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  1. RN4KU

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    That is really great work you should like you would make an amazing leader in the VA nursing system. I am glad you had those opportunities, some of us can only make changes in our local systems and attempt to promote outside the local facility, due to schedules, but based on who you are boarded by makes a difference. If the board you are sent to has no idea the type of position you are doing, key words are basically all they can go by. I know nurses who work hard, take manager positions, change, and create policies, with no luck. It is not possible for all nurses to travel or afford travel to conferences, travel budgets have been slashed for most. I personally say I already go above and beyond what is expected, compared to many that I work with, I see so many nurses try to create changes and policies, but many of our managers lack true leadership skills. After 8 years leadership, policy development, and education is only viewed as a threat. I am supervised by Associate level Nurse 1 and 2's. Education is highly discouraged, and work volume due to low morale and high turn over prevents many from going above and beyond. It is different for each of us on on our career path. I pray I can find a place my education, experience, and passion is valued and needed in order to better serve the deserving veterans.
  2. RN4KU

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    If i missed anyone send me a PM or email me to micah.gibbs@hotmail.com. I had to erase my hard drive so I am working to reload all my files I had saved regarding my proficiency.
  3. RN4KU

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Sorry I did not get back to many of you until now, just been in the VA rut, trying to find a new career but unfortunately/fortunately unable to find a job anywhere near the pay. I emailed as many as I saw in my PM, its hard to follow because I do not work in an actual VA clinic but in the revenue portion. Please keep us all updated on any wins. An outside company was finally hired to interview nurses about leadership issues, lack of morale, high turn over and basically how we all feel, it was fairly uniform that most nurses felt the same, but we will see what is done, short of a complete management white wash nothing will change.
  4. RN4KU

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    You are welcome to try, but even in my area, only 4 Nurses in the past 7 years and apparently 2 more last year were promoted even with Master's degree's and management job. It all just depends on which board reviews the proficiency and if they understand your job duties. I was extremely lucky and somehow was promoted, but I am paying for it dearly stuck in a job led by a corrupt and inept group of management. So it is what it is for now. Send me you email and I will send you my proficiency and good luck. So many hard working nurses in this together.
  5. RN4KU

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Education Waiver is your best bet .
  6. RN4KU

    Air Force FY 2019

    I am just beginning to look at Air Force Nursing as an option, I have my Master's and half way to my FNP. I work as a nurse at the VA for the past 8 years. I would like to discuss the process, salary, educational opportunities, and potential careers with a recruiter, but I want to ensure I am given the correct information. I have a family and it would be difficult if we had to move around a lot. Any information would be appreciated.
  7. I am an RN who applied last year for the NELRP when I thought my HPSA Score was a 17. This is what I was told what the data warehouse stated, my D/I and HPSA of 17 is fairly high so I thought I had a good chance of receiving the award. I checked now as it is close to the time to apply again and my score is now only a 13, which would essentially eliminate all chances since this places me in Tier 2. My score could have changed between the time I checked in the fall and application time also. Has anyone else had a drop in score? I have sent an inquiry as to the reason and asked for a re-evaluation, but not feeling hopeful now. I just don't understand what changed.
  8. RN4KU

    MSN/MPH Online dual Programs

    Thanks I will look into it. There is so much information out there and it is really confusing. So many sites and I never get the right answer and I never know if I am missing something!!!
  9. RN4KU

    MSN/MPH Online dual Programs

    Currently I am receiving my MSN from UOP, but would like to transfer to another online program. I am 3/4 of the way through. I would like to find an online MSN/MPH dual program that will accept my credits. Public Health career is my desire. Does anyone know an Online MSN/MPH dual program?