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married 8 yrs, have 3 little boys, RN for 9 yrs

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  1. cartwrk

    Unemployment for travel nurses?

    Thanks Ned. I appreciate the info. Again, I hope things get better by July or maybe an extension of my current assignment, but it's good to know.
  2. cartwrk

    Where do you stand on opening things up during the Pandemic?

    I support the reopening. I'm not here to argue with anyone. This is a graph that shows death rate of countries with lockdown (yellow) vs countries without (green). I realize there are many variables. This graph was put together by a statistician...
  3. cartwrk

    Unemployment for travel nurses?

    I'm currently in an assignment until end of July, and so thankful for that. But looking at my agency's job postings has me worried. I used to see over a hundred L&D jobs, now there are 10 nationwide. Any travelers dealing with this? Travelers...
  4. cartwrk

    No Hydroxychloroquine Benefit in Randomized COVID-19 Trial

    I realized that Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s 3 drug regime and his outcomes are anecdotal, but I don't they should be completely dismissed. He is a family practice Dr and orthodox Jew. In this newest video he states that he has treated 1450 patients in ...
  5. cartwrk

    World Health Organization

    I'm only going to address the media here. I don't know that the Dems control the media so much as the Global elites control the media, and the Dems are on the same wavelength, agenda. Personally, I don't trust NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC or a...
  6. Sweden is a country of 10 million people. Some suggest the Swedish experiment is paying off. And the ICU in Stockholm is not overwhelmed. The hospital has beds to spare.
  7. I support the protests... First Amendment right My county has had 13 positive cases. We have been shut down for 5 weeks in CO, there is no reason rural areas and areas that aren't hot spots should not open up. Not everyone qualifies for unemployment...
  8. cartwrk

    Travel Pay

    Nomad and Trusted seem to pay best, very transparent. No recruiters. ( I like that part). All online. I've done 3 assignments with Nomad. I do l&d. My 1st assignment, $56/hr in NM, 2nd $50/hr in FL, 3rd $48/hr in KY. I have offer from CA, $...
  9. cartwrk

    Travel Company Suggestions

    I've done 3 assignments with Nomad. No recruiters, best pay in industry that I can see ( and Trusted Healthcare works the same/high pay). My next assignment may be with Trusted.
  10. I think Trump is right...they should be investigated. WHO “routinely has spent about $200 million a year on travel expenses, more than what it doles out ...
  11. cartwrk

    How is your hospital...poll

    More details in comments if you want.
  12. I agree completely. Our small rural hospital has been slow for last month. It's not sustainable. This is a media induced panic because they hate our president. It's also agenda-driven. I honestly don't trust the CDC, WHO, Fauci, Bill Gates or...
  13. cartwrk

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    Trusted healthcare and Nomad have jobs from $90 to $120 an HR last time I looked. Both agencies don't use recruiters, but if you get an account with them, you can see exactly what jobs they have and the exact pay. I've done 3 assignments with Noma...
  14. RN 25 years, married, 5 boys, L&D, couplet

  15. cartwrk

    SURVEY: Nurses, Are You Prepared for an Encounter with COVID-19?

    I think I disagree with this statement. I trust the government at all. And the bigger the government, the less I trust it. It's just too bad that healthcare has become commercialized, and a huge reason it's so expensive now.