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  1. anayo

    Tennessee State - ADN - Fall 2010

    Why is it that everyone I meet asks that kind of question. Dude, theres more whites than other minorities in the TSU nursing program. As for department, sure it can get crazy at times, but if they were poor at educating, 98% of TSU nursing students wouldn't be passing their nclex first time. :uhoh21:
  2. anayo

    I took my Nclex RN examination on Tuesday but...

    YOU PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pntlft:
  3. anayo

    "I think I can, I think I can"

    Relax and eat well before the exam. Take whole wheat crackers and some candy for brain sugar for your exam breaks. I did that a month ago. I passed and hopefully so will you.
  4. anayo

    Please help..desperate to pass this time

    buy ati review book and dvd bundle at ebay. cost from 35-50 dollars. helped me alot. you can't pass nclex if you don't know your content. i also used 3500 cd and saunders cd. good luck!
  5. anayo

    Do you cry a lot in nursing school?

    Alot of people cry, my dear, in nursing school. I did at home in the middle of the night when I was at the brink of almost failing pharm class. Cheer up and never go down. Afterall, everyone has their moments.:hug:
  6. anayo

    Nclex RN exam- frustrated and ready to give up!

    Here's what I studied 1. Saunders rn review book 2. ATI review book and review dvd( you can buy it on ebay for mid $30-45 bucks) 3. Saunders, Hogan, and 3500 cds 4. Kaplan strategies RN 2010-11 5. Kaplan web course
  7. anayo

    Graduation coming up...help!

    I graduated may 5 2010. Then I studied from early June till mid August-took the board and passed. But some of my friends took it late July. It all depends when you are ready to take the exam.
  8. anayo

    Graduation coming up...help!

    Hi there! Just relax and don't panick. You have enough study materials but you might want to purchase Kaplan RN strategies 2010-11 to help you perfect your crtitical thinking skills( It really helped me to pass my nclex rn exam!). Read your ATI content book or saunders to review content and do 80-100 Q per day of that content you are studying from cds. e.g. reading renal on monday, do 80-100 Q on renal :)
  9. anayo

    Nclex RN exam- frustrated and ready to give up!

    Hi there! Never give up! Listen I only did 85% of the QBANK, diagonistic I got I think a 56 and my deal with kaplan web review was over. ( kaplan scores don't matter as far as you 50 and above) I think its great you are reviewing content!!! In fact, without content I don't think I would have pass. I would advise to keep reading your saunders and do 80-100 Q a day from your cds-but maybe you could visit your local bookstore and purchase Kaplan strategies RN 2010-11 book. Its more helpful than Kaplan web review and it really helped me. DON'T FEEL FRUSTRATED-MYSELF AND MY FRIENDS ALMOST DID BECAUSE WE THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSE TO MAKE 60S AND ABOVE BUT WE ALL HAVE OUR RN BADGE AND YOU WILL TOO!!! BEST OF LUCK!:hug:
  10. anayo

    1st time Nclex-pn taker

  11. anayo

    Failed NCLEX :-( (according to PVT)

    Hi there! My no. 1 advice is to never to give up! I never did the suzanne plan but I got a good content book like saunders or ATI review book, and a Kaplan RN critical thinking strategies book(PN is also available)and read that for 4 good weeks. I believe you need a dose of supplied content and critical thinking skills to pass the exam. For example, Monday I would study renal I would read renal content and later do a minimal of 80-100 Q from my cds. Kaplan book I read each main chapter per day. Best luck!
  12. anayo

    Critical Thinking help!!!!!

    Buy Kaplan strategies book for PN or RN if you are either of those. Read it from begining to end and you will do well. HELPED ME ON MY NCLEX RN WHEN IT TO CRITICAL THINKING! :)
  13. anayo

    overwhelmed! help!

    Hello! My best advice for you is to buy Kaplan strategies PN 2010-2011 book. It really teaches you critical thinking skills! I used Kaplan strategies RN book I bought from a bookstore for my nclex exam because sometimes I knew I wasn't good at picking right answer choices. I BELIEVE IF YOU READ THE BOOK FROM THE BEGINING TO THE END YOU WILL DO WELL!!! P.S. Also buy saunders comprehensive review PN book so when your professor goes over a topic-go home and read the topic in your saunders along with your school notes and you should do fine!
  14. anayo

    NCLEX Second Attempt

    I never relaxed from the books until I entered the nclex room but I wasn't panicky or in a rush to shove things in my head either and I passed( If I don't read the day before the exam or the day of the exam I freak out! I know its weird...). It all depends on the individual and what they feel comfortable in. I sincerely wish the best for you.
  15. Hi emily ganshert! I'll have to honest with you...there is no easy field in nursing. Everything requires assessment and critical thinking skills but if I had to choose which bored me the most was PACU( BEING A RECOVERY NURSE FOR POST OP PATIENTS). All you did was check there vitals every hour, gag reflex, give oxygen and IV insertion was rare because the IV was already fixed. By the time I was done with that rotation I vowed never to go back there.