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LL2788 has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, MS & Case management.

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  1. Hey everyone ! I am wondering if anyone knows which state BONs require a refresher course to return to bedside if you have been working remote as a CM for 4 years. Prior to that I was 3 years Ms/3 years ICU. Asking about CO specifically. Thanks
  2. LL2788

    COVID-19 and extinction of human species

    I agree with you. That is why when I tell people we will likely have to social distance for atleast 6 months to a year and they disagree I don’t understand the logic. The healthcare system will eventually collapse in the US without PPE and equipment.
  3. Hey guys. Just looking for some insight or perhaps anyone who can relate. I left bedside nursing three years ago after 7 years of icu/MS experience. I was having a lot of personal issues that caused anxiety and depression, and it was exacerbated when I worked at the bedside. I was having a lot of insomnia as well. With everything going on, I am feeling a thirst to go back to the ICU & help out. I am concerned mostly about my anxiety, getting sick is also a factor but I’m more worried about readjusting to bedside and being able to safely practice. I want to help. I am lucky enough to have a nursing job where I can work from home right now and that I’ve been doing the past three years. I’m wondering what it’s like out there & if anyone has returned in light of all the shortages. Thanks guys
  4. LL2788


    That is despicable. I agree with kateverly, it’s crazy that they mention the disorders as if they are on your side. Sorry you have to go through this.
  5. If you don’t have elderly parents at home, and you have health insurance, heck yes. I would’ve loved to do something like this as a nursing student. It’s an awesome time to be a new grad or student !
  6. Good afternoon everyone 🙂 As my subject suggests I’m currently seeking information about becoming an NP. The area of specialty I am specifically interested in is doing house calls for a major insurance company I currently work for. I want to give a little about my background before I ask some questions 1-2 years experience in acute rehab (TBI, CVA, orthopedic) 1-2 years experience in med Surg 3 years experience in ICU The last two years I’ve worked as a field (in home visit)/remote case manager for a major insurance company As I stated, the NP job I am interested in is doing house calls for the insurance company I currently work for. I’m concerned that my experience in case management is not going to be helpful for this position. I am going to list my questions in order below. I do not want to change my job if I don’t have to because I feel being an internal candidate I will have a better shot at obtaining this job, and I also love my current role. 1. What is the best experience to gain as an RN to be competent as an NP doing house calls? Can anyone who does these provide any additional information on a “day in the life”, I’ve read about it and seen a lot of posts but extra information doesn’t hurt. 2. I currently work m-f 8a-5p, I am concerned about having time to do my clinical if I am in school part time, is it possible to complete the clinical portion while working those hours ? I can possibly take PTO once every other week. (I don’t have the option to not work and I need the tutition reimbursement) 3. I know some schools will place you during your practicum, but if they do not do we CHOOSE the clinical setting we want for our practicum (ex: do they instruct you to find a practicum in a hospital, MD office, or are we able to pick based upon what specialty we want) 4. I am not doing this job for the salary increase, but it is a lot of extra work and I will be leaving a job I am happy in, I know there is a salary forum on here already but if anyone wants to share their NP salary and specialty / location that would be much appreciated. Thanks so much !
  7. LL2788

    Should ICU get more pay than floor nursing?!?

