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Creaky, Squeaky Danskos!


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Ha, I'm at work and I googled "squeaky Danskos" and I found this thread!

I have red patent leather Dansko clogs that squeak horribly. I work in L&D, and it's hard walking into a quiet labor room, with the patient doing hypnobirthing, only to have my shoes interrupt them.

It's not the floor, because they squeak on carpet, as well as everywhere else outside the hospital. It's something internal in the shoe.

I have a few coworkers that have the same problems with their Danskos, and they all said to just give it time. I've been wearing them almost daily since October, though, and the problem doesn't seem to be abating.

I will try hand lotion and/or baby powder, as I've read suggested, and see if that doesn't solve the problem. But I wanted to comment because some people suggested it's the floors, and I know that at least in my case, it has nothing to do with the floor.


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This is just second hand info, but I was told that if your Danskos are squeaky, Dansko will replace them. This person said they got theirs replaced.


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i see this is kind of late getting in on the discussion. i am also plagued with the squeaky danskos. they are also the only thing that has solved my foot probs. i have two pair: oiled black that dont squeak at all. ever. also hurt the top of my foot/arch after long shifts. have shiny brown ones that squeak like no bodys business!!! its almost embarassing when your training or in clinical with a preceptor or otherwise quiet walkers. its definitely the shiny ones that do it and my brown ones are way more comfortable/feel more broken in. i MUST fig out a way to de-squeak. ill try the oil and baby powder technique and report back.



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Email dansko and let them know your issues. They should replace them for free, you just have to pay shipping there. I had a pair of the oil slicked ones that squeaked like nobody's business. The plastic heel liner was also cracked. I emailed them, sent them in, and got a new pair. They don't make the oil slicked ones anymore tho, so i got the grey prism ones :) I'm not sure if I was able to get a new pair because of the squeaking or the broken piece tho... All I had to pay was for the shipping there!

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Mine squeak, got mine on ebay for cheap so I will deal with them....


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I have the oily black ones too...everyone comments on them. I love them, but they do squeak. I am trying a new pair of Alegria Brilliant snake today. They do not squeak so far.


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try cleaning the soles- it could be something you walked in... like a wet puddle of sorbitol, cleaning solution, etc.... it happens to us in our OR all the time, one day fine, then the next day squeak squeak......we clean the soles then they are good for a while..... anyways, if your talking about like, an internal squeak-- that may be something different....


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RNTOBE 70: i got alegria patent chrome....they squeak too. but not at first; maybe after a ffew months. its the straps squeaking thru the holes in the straps. hard to explain youll see what i mean.


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its definitely an internal squeak.


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Mine squeak, got mine on ebay for cheap so I will deal with them....

me too but does dansko have to know that? are they gonna ask for a reciept? i wouldnt mind doing that but they are so comfortable and broken in already, id have to start from scratch. ill try the oil and powder first.

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I have two pairs - professional box leather in white, and patent leather in navy. My white ones are about 2 years old, the navy 4 or so months......both will squeak on certain types of floors, especially after a fresh waxing. I solve the problem by cleaning the bottoms of my shoes with a sani-wipe. It works every time! A friend had success with the baby powder trick. I think she has to redo it every few weeks.

The internal squeaking (I have a coworker with those so we always know where she is lol) sounds like a manufacturing problem. I'd definitely send them back!

Dang am I ever late in the game.

I have several pairs of Danskos. Two are beloved...I wear them even out and about.

3 pairs squeaked. I am not talking about the rubber sole squeak on waxed or tiled floors.

Carpet, cement...no sneaking up on anyone for me!

I let my rep at Ace Uniform know...she said that Dansko will replace them. I wrote a little note to go along with my shoes and she replaced them for me on the spot. :)

My new ones do not squeak...even on the tiled floor.