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Does anyone have any input on a school that offers a post MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist in Home Health tract?  I own a home care agency and by obtining my CNS, I believe this would be a huge assest to my company.  I went back for my FNP certification, but covid hit once I was about to start clinical and it gave me time to realize my real passion was home care and home health. 


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CNS programs are organized by patient populations (e.g. adult-gerontology, pediatric) and there are no specific specializations for home health.  As someone who owns a home care agency, why do you think CNS education would be helpful for the agency?  I definitely see how the FNP education would not be a good fit.  CNS employment is mostly in hospitals (per the national CNS census) and thus that is where the preceptors are located.  You'd need to do your clinical in acute care and that doesn't seem to fit your situation.  Have you considered the Leadership or Administration programs?


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Don't waste your time if your saying in home health. 

If you want to work at hospital go for it. 


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RN4KU would you please send me a copy of your nurse 3 I’ve been with VA almost 12yrs with a MSN and can’t seem to word things right for my 3. message me for my email address Ty 


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I am a nurse 2 attempting nurse 3. It seems almost impossible to nurse 3, can you Please help?!? If you don't mind, please email me at, thanking you in advance! 
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