not gods. We are just prilvilaged to provide a service to those in need. I have had docs misdiagnosis my patients. What do I do? I correct it and move on case closed. But I know if that was NP that misdiagnosis a doc's patient. Well, that NP is in deep **** or worse some docs call the board on that NP. However, society is understanding the value of midlevel practice. If midlevels are underclassed then there wouldnt be 21autonomous states in the US regardless whether the ANCC or AANP lobbied. I understand why NPs want to practice independently because some MDs dont want to do their job, but still want the NP to be under their thumb. You have independent NPs paying a supervising physcian thousands of dollars to assess their charts and do occassional rounds. But some MD does not step their foot in the NP's office. Either because they are too busy chasing that dollar or they just want to take advantage of that NP. Is being an MD and having 4 private practices where the NP works alone and (MD) working at the hospital earning respect or working hard??? No. Just like some nurses just want a paycheck same with some docs. I had an former MD who I worked with that was like that. He was medical director here and there, but would never see his patients. Yeah, chasing that $$$$. Thats job fulfillment for you. I did all his work. He wouldnt even see his patients when they would request for him to come during their dying process. I did. And he didnt have to attend to all, but he couldnt attend to one either. Patients would die disappointed. Later on, it came to the point that patients didnt want to see their MD because I was reliable and took care of them apprioprately. They wanted to see me. And soon after, it made my supervising physician jealous, but he still couldnt commit to his patients. The point of the matter, is everyone should do what they feel is comfortable for their livelihood. I am happy with my pay. I sleep well knowing my patients are ok and happy-thats an added bonus. I am satisfied and have a sense of fillfullment helping my patients with my NP license. Maybe others not so much with their RN or APN license. Maybe others are not satisfied with their current position, feel they are not contributing, etc. But, thats the beauty of healthcare. We have options. Do what makes you happy. If you want to be MD fine. Just be a good one. If you want to NP or PA then fine as well. Just be a good one too. But lets not let the patients down. Because what is life or fillfullment anyway?Lets work together to achieve the greater good.
  5. anayo

    My I'm going to medical school

    If you want to go to med school thats fine, its your choice. However, there are many APNs who are happy in their careers. Remember, money is not everything. Its about loving your job and having a decent income that satisfy your livelihood. However, if you arent satisfied then you have the right to do something about it. I wake up everyday, happy with what I do and the pay I get, and time it allows me to be with family and friends. As for nps, its about finding the right job, just as it is for a doctor. I know nps who arent happy with their job, just as I know MDs who arent happy either. I even had a close MD friend who makes alot of money said to me that if he had to do it again he wouldnt choose med school(Which kind of shock me). His reasons was constant oncall, lack of family time, missing his children" birthdays, etc. I had my reasons for being an rn to np because i didnt want loans and I didnt want to be totally devoted to work as much as I love my patients. I worked hard for my rn, bsn, msn-fnp, and currently my dnp without any loan assistance. So it depends on individual preference and what you are looking for in life. Good luck with whatever you do.
  6. Totally unsafe and dangerous.😨
  7. anayo

    New job and I am happy = WIN!

    I know thats right!! Sometimes you have to settle what you can get as a new NP. But once you get experience 6 months to a year find something better. I had the same experience. Congrats to you.
  8. anayo

    eliminating the LPN role ?

    We are already at a nursing shortage. A nurse is a nurse. I think they need to stop elimininating LPNs and even RNs from their roles. We need all the nurses we can get. Now some hospitals wont take you if you dont have a BSN. I think that is plain dumb.One of my good friend/and mentor was an LPN when my first job was an LTAC.She knew more things that even RNs didnt know.
  9. anayo

    Taking a hiatus from working as a NP?

    Exactly. ANCC and AANP require 1000 hours. Part time may be more acceptable.
  10. anayo

    Palliative Care IP NP Salary

    My fellow collague, As an np who works in geriatrics and palliative, you need to know that money is not everything espicially if its your first np job. However, know you should not be short change either. Average salary for an np is 60k to 100k. I would consider asking 78k to 80 k. Also, you need to know if your job promotes yearly money increases/bonuses/malpractice/CEU coverage/vacation, etc.. Is it a conductive and safe environment? If your job is requiring you do work ALOT then dont except low pay. Attempt to negoiate. Good luck.
  11. anayo

    New ICU nurse applying for FNP program

    My fellow collague, As an NP myself I think you need a year or two of experience before going for the NP program. You need to gain critical thinking, understand your meds, etc. That way you will be comfortable when you start clinicals, and able to take care of patients apprioprately when you graduate. Best wishes!
  12. I learned a lot at nights before going to days because it was a slower pace and I had my senior nurses(God bless them) to teach me and they were helpful references until I was confident to handle issues. But it depends it on everyone's situation. If nights are just with new grads and no senior nurses, then no, I would not go to nights. If your senior nurses are during days, then I would stay.
  13. How long was you on orientation? Did you get enough time? Did your preceptor teach you well? If not, I would talk to the manager about getting more orientation or getting a different preceptor. But if you know your preceptor is not the problem, you've gotten adequate orientation, and its your nerves then I'd go to night shift. Get 6 months of experience then attempt to go to days. Just talk to her and tell her how you feel. I know your manager would not want to put you on days if you are not ready. Night shift should not be a problem, because night shift are more under staff than days, at least during my bedside nursing experiences.
  14. anayo

    should I stay or should I go?

    My friend, Nursing is ever changing. You have to improve your career and livelihood. You have a good offer, go for it. I used to work in a LTAC and loved the people there, but I knew I wanted hospital experience, increase pay, and a different career path. Look at is this way, your kids cant stay with you forever because they love you. They have to have their own livelihood and career choice separate from staying in the comfort of your home.
  15. anayo

    Would You Report Me for This?

    Then u are blind my friend. But I am done too. Deuces.
  16. anayo

    Would You Report Me for This?

    :) :)

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