Did ETOH help?


Got tuned up on Saturday night...in bed at 3:00a Sunday. Up at 10:00, laid on couch until noon. Went to Chili's and Wal-Mart, watched Daytona 500, did 108 questions out of Kaplan, went to bed, up and took NCLEX. Shut off at 75. Called today, and found out I now have a license. Did the good drunk clear my mind?

The worrying before the test is far worse than the actual test. I felt pretty good when I walked outta there.


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congratulations for a job well done:) maybe a very good tune up helped...lol who knows hehehehehe...:smokin: :biere: :beercuphe :beer:


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i might have to try this

maybe suzanne will add this to her plan lol

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lol sounds like a good idea

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Love it! Congratulations!


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I think it was all the excitement of the finish of the Daytona 500 myself. I watched the start, did questions through the whole race, then watched the end.

Congrats to you!!!


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