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Crises Pay


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I am a travel nurse between contracts, thought I'd jump on some of this Crises pay, but be aware That some of the large cities housing is impossible to find but if you happen to find it, it is higher than your pay, so I've been asking who is responding to NY the answer I'm getting is Nurses who live there or who know someone to stay with, The Cheapest I found a twin bed Only in someone's attic they wanted 1800/wk. I'd share the rest of the house with a family. I spent 18hrs. looking for housing on Long Island,Manhattan and San Fran's mission district. so I declined the jobs. I really felt I wasn't doing my part with this Crises due to I couldn't find housing, One nurse told me people didn't want to rent to her because she worked around this Virus and would bring it home.

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Yeah, I doubt you'll be able to rent a room/attic/basement from a family right now. There's no way people will want to risk you bringing the virus back to their home. You might have better luck at a an 'extended stay' hotel/motel since they won't 'vet' you the way a landlord would.

There are some extended stay hotels close to hospitals which are specifically marketed to out of town people who are staying nearby the hospital to get specialty outpatient treatments. Maybe you could find something close by with reasonable weekly/monthly rates.

True, travel nurse agencies are paying up to $120 an HR for covid19 contracts, but housing will probably be a huge issue. I'm an L&D travel nurse, (I've seen rates go up, but not that high) and I travel in an RV. I'm concerned, because I've heard lots of RV parks have closed ( which is dumb...lots of full-time RV ers have no place to go).


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The Four Seasons is offering free rooms to healthcare workers and they are hoping other hotels will follow suit.

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I have been deciding on crisis rates and too had the same question on housing. Keep me posted on this!


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Yes some of the hotels have discounted rates. However they seem deserted, also most of the amenities are closed until this is over so make sure you have your own toiletries and meals.

I just did a quick search (looking at a travel contract right now). I found apts and hotels for under 1500 a month and some hotels even have free breakfast. Just look outside of Manhattan area.

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Thank you..

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Anyone know of any housing around Manhattan? Start a contract within a couple days...

Airbnb is helping with housing, Google what hotels are helping with housing. There is plenty of available housing if you look for it.

I am also looking at the NYC travel contracts and the housing concerns me as well. I checked Airbnb and can see the page where hosts can offer their places for free/discount but not where we as nurses go? I’ve also read about the 4 seasons and the other hotels but how do we actually go about getting it?

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I went to a site called Furnished Quarters, put in the area and price range I could afford, a lady named ------------- called back saying to ignore the prices they were giving discounts to first responders which nurses are considered, she sent 3 apt. in the location I need, but now I'm trying to figure out the train system, I feel really stupid like I need someone for the first 3 times to walk with me through this, I thought it would be like catching a plane but OMG no it's not and then it flips at night,I kept visualizing myself late for work cuz I got on wrong train going wrong way, so either Lyft, Uber or Taxi, There's also a site called:Spare Room but it's shared housing. but its worth looking at. ps

The subway system in New York is a great system. The signs in it are easy to read and figure out what line to catch. Also you can download a map for it for your phone. Good Luck and safe travels. I leave for New Orleans in a couple of days.