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  1. whiskeygirl

    scared i'm going to lose my license..

    Nurse441- They expect a certain percentage of new employee losses during orientation, after orientation and within the probation period. I think, at this point, it's ok to be a statistic. Good luck in your future endevors, WG
  2. whiskeygirl

    Anyone going to Haiti?

    The wfaa.com article reports trying to recruit 200 nurses. Here is the website the article refrences. http://www.angelstaffing.net They are leading the effort to recruit. NM WG
  3. whiskeygirl

    A little help for a soon to be student nurse

    With less than 15 posts, I don't think that you will be able to get PMs. Just FYI
  4. whiskeygirl

    Chamberlain college---BSN???

    I had bad experiences with "Chamberlin". Not to mention that they are WAY overpriced! I wouldn't do their RN-BSN program. You can definately find better out there. Best of luck to you!
  5. whiskeygirl

    Do you need an order to give the flu vaccine?

    In Texas... you do not need to show up to the flu shot clinic with a script. FYI, Pharmacists (in general) are the ones giving the shots at pharmacies.
  6. whiskeygirl

    Moving on to Dogs...No RN 2 b

    I am thinking about asking Nova for a job! Just let me know when the time is right. Good luck! All the best to you!
  7. whiskeygirl

    I'm confused,pls.help me!

    Sounds VERY fishy to me. Please be careful as there are people everywhere that will say anything just to get your last doller.
  8. whiskeygirl

    Worst Nightmare as a Nurse Came True

    I just want to point out that you did the quick assessment, looked at the chart and called the code. YOU WERN'T USELESS!! Thank you for sharing.
  9. whiskeygirl

    Swine Flu Outbreak, School Nurse Set Response in Motion

    I don't mean to side track the thread (even though my comment is somewhat off-topic). School nurses in Washington state earn less than a bus driver, even if you have a Bachelors degree. It really is a great job though. And a different kind of stress, but nothing every one of you can't handle. I loved working with the middle school kids. I know that I make changes in the kids I cared for and their families, and they made a change in mine! Great Job!!! And Great people!!!!!
  10. whiskeygirl

    Anyone have any info. on scholarships?

    Try fastweb
  11. whiskeygirl

    Transportation of the deceased neonate

    Policy is that we carefully wrap the baby in nursery blankets and place in a cardboard box, similar to a file box. That way visitors have no idea what is in the box and it is not obvious to the parents.
  12. I am sure if the video was posted on You Tube the comments about what was happening would not be very positive. :S
  13. whiskeygirl

    Online RN-BSN programs

    University of Colorado- Denver is a GREAT program!! And if given the choice, I would go there first. At least when I was looking, they were a Top 10 Nursing School in No. Amarica. My understanding though, is that they will not accept out of state students. I was very disappointed.
  14. whiskeygirl

    Online RN-BSN programs

    University of Northern Colorado has a great program and the tuition is some of the least expensive around.
  15. VERY GOOD point here. Start preparing for your NCLEX now. Take 3 practice questions a day and read them over, learn the concept and the stratagy for answering the question correctly. I think it is Suzanne that had a nearly bomb proof plan for passing NCLEX and it all starts now.
  16. Me too! I learned the hard way, and I do mean hard! I wished I could have found a tutor. When I finally figured out how to prioritize life got a lot smoother. Erik- I love your sig! Very good!