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  1. cawkazn

    Newly passed LPN/LVN no experience

    That's why the pay is higher, cost of living is highest in the bay area. I'm sure 20 doesn't go far up there, 20 doesn't go far here in the ghetto of socal
  2. cawkazn

    Newly passed LPN/LVN no experience

    Everyone will get their pennies in a bunch with this statement but oh well, do what you gotta do. That being said, just lie about your experience. They will have a hard time verifying out of country employment. Look what the economy has gotten to, people with education's need to lie to get 15hr jobs. It's either that or possibly never get a job as a lvn. I know several people from my class that got their license and never got a job, this was 8 years ago btw so I suppose I was one of the lucky ones but perhaps I should emphasize again how hard I tried.
  3. cawkazn

    Newly passed LPN/LVN no experience

    Where do you live? If that's the case, it's worth moving!
  4. cawkazn

    Dialysis LVN in California

    I dont believe LVNs are being used at HD clinics anymore.
  5. cawkazn

    Are there any LPN's not going for RN?

    its pretty much a must in california. LVNs are beeing weeded out and the pay is not much above min wage.
  6. cawkazn

    Newly passed LPN/LVN no experience

    Hello, it took me 1 year of applying after I got my LVN to land my first nursing job. I desperately applied everywhere possible and got the run around/catch 22 of 1 yr exp required outside of nursing school yet you cant get that exp without getting your first job.....I also desperately tried to volunteer to no avail. I really want to emphasize how hard i tried, and how desperate I was for a job. LVN in california are slowly being weeded out and the pay is going down. It not uncommon to be paid as low as $14 hour ($3 above min wage) at some places, although thats the lowest I have seen. Right now most places are paying about $17 hr or so I would say. Your job availability are extremely limited as well, its basically SNF or Home Health. I think your best bet would be to list your RN out of country experience on your resume and use that to get a low paying home health job. Many of the home health agencies hire people on the spot because of their high turn around and low pay. If you could get in face to face with the interviewer and explain your situation, im sure they will hire you because you do have experience. The last home health job I had was $17 hr with no benefits at all, and paid $11 hr/min wage during training. To put that into perspective, people at in and out burger make about the same.
  7. cawkazn


    So I live in Socal and went to summit career college, a vocational school for my LVN. I am wondering if there are any schools anywhere that will accept/transfer my credits for a LVN to RN program. Theres many LVN to RN programs available to get your RN fairly quick, but they all require the pre-requisites of general ed, such as math, english, then you need to do A&P, etc etc. I am really trying to find a way to not have to do the pre-requisites again. A majority of them I have already done when I got my LVN but they wont be transferred anywhere. I have started community college and have gotten a few classes done, but between working as an LVN and school and blah blah blah, it seems impossible. I wish there was a place that would actually let me do the LVN to RN by either accepting the classes I did at summit. I know of westcoast university but its not worth the 120k. Any schools someone could reccommend either vocational or standard? I would be willing to even move out of state if that is an option.
  8. cawkazn

    average pay for a hospice lvn?

    and you are talking RN right? if so I guess $20 is fair.
  9. cawkazn

    average pay for a hospice lvn?

    yeah but were talking about california. cost of living etc is much higher here then most states. Most RN here are getting paid around $30 fresh out of school
  10. cawkazn

    average pay for a hospice lvn?

    I was offered a job doing home hospice. I was told I would be paid about $20 a visit or hour. I cant remember exactly. I told a friend of mine and he said hospice nurses should be getting paid more around $30. can anyone clear this up for me. This is for the southern california area. thanks.
  11. cawkazn

    Case management stress

    yeah, im an LVN now, but being an RN doing home health seems the way to go for me.
  12. cawkazn

    which route to take?

    thanks for the replies. so it seems there shouldnt be anything to worry about. I actually declined the job offer because of this, now I am calling them back desperately to try and get the job offer again. Im burnt out on case management. I am more drained at the end of the day doing case management then I was when I did construction! its just mentally exhausting! chronic stress is not good for your health. Its time for me to go!
  13. cawkazn

    hospice nurse job duties

    can some one please explain to me the job duties of a hospice nurse? what is a typical day working as a hospice nurse like?
  14. cawkazn


    Im american, I have no idea if an american can do it. If american can travel from usa to another country for work, why not thailand? or is travel nursing mostly in your country but different states?
  15. cawkazn

    dialysis nursing schedule

    im really trying to find a 3 12 schedule. I want those 4 days off to pursue my RN. I also am interested in dialysis nursing so it would be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. IF i could land a dialysis job that is.
  16. cawkazn

    which route to take?

    no replies?!?!? dope!

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