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Going back to bedside to help with COVID


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Hey guys. Just looking for some insight or perhaps anyone who can relate. I left bedside nursing three years ago after 7 years of icu/MS experience. I was having a lot of personal issues that caused anxiety and depression, and it was exacerbated when I worked at the bedside. I was having a lot of insomnia as well. With everything going on, I am feeling a thirst to go back to the ICU & help out. I am concerned mostly about my anxiety, getting sick is also a factor but I’m more worried about readjusting to bedside and being able to safely practice. I want to help. I am lucky enough to have a nursing job where I can work from home right now and that I’ve been doing the past three years. I’m wondering what it’s like out there & if anyone has returned in light of all the shortages. Thanks guys


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Does your current job allow you to take a LOA to assist during CV-19? I left the bedside also, but I would like to assist with CV-19, my current job as a federal employee is mostly paperwork. I am trying to figure out if there are regulations set allowing me to take a LOA and work for an agency.

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All I can say is don't do it unless you're sure the place you are going to work will provide PPE. I have worked in psych for the last 10 years and recently got floated to a Covid unit. I had to beg for PPE, and was essentially told if I didn't go to the other unit I would be disciplined for patient abandonment. It was horrible, I could barely remember how to hang an IV and I haven't been feeling well since the shift 4 days ago. I get wanting to get in there and help but if you already have anxiety and health issues be aware you're going into a battle that may change you forever.