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MICU for 4 years, now PICU for 3 years!
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WSU_Ally_RN has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU for 4 years, now PICU for 3 years!.

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  1. WSU_Ally_RN

    Silicone stethoscope chest piece/bell cover

    AllMed Catalog :: Diagnostics :: Stethoscopes :: Trimline SafeSEAL® Replacement Parts SafeSEAL Soft Diaphragm Those are the only 2 links I can find... not sure where the company's are from. Do you have a stethoscope you must use them with? Or just like them because of the antimicrobial properties? Since they are so hard to find, you're probably better off just cleaning you stethoscope before patient contact with a cavi wipe at the beginning of your shift, and the bell/diaphragm with alcohol wipes in between patients...
  2. WSU_Ally_RN

    Looking for a new stethoscope

    I think it depends on who your patient population mostly is. I work in a PICU and we take pt's from birth to death, any and all ages. If they have a congenital or chronic disease of childhood they will come see us forever. I use my adult sized scope for my adult sized patients, which are very few. My peds sized scope is for 20kg and under, which I would say is probably 85-90% of the patients I take care of. My adult sized scope would never work well enough for me for my 3kg babies.
  3. WSU_Ally_RN

    Looking for a new stethoscope

    Since you're still in nursing school, I'd caution against a specifically pediatric stethoscope... what if you graduate and can't find a peds job? I hear they are getting hard to come by. A pediatric scope is just too small to use with large adults. If you want a scope that you can use for both peds and adults, the Littmann Cardiology III has a peds and adult side. They peds side you can use with either a diaphragm or bell, depending on what you need it for. I have this scope, although I use it just for my adult sized patients. I have a pediatric ultrascope to use with my little guys, which I didn't purchase until I got my peds job. (And as an aside, I love my ultrascope much more than my Littmann... If I hadn't of spent over $150 on the Littmann, I'd consider getting an adult sized ultrascope... much more light weight, and more personalized... I know immediately if someone's picked my ultrascope up unlike Littmann's that all look the same)
  4. WSU_Ally_RN

    Best white scrub pants

    I always found when I had to wear whites that skin toned undies made even the thinnest scrubs virtually un-see through. I'd wear white, and bam, you could totally see them.
  5. WSU_Ally_RN

    Ear tips for Stethoscopes

    I had a DRG stethoscope when I was in nursing school. I think when I had to purchase ear tips for it, my local scrub shop was able to order them for me. I eventually got a new stethoscope d/t the inability to easily purchase things for it. I figured if I couldn't just order online, that it was going to get harder and harder to get them.
  6. WSU_Ally_RN

    Interesting or Different Anatomy:What have you encountered?

  7. WSU_Ally_RN

    Pediatric Explanations For Medical Procedures

    I listen for "bears" when I listen with my stethoscope and I "measure your muscles" when I take your BP :) I totally agree with the prior poster, depending on my kiddo's age and maturity level depends on how I describe what I do.
  8. WSU_Ally_RN

    Looking for a new grad program anywhere in Ohio

    I work at Akron Children's and my manager just hired a slew of new grads... There are still many RN positions posted on our website. There isn't a "new grad program" per se, but I'm pretty sure all the units hire new grads with an extensive orientation.
  9. WSU_Ally_RN

    Purple;or, I'm Not Barney

    a brand... I think their website is aviatorscrubs.com
  10. WSU_Ally_RN

    Purple;or, I'm Not Barney

    what about aviator scrubs?? they have lots of pockets and look pretty manly to me, even in purple :)
  11. WSU_Ally_RN

    FLACC vs. Wong-Baker FACES

    The faces scale isn't for you to interpret what their pain APPEARS to be, it's for you to show your patient and have them pick how their face feels with their pain... I use this all the time with my preschoolers, I show them the scale and they point to their pain. With an adult that is able to communicate with you, you should always be using the #'s scale, and what ever they say their pain is, it is, no matter what you think it is!
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  13. WSU_Ally_RN

    Non-Littman Stethoscope Recommendations

    I'll be the third to recommend and ultrascope! They are much more affordable than a Littmann. I have a Littmann Cardiology III and a pediatric sized ultrascope. I work primarily with kids with congenital heart defects in a PICU, both pre and post surgery. It is essential that I can pick up on murmurs. I feel I can hear them much better with my ultrascope than my Littmann. Plus the ultrascope is so much lighter in weight than my Littmann. I almost cringe when I have an adult sized patient and I have to pull out my Littmann...
  14. WSU_Ally_RN

    Customized stethescope

    Never seen ones with printed tubing... what about an ultrascope?? I found this one in a cheetah print... I also saw zebra. I have an ultrascope and love it! UltraScopes.com Store
  15. WSU_Ally_RN

    CE question

    No, Ohio's renewal was this year. I think you had to be renewed by July 31.
  16. WSU_Ally_RN

    CE question

    I'm an Ohioan too... just like Meriwhen said, you just need to make sure you hold on to that CEU certificate for I think 7 years... CEU's are basically an honor system until you get audited, which I think they can go back 6 or 7 years, and you better have all your CEU certificates for them! Did you remember your law CEU too??