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This is the note we got from our professional monitoring program. Needless to say, I do not feel good about this, I feel it is reckless, careless, and goes demonstrates the true motivation of the company running the monitoring: Profit.

The team at IPRP is closely monitoring the unfolding national emergency with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As fellow healthcare workers, I know you all understand the importance of each of us doing our part to help stop the spread of this pathogen. We have been closely monitoring the recommendations put out by the CDC and the Indiana Department of Health, and the guidelines are changing day by day. Below are the modified rules of monitoring that IPRP will observe at this time and please keep in mind that these may change at any time as we learn more.

1. Our work at IPRP will continue during this crisis. Case managers are able to work from home if
necessary and are always a phone call or mouse click away.

2. You must continue to check in every day as usual.

3. You are still required to submit a specimen for a drug test when indicated on your daily check-in.

4. It is expected that we as healthcare workers will be among the first exposed to COVID-19 and are not
automatically expected to self-quarantine as long as we have been exercising proper precautions at work.

If you are instructed to self-quarantine by your physician and cannot leave to take a scheduled drug test
please provide documentation to your case manager right away. Timely documentation will be required
for us to excuse your test.

5. You must continue to attend your regular number of weekly self-help meetings but you may choose to attend virtually if you like. Although the CDC does not recommend avoiding small groups (less than 50) at this time, we feel it is completely reasonable if you chose to avoid them. There are hundreds of online support meetings each day, you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs.

6. New intake meetings and scheduled visits to IPRP will be modified as needed to be done remotely via teleconference. In-person meetings at our offices are still allowed when both the case manager and client (you) are not under self-quarantine, have no known recent exposure to someone with COVID-19 and have no fever or respiratory symptoms. Communicate with your case manager or the Program Director prior to visiting the office.

We will work with you in any way we can to help you remain sober and stay in compliance with your monitoring agreement during this time. And remember that Addiction, Depression, and PTSD kill hundreds of thousands of people each year. Our work will continue, and we ask that you please remain steadfast in your pursuit of sobriety and wellness.



In summary, this profit driven company in contract with the Indiana State Board of Nursing does not care if you expose yourself to waiting rooms with dozens of people waiting to see a doctor while you take a drug test. THEY THEMSELVES ARE are isolating at home, but since you are a health care worker, your going to be exposed anyway, and if you get it, you get it. Never mind Personal Protective Equipment available in hospitals that aren't available in public. And since depression, ptsd, and addiction kill more people, its OK if we take the chance by exposing you to COVID-19 BECAUSE ITS JUST NOT AS BIG OF A DEAL.


It doesn’t surprise me a bit, all except the sentence about addiction, depression, and PTSD killing loads of people a year.

Like, Duh. What’s their point?

As I see it, it’s a way to make COVID-19 exposure risk seem less threatening (as what we have is just as bad don’t cha know), demonize the force clientele for their illnesses, and just basically be really crappy and make clients feel bad.

Yeah these folks could care less about the people they “advocate” for. Truthfully the online meeting option should be the norm. What good does actual attendance at these meetings do? You can still get your dose of Voodoo without the expense / hazzard of travel and not be exposed to the stench and pathogens of some of the participants. As far as the pee test. They ain’t never giving that one up. These things have become so adversarial and with the spirit of trying to catch someone not complying that yep they would rather expose you to the Coronavirus than live with the thought of you getting away with something. Yep walk right into that express care with a bunch of sick folks, have a long wait and then get sick all the while the folks that are monitoring you won’t even risk leaving their homes

We have received nothing. The only information is at the bottom of an email.....

***The Board is receiving questions about requirements in Board actions due to the coronavirus. Any requirement that is not met such as a missed screen or support group meeting attendance will be evaluated considering the coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes any restrictions on travel and group gatherings or inability to submit a specimen at a designated site for any documented reason. Please notify me by email if a requirement is not met.

*** Document your meetings on form #4 and include dates and type of meeting attended.

** You shall not submit or cause to be submitted any false, misleading, or deceptive statements, information, or documentation to the Board or to employers or potential employers.

We are scum to them. Nothing more than a hinderance they hope fails. I have six months left. After a three year wait, a year finding a job, and a two year contract. I know I got lucky. I have complied and worked so hard to get through this. I still intend to walk away from nursing when its over. All of this (including how nurses are at risk/no ppe/expected to expose themselves..) makes me SICK. Well not literarily sick, that would be terrifying right now.

My ambulatory surgery center is closed now, no elective procedures. They laid everyone off yesterday. I was brand new there. They have been so gracious to me, so kind. they called me last night to see if I would be on call for emergency procedures (which keeps me 'working')! They are letting the RN who knows the least stumble through with a skeleton crew help out so I can remain in compliance. It's DISGUSTING that this is my concern right now.

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That is despicable. I agree with kateverly, it’s crazy that they mention the disorders as if they are on your side. Sorry you have to go through this.


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I've been clean for about 12 years now and have been thinking about getting my license reinstated. This is really discouraging. I don't want to risk getting a deadly disease in order to make a living taking care of people with said disease.

I should have known better. I'm not making much money, but I'm happy, I'm healthy, and I don't go to work wishing I'd die. Thank you for your post. I'm back to reality.

If you are happy doing something else keep doing it. I wouldn’t recommend putting myself in the hands of these ignorant butt-clowns as the price of admission to this job.

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I’m am so grateful to be in the position where I am done with these idiots. I honestly don’t know how I would handle the stress of the current events on top of the monitoring nonsense. Y’all that are managing it have my eternal admiration. The sole positive thing I see is the proliferation of online access to the meetings. In my time the forced attendance at those were such a sore spot of anxiety and torture to the point that my therapist recommended that I NOT attend as she felt it was an impedance to my progress. That recommendation was, of course, ignored. Shocking, I know.

Statements from programs like the above just proves (as if anyone really needed proof) that these programs are all about the money and checking all the boxes, our safety and lives be damned.....

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I am in the NJ program (RAMP), and they are testing us more (3+ times per month) during the pandemic--testings sites are being shut down and/or consolidated, limiting access. We are putting others at risk (as I work in a covid-ridden hospital) and ourselves by going to these highly frequented locations.

I bet these programs are already preparing their sticky fingers for the fallout from pandemic in hope of absorbing nurses subjected to secondary trauma/PTSD. I am utterly disgusted, but sadly, not surprised.

Stay safe everyone <3

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Nurses are being fired and reported to the board, administration is feeding lies to its staff.

The administrator that oversees my manager had the audacity to lie to my face, stating that the virus isn't transmittable unless you have symptoms...I bet she could see the disgust in my face.

Either she has the IQ of a pebble or is being told to relay this *** (likely both).


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1 minute ago, sunxfire said:

The administrator that oversees my manager had the audacity to lie to my face, stating that the virus isn't transmittable unless you have symptoms...I bet she could see the disgust in my face.

Demote her. Thanks!

The treatment of nurses going through the covid situation makes me so angry. The health department sent out a survey asking where people stand on working/helping with everything going on. Our BON encouraged nurses to fill it out. Suddenly I am wanted? Not a leper? I was disgusted.