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  1. cawkazn

    Any black male nurses out there?

    where I work I am the only white male there. more power to white males accomplishing whatever they desire!
  2. cawkazn

    LVN case manager

    ill take it.........its a start!
  3. cawkazn

    LVN case manager

    could this please be moved to general nursing for more responses please?
  4. cawkazn

    whats it like to work in prison

    could this be moved to general forum for more responses please?
  5. cawkazn

    LVN case manager

    I am a new grad that finally got a job as a LPN/LVN case manager for an IPA. So I am in an office in a cubicle, not in a hospital or snf passing meds etc. I am wondering if I will be able to use this experience to get over the whole "1 yr exp required" thing? Will I be able to use this job exp to gain a job requiring 1 yr of exp?
  6. cawkazn

    12 hour shifts

    what places offer 12 hour shifts? i really want to work for a place with these shifts so I can go back to school
  7. cawkazn

    whats it like to work in prison

    the reasons i want to work in a prison are the better pay and the 12 hour shifts which would allow me to go back to school to get my RN. However I spoke with a woman today who said she worked in a prison and didnt like it. So I thought i would come in here and ask, what is it like to work in a prison/jail/correctional facility etc? does anyone know where I could get a list of jails, prisons, detention centers, and correctional facilities in southern california inland empire area? I just learned of one today that I had no idea about and its in my own city!
  8. cawkazn

    LVN Needs job in the IE!!

    i looked it up, $10-13 an hour in my area...bs
  9. cawkazn

    care plans

    i got a job offer and was told i will be making care plans. i dont have much experience with them in school because i was under the impression RN's usually do them. do you know the answer to my question regarding whether i can make my own or do i still have to pull all the treatments etc. from the book?
  10. cawkazn

    care plans

    when i was in school and we had to make care plans, i was told we could only get our diagnoses and treatments etc. out of the book. Now when you are working in the field are you able to come up with your own or do you still have to get them out of the book?
  11. cawkazn

    LVN Needs job in the IE!!

    sorry im a bit confused with your post.
  12. cawkazn

    New Grad LPN NO training!!!!!!

    your luck you have a job to, "learn on the job" at, i would do anything just to have that opportunity.
  13. So I went to school to be a nurse. finished school, got my license, cant get a job. Am working a min wage job because its the only one I could get. I am not making enough money to get by, I have been receiving bills to pay back my loans. There is no way I could pay back these loans right now, I can barely keep the electricity on, and have been without water for 3 weeks. If I dont pay back these loans will they eventually garnish my wages?
  14. cawkazn

    LPN school: wasted a year of my life

    money pays bills, not the love of nursing. its great to love your work, but at the end of the day we all need to be making money to survive. I would love to get a job as a nurse as that is what I chose to do, but because I cannot get a job as a nurse, and must make money to survive, I am forced to work a job that is not nurse related at all.
  15. cawkazn

    Pass NCLEX...now job hunting w/o license

    did the same thing as you, had my license since feb. still no job. good luck!