    I was a MS RN for 3 years prior to transferring to ICU. I took a 9$/HR pay increase. They are both stressful in their own way. But I did a 3 month training program before ICU, it was like a short nursing school all over again. The ICU has the sickest patients in the hospital and your decisions are immediate life and death. In MS the mental stimulation and decisions are not as critical, the level of acuity is not nearly the same and it's mostly discharges and admissions. HOWEVER you can get a patient who needs to be Intermediate care as a MS nurse and you need to be able to pick up early signs of deterioration before they become ICU status. When they begin to detoriate you play detective and care for them the best you can and get the patient to the proper unit and this can take up your time and be a challenging day on a MS floor. MS is about time management, basic nursing skills, prioritization, and customer service skills. ICU is all of those, plus taking the 3 month training, more autonomy, immediate life/death decisions, care of the patient and family after death, drips, vents, more lines, more complex illnesses, etc. the point is icu requires more skills and more liability. I never had a patient code in MS, it's called critical care for a reason. I think all critical care floors should be paid more ( and most hospitals and agencies usually do pay more ) not saying MS is easy but it's not as critical as icu. This includes cath lab, picu, nicu, and ER. Think about this: An ICU nurse can float to MS with no additional training but a MS nurse couldn't float to ICU without months of training.
  8. A job may not be as hard as a license. When I graduated in 2011 I had a DUI that was one year old. I am in NJ and had no problem with NJ, NY, CO, and HI BOn. They laughed in fact when I called the BON and inquired. CA BON is notorious for being strict with DUIs. I've called and spoke to multiple people at the ca Bon and none will give me a straight answer like the four states I listed above, so I don't bother applying Bc I don't want to be denied or offered a license with probation. Mine is now 6-7 years old, I think the magic # for Cali is 10 years old. If I were you I would apply to another state that will def license you, this way you don't start your career with a red flag on your license and make it even more difficult to get a job. It also depends on your bac and circumstances surrounding your DUI. (Injuries etc). Go somewhere that has a high RN need and a job with DUI shouldn't be a huge issue. You can anonymously call HR of hospitals too maybe? Good luck
  9. LL2788

    CRNA difficulties with prior DWI

    Did you find out any more info about this ? I am in the exact same situation.
  10. LL2788

    DUI over 8 years ago - Endorsement to CA?

    Hey there! Can you send me a private message and let me know how Ur situation turns out ? I got my dui 5.5 years ago and I have always wanted to be a travel nurse , I signed away my dreams wth that dui. Mine was similar to yours , it was a mess and I am embarassed to even say by bac. Just so you know I had no problems getting licensed in NY,NJ,CO, and HI. I live in nevada right now but want to relocate to CA as well. I've been an ICU nurse for 4 years and when I applied for my RN license in NV they put me on monitoring, I completed one year of monitoring here with random drug screens no problem, because like you I turned my life around after my dui. My application was just like yours too and I even went and got an evAl by an Addictionologist. We can talk more if you PM me. I research info and call BOns all the time =] and I want to know how your process goes for cali, I'm still too scared to apply
  11. LL2788

    Florida BON

    Wow. I have a one time dui from 5 years ago but I've been scared to apply in FL. It looks like I wouldn't have a problem based on this chart.
  12. LL2788

    Florida BON

    What does application to board mean ?
  13. LL2788

    Pay rates for Hawaii

    Hey everyone ! I am currently shopping for a new company to take my next travel assignment in Hawaii. I am curious if anyone has travelled and what their take home rate was for Hawaii. Most companies are offering about 1600 biweekly plus free housing. Without free housing and taking the stipend 2600 biweekly. Is this about right for that region for a nurse with 2 yrs Exp? Thanks(:
  14. LL2788

    Travel Nurse salary by region

    If you don't mind - could you PM me what you were bringing home each month with housing included? I just want to make sure I'm not getting totally jipped.
  15. Hey everyone! I have been an RN for two years in New York and New Jersey and I love it some days hate it others. Anyway, one of my main goals since I got into nursing was to be a travel nurse. I unfortunately have a past history of DUI and it poses a challenge to get licensed in some states. I have always wanted to live in Las Vegas atleast for a little while, so I am taking 4-6 months off with money I have saved and moving to Las Vegas. Does anybody have any suggestions if they have left nursing what I can do as a second career? without returning to school or having to apply for an RN license in a state that is difficult to license RNs it. I have been a bartender for 6 years so I'm going to look into doing that out there, but I don't want to leave healthcare completely or have my skills goes rusty..
  16. LL2788

    My success story. California brn with a dui.

    Can someone shed some light on my situation ? I'm an RN from nj licensed in ny and nj trying to endorse to California. I have my application together ready to send out this week. Explanation letter, 5 character reference letters, courts docs, work performance eval, and rehab efforts. I've been practicing as an RN for one year in nj. My bac was .24. Is Cali going to license me ?