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RNTOBE_1970 has 20 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, Psych, Tele, ICU.

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  1. RNTOBE_1970

    1/3 of my paycheck goes to tax!

    You pay more in taxes, the more money that you make-its relative. And the more money that you make, your bracket changes. With that change comes loss of credits and deductions. And my DH is a six figure income person, and when July rolls around his SS deductions end, and I only notice an extra 400 or so.
  2. RNTOBE_1970

    Stethoscope Dilemma!!!

    Master Classic is very nice...
  3. RNTOBE_1970

    North 14 - The room where the patient died.

    I began my career in NOLA, and still to this day I NEVER use the Q word.
  4. RNTOBE_1970


    They certainly can. Even if you cannot push meds or intubate a patient, it gives you the confidence to remain level headed during a code. Good Luck!!
  5. RNTOBE_1970

    I gave a back massage yesterday

    I remember those days...1991...part of the evening routine, after passing meds. Bringing each patient a snack, and providing them with a back rub before sleep. Each nurse had about 9 patients and we had one CNA(who only did vitals).
  6. RNTOBE_1970

    Suicidal man at nurses' station

    Was the suicidal man actually a patient at that facility?
  7. RNTOBE_1970

    Giving Report to Medics... What do they know?

    Funny story...My DH is an excellent Paramedic,cabable of running circles around many nurses. He was transferring an ER patient from the hospital that I worked in, and was attempting to receive report from the snotty nurse that was going to be riding along (required additional support in back of ambulance due to instability). She told him that he didn't need to know any information when he asked what the infusion rate was on the patients multiple IV lines. He informed her that if something happened and power was lost,he needed to be able to run those IV. She also had issues obtaining a manual blood pressure reading while bouncing around back in the ambulance, and required the paramedic to get it. But the funniest part of the entire situation was when they arrived at Charity Hospital's ER, and the receiving nurse asked for report from the paramedic...who deferred to RN that rode along since she wouldn't give report to them...receiving RN had a field day.
  8. RNTOBE_1970

    What's the issue with med surg?

    I think that all new nurses should work in Med Surg before being allowed to specialize. It is a great foundation to build on.
  9. RNTOBE_1970

    Patients should ALL be swabbed tested for HIV

    Gosh..In my haste I didn't realize that I typed PCP, and meant PPE instead.
  10. RNTOBE_1970

    Patients should ALL be swabbed tested for HIV

    Universal Precautions work with all patients. Another tip, if you think you need to use PCP, then you probably do. I am so flipping tired of hearing from exposed employees "I always am extremely careful when caring for an HIV patient". Yet they present with an eyesplash from bloody sputum while suctioning-never protected their eyes/mouth. Or, "I am always so careful with Hep C patients" and there they sit with a hollow bore needle stick injury after RECAPPING a dirty needle, OR failing to activate the safety mechanism...or, starting an IV and leaving the needle in the linen. Just my 2 cents.
  11. RNTOBE_1970

    Lincare Advice

    I went on that interview and the manager said she was very interested. Kept saying that the work was all in office yada yada yada. Then two months later, they call and ask if I was still interested. So, I went back and interviewed with the DM...totally different interview. It was all field work, traveling every day. That their mileage reimbursement at times didn't cover your mileage, and that would be the fault of the individual clinician (for improper planning of visits). It seemed like a miserable place to be...thank god they didn't call me back.
  12. RNTOBE_1970

    I need encouragement.....

    My mom told me that very same thing...that she didn't see me being a nurse. That I couldn't handle the body fluids. That was over 20 years ago and hasn't stopped me yet. Good luck, you can do anything that you set your mind to!
  13. RNTOBE_1970

    Is there a correct way to crank a bed?

    Also, the crank handle can be turned to avoid shin trauma...god, I hated those beds...and the non-fitted sheets that went with them.
  14. RNTOBE_1970

    Employment Drug Test Questions

    The employer or testing site will have a Medical Review officer. This is a physician that is trained to review the non negative drug screen and the candidates prescription information. Some sites do a rapid drug screen, but non negative results should be sent off for confirmation. DOT guidelines state that the collector should not obtain the prescription information. It is the MRO's job to collect that information if it is necessary. As for listing prescription medications, that should be part of the Health History.
  15. RNTOBE_1970

    Personal info was shared -HIPPA violation?

    Needs to be reported...This cannot be tolerated.
  16. RNTOBE_1970

    An open letter to the ER triage nurse

    That is incredibly sad that you were treated that way. I have always treated my patients the way I wanted my family treated. I loved them all-I have taken away a little something from each and every encounter...even if it was as simple as learning to bite my tongue.