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So I had to renew my CPR card. I wanted to do it online but I heard that some places are not accepting these online renewal cpr cards. Im too busy to take a class all over again and my days off are during the week. I renews my cpr card online for $20 at this site called icpri.com Does it look legit? or did i get ripped off? I dont know if it will be accepted or not and I am beginning to think I got scammed. They mailed me an "official" card. Heres what it says on it: _______ has successfully completed international cpr institutes cognitive assessment of the Basic Life Support for the Health care provider course based on the current guidelines for CPR and ECC. On the other side it says Healthcare provider BLS- CPR/AED adult/child/infant. So does it sound like its legit or I got scammed?

IDK if you got scammed or not. However, most the the job ads I have seen specify American Heart Association or American Red Cross CPR.

I don't know, but what I do know is that some hospitals specify that they only approve BCLS from certain providers like the American Heart Association or American Red Cross... It's best to check with your supervisor and I hope what you have is acceptable so you don't have to redo it.

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Most hospitals will not accept it if it did not include a "hands-on" instruction and test, that means being observed by a certfied instructor while using a CPR dummy.

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Do your hospitals not offer you CPR recert?

You watch a 10 min video, demonstrate on an adult and child dummy, and you're done.

And you don't even have to pay for it.

Our hospital pay us to go to CPR class on site. Video, dummy demos, then the rest of the shift is spent reviewing codes, back safety, etc. (Got to have something to keep the multiple nurse educators buys)

Failure to attend one and lapsed CPR gets you suspended without pay until you bring in a certificate at your own expense.

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I don't think an online renewal is valid. There has to be a hands-on component.

My hospital offers an online written test portion, then you print out the certificate and bring it to the class. The hands-on portion took me about 20 minutes to complete.

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our facility accepts AHA only due to the competency being required. You may have to repeat the class, depending on your employer. Basically, ANYONE can do the online class using your name. It does not demonstrate that you know anything.

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My school would only accept an AHA or ARC course completion card. For EMS it could be AHA, ARC or National Safety Council. My school offered the course. When I worked in the hospital and EMS CPR was required and offered on-site as paid training.

It only takes a few hours to take a class that is necessary for you to have to make a living. Protect your job and take the classes your hospital offers.

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As an administrator I'd say "sure is nice you've completed the cognitive assesment... now how about the psychomotor assessment?" Then I'd tell you that you need a card from ASHI, AHA, ARC, or one of the other certifying organizations recognized by the EMS Division of the CDPHE (because that is what our agency policy requires).


Many agencies allow online CPR followed by an in person skills check that takes 30 to 90 minutes. The legitimate online classes are usually found through the certifying agencies website (ASHI, AHA, ARC) and you are then directed to local instructor groups who can perform the psychomotor skill checks. Then, AHA ASHI ARC or whoever will issue you a card that is no different than the card people got in class.


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PS The 2010 Guidelines came out yesterday! See an overview here: http://www.heart.org/idc/groups/heart-public/@wcm/@ecc/documents/downloadable/ucm_317350.pdf

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