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  1. WittleOnesRN

    Nicu Interview on This Week PLEASE HELP

    I am sure she isn't expecting you to know anything about NICU if you are coming from Tele. You could buy a book called "stable" and tell her you will be studying that. Tell her your long-term goal of being a NICU nurse. Nothing worse then training someone that leaves in a year. Interview question: Tell me about yourself? Tell me a situational conflict at work and how your resolved it. I personally type up answers to a bunch of interview questions so I am more prepared.
  2. What is it like for RNs looking for jobs right now in the state of WA? I know in CA it is extremely hard to find a job. For many new grads in CA is it almost impossible and even experienced nurses have a very difficult time.
  3. WittleOnesRN

    Evergreen Hospital

    Does anyone have any info on Evergreen hospital? Union? Hiring? Pay? Do they pay overtime? About the area?
  4. WittleOnesRN

    Community Regional medical Center - Fresno

    It was mostly support staff that were cut. The hospital closed their special program that assisted hospital staff into getting into local RN Program since there isnt as many openings for RNs. There are students that have graduated from local programs that cant find jobs and the hospital WAS hiring about a 100 New Grads but that is no longer the case. You can still apply who knows what will happen!
  5. Even a job as a unit clerk would be helpful. I wish I would have done that when i was in nursing school. I was an extern/cna but the unit clerk exp is invaluable and I wish I would have done that too as it is a little less physical and you learn a ton!
  6. WittleOnesRN

    Community Regional medical Center - Fresno

    I work at Community and I am sorry to say most of the depts have hiring freezes and we laid off employees recently. You could try surrounding hospitals by looking at google maps. Go to Google maps, enter "Fresno hospital" and you can see the hospitals in the areas.
  7. WittleOnesRN

    3 years to transfer?

    I am not sure how old you are but some schools have a "college reentry program" that allows you to register before other students. I was able to register for A&P, Micro, Chem...ect before EVERYONE ELSE at West Valley College. Here is their link http://www.westvalley.edu/et/
  8. WittleOnesRN

    is nicu stressful?

    It depends on the night/day. We have a huge L&D dept and the NICU is in some ways an emergency dept for L&D. Sometimes it is crazy while other times it is peaceful and you get to nurture babies. It is the best job in the world.
  9. WittleOnesRN

    advice how to make change from days to night shift

    I take benedryl and I know a nurse that drinks nyquil...LOL. She is so funny! I turn a fan on in my bedroom.... it is white noise that blocks out stuff during the day. My neighbors were working on their scooter and my husband said "didnt you hear that"?? I didnt hear a anything and slept like a baby!
  10. WittleOnesRN

    Starting Salary

    It really depends on where you live and now IF you can find a New Grad RN job... sadly.
  11. WittleOnesRN

    Are there jobs in California?

    Go to "California" under "regions" tab and read the posts. There arent many. It is really frustrating
  12. It may depend on where you go. I had a year exp and I couldnt find a job in the Bay Area. You could always try a travel agency and see what happens.
  13. WittleOnesRN

    Creaky, Squeaky Danskos!

    Ya I have the same problem, we got a new floor at work and the squeaking started. I think it is the floor. So, I have bought crocs. I love my clogs but the noise bugs me!
  14. WittleOnesRN

    Starting NICU in 2 weeks, any fast facts/cheat sheets?

    I have been in the NICU for about 3months now. I wish I had gotten the book "Stable" sooner. It is a good overview of the basic needed to know in the NICU. I came from Oncology and since it is so different the book would have helped me understand new things going on :)
  15. WittleOnesRN


    Best thing to do is check you policies at your hospital to be safest. Our policy is 72hrs but in our oncology unit it is 24hrs.
  16. WittleOnesRN

    Which job would you take?

    I think the OR would be more marketable in the future as it is hands on/pt care.