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  1. Michigan Protests against Stay at Home Order

    https://abcnews.go.com/US/convoy-protesting-stay-home-orders-targets-michigans-capital/story?id=70138816 Michigan currently is one of the worst hit states with coronavirus (25,695 cases and 1,921 deaths as I write this.) Yesterday there was a protest...
  2. OP- update us, did you show your wife these posts and what was her reaction?
  3. Who can wear printed scrubs?

    At every hospital I have worked at we have hospital issued uniform and thats it, besides like sparticus mentioned we can wear Christmas scrubs in December. BTW you usually also have the option of wearing a skirt ( so practical in nursing ?)
  4. Is it wrong to turn down a shift?

    100% your choice if you want extra shift or not and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  5. I took a travel assignment to help out, but what happens after?

    Has anyone had a contract cancelled mid way thru? Can they do that? What is the point of a contract then?
  6. Reinstating license during Covid

    I did this for my Illinois license and got it within 2 days of applying. Mine only expired in 2018. Just curious how long is your Texas license good for? Illinois is doing a limited license just for Covid so mine expires again now 9/30/20
  7. I took a travel assignment to help out, but what happens after?

    Following... I am also considering a travel contract and have the same concern although to be honest it ending by May seems very optimistic.
  8. Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    This is why we as nurses will never get ahead financially, because we settle for whatever is thrown at us no matter what the personal risk or sacrifice.
  9. Crises Pay

    I am also looking at the NYC travel contracts and the housing concerns me as well. I checked Airbnb and can see the page where hosts can offer their places for free/discount but not where we as nurses go? I’ve also read about the 4 seasons and the ot...
  10. RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    I think the community is really getting behind us as nurses and hopefully this crisis will help lead to a reckoning in terms of for-profit care, undervalued nurses, and greedy corporate management. Therefore I say if you have put into writing your co...