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DrAres has 35 years experience and specializes in Neonatal, Parent-Child, Education.

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  1. DrAres

    CNS Certification

    Most discussions of exam prep