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sooner74 has 26 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in med/surg/ortho/tele.

Senior Nurse

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  1. Be safe. Thank you for your bravery! ?

  2. The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    Sorry tried to delete all these but kept adding them please delete
  3. The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    If you want just a regular travel job, try Providence Health Staffing they are out of NC, amazing kind recruiter Leslie Bryan I've used them years when I need a recruiter company, but if your looking for fast money I posted below, but you work 21days...
  4. The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    well my recruiter went to submit me to NY and about an hr. before they had just pulled all their M/S jobs, so I check with another recruiter and she said he was right, I was packed and ready finally found housing, Oh well life of a traveler...
  5. Crises Pay

    I went to a site called Furnished Quarters, put in the area and price range I could afford, a lady named ------------- called back saying to ignore the prices they were giving discounts to first responders which nurses are considered, she sent 3 apt....
  6. The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    Retired Nurse, you sound like an Amazing nurse too me.
  7. Crises Pay

    Anyone know of any housing around Manhattan? Start a contract within a couple days...
  8. Crises Pay

    Thank you..
  9. I hated nursing, So I started my own business.

    LOL, Allergic to smoke and dont like drunks,,,but I do support Live Music, I like medical just not the floor, even look into sterile processing but now days need a degree, I run these machines all the time when processor is out but to apply for t...
  10. I hated nursing, So I started my own business.

    I dont mind Health Care, I just want off the floor and as an AD, we are the worker Bee's, so yes that is a good Option, I've been traveling so many years I dont have an actual home, but can pick a location, I like be available to go on Crises for the...
  11. Crises Pay

    I am a travel nurse between contracts, thought I'd jump on some of this Crises pay, but be aware That some of the large cities housing is impossible to find but if you happen to find it, it is higher than your pay, so I've been asking who is respond...
  12. I hated nursing, So I started my own business.

    I have tried to get out of Nursing but when I submit a 20+ year resume of Nursing, No one listens and acts like I cant carry a cup of coffee or clean a room, I understand I'd be making min.wage, but I've tried Home Depot anything no one is responding...
  13. kaylesh

       I am an ADRN of 20+ yrs. wanting to move to Scotland somewhere close to Isle of man,  I wanted to travel to Australia, they would not accept me because I didn't have BSN, but I read that Scotland is OK with my AD?

    Is there anyone you'd recommend to speak with? 

    1. cab Cynthia

      cab Cynthia

      I'm also wanting to move to Scotland.  What is the process?  I do not currently have a job there.  Cynthia

  14. Australia Fires

    Travel Nurse lady, let me go when and if you go to assist, I would love to join you Im a travel nurse between jobs and ready to assist. pj-swanson@hotmail
  15. Do Employers Desire Nurses With FEMA ICS Certifications

    Waiting for Deployment to Puerto Rico