Did you work full time while going to school?

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  1. Did you or are you working while going to nursing school?

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Just wondering if you worked while going to school to be a nurse, and if so, part time or full time!

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Haven't worked full-time, mainly just overtime.

Anywhere between 42-65 hours a week.

live4today, RN

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Part time :)

sanakruz, ADN

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10 hours a week FILING

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I voted for did not work since my category wasn't technically there as I didn't work DURING school but actually I worked part-time in the summer at a doctor's office as a medical assistant and part-time in the summer at a mexican restaurant as a waitress.

:D steph


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I worked during the summer as a nurse tech, but did not work at all during school. I do not think I could have managed working, school was way too demanding. I pretty much lived on student loans and money I made during the summer. Oh and I had NO LIFE while in school. :/


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I've worked full-time since graduating high school 10 years ago. During the first half of nursing school, I worked as a CNA to get experience in a medical setting. There's very little money in that; so, the second half of nursing school, I worked as a deputy dispatcher/jailer at a sheriff's department (my previous schooling and experience was in criminology/corrections).

manna, BSN, RN

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I've worked full-time while doing all my pre-reqs (frosh/sophomore year of college).. but I'll either be finding a different part-time job or quitting work altogether this fall when I enroll in nursing classes.

I will still probably work during the summer, though.

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Part-time -- mostly 24, but up to 32 hours per week.

i worked a little while in nursing school. my last summer before graduation, i worked in a nursing home as a CNA....wow, what a hard job. I learned alot.


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Worked PT as an LPN while going to nursing school FT. It 's too hard when you've got little kids, working part time was hard enough.



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I worked 30 hours/wk through most of nursing school; cut back to 20 hrs my last semester. No kids but I did get married my first semester of classes (that was stupid; I should have planned it for the summer!)

I graduated last May and I'm STILL getting used to "just" working. Free time- gotta love it!

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