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RN4KU has 11 years experience and specializes in Utilization Review.

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  1. Hello!

    I am having  problems  getting what i am working for. I feel disappointed, frustrated. I do not pretend to copy it is impossible because you have to proof what you did. I just need a guide to figure out how to write in the correct way to reach the stars. 

    My email 


    Thanks  a lot!

  2. Hello, my email is kathyhawkinsnp@hotmail.com would you please allow me to have a sample copy of your Nurse 3 proficiency report. 

    Thanks, Kathy. 

  3. Hello I am also interested in seeing your proficiency as I am currently a Nurse 2 step 7 trying to become a Nurse 3 the email is lepettiford@gmail.com

  4. My email is abeautiful01@yahoo.com. Andrea Evans

  5. Hello,

    I know this is a long time post but I would also like to see your proficiency write up. Please and thank you.

  6. Hi, 


    I work for VA also. I am having hard time getting nurse II. Every time I have write my proficiency they have denied. I have BSN. I have been at VA for last 8 years. I do play role as charge nurse. Educate nurses and CNA. Part of some committee and also active member of safe patient handling and mobility. my last proficiency i missed three and wrote again with no help. Every person I have share saying this looks great including my manager but board member doesn't get that. I would really appreciate if you high light anything for me.  I don't seem to know how to write my proficiency. I would really appreciate seeing your sample.

    PLease email me "kp1979@ymail.com"

    Thank you

  7. Hi RN4KU,

    Thank you for being a such a great resource to us in the VA system.  I worked hard and  completed many projects that had an impact at the VA. One of my coworker who hardly does anything got promoted to a Nurse 3. I don't seem to know how to write my proficiency. I don't know what keywords they're looking for. I would really appreciate seeing your sample. 

    Please email me at doraemon.nobita0404@gmail.com. Thank you!

  8. Hi , I too am having extreme difficulty with writing my Nurse 3 proficiency, if you could share it with me it would be greatly appreciated. I have been at the VA for 10 years started as BSN , now MSN FNP. And the nurse 3 seems beyond my grasp.

    I need those key words etc.


    you are an angel for helping everyone 

    my email is karenlong2011@gmail.ccom

  9. Hi RN4KU!

    First of all thank you for being a great resource to so many of us in the VA system.  I work in the Special Procedures lab, and am an experienced trauma ICU and cardiac cath lab nurse.  I'm just looking for some help with my proficiency. Please email me at CodyLongero@yahoo.com. Thank you so much.

  10. Hello RN4KU, 

    I am in serious need of help with my proficiency at VA if you could please help me. I have a BSN & MS but seem to hit a wall. At this point I am desperate. 


    Thank you 


    my email is jnp.mtr@gmail.com

  11. Hi, I will be graduating in December, 2019, but my proficiency is due in November. I know I am a little late but could please share your proficiency wisdom with me too.


  12. Hello RNK4U,  

    I work in Quality Safety & Value,   a quality management consultant for Surgery,   I turned in my proficiency and the board said that I do not meet any criteria for Nurse III,  I did use what the problem was, what I did with interdisciplinary teams, along with data to support results and what was being done for sustainment.   I have another 25 days for reconsideration but I am at a loss.   Please email me to rosebudfam1@yahoo.com if you can, it would be appreciated.   I really find this process very cumbersome.   There is a site when you are on the VA computers for Office of Nursing Services (ONS) that will open it up to NPSB and there is a lot of good information there that I got some good examples of .   You can only see it at work so just search at work for this site when you are on the intranet.   Does any of the VA's out there really grant education waivers if you have the experience and BSN going for Nurse III,  they said they do but I can see anyone for the last 5 years at our hospital that does.  

  13. Could you please send me your proficiency? Thank you.

  14. Can you also send me some information on your N3 proficiency?  Armyrancher@gmail.com

  15. Sir,

    Would you kindly send me your proficiency as well for the VA. Thank you in advance. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



    1. Mi Bi

      Mi Bi

      Sir, my e-mail is mmbinosa@aol.com


  16. Hello!
    Sorry to email you out of the blue, but I saw how you have been helping a lot of people with their proficiencies for the VA on the allnurses message boards. First, let me say how awesome it is for you to reach out and offer to help perfect strangers that are fellow nurses understand a difficult yet extremely important process! With that being said, I am one of those nurses that could use some assistance. This is foreign to me and I know it will have a long term impact on my future salary and pathway with the VA. I am an RN with my MSN and a post graduate certificate in nursing administration. I’ve been a RN for 14+ years and an MSN for 10+ years. I’ve been everything from an administrator, staff nurse, quality management, case manager, education nurse, and icu nurse. I am working on my on-boarding an was given the task of writing the proficiencies for the board, which was daunting in the beginning before I read all the challenges associated with it. If there is any advice or examples you can give me as someone that has successfully written your proficiencies for the board I’d really appreciate it. I just got the info today and have a very short turn around time of 9/10/19. Thank you so much for your time!!!

    My email is: brinadavila@gmail.com

    Thank you again!!!
    Sabrina Davila


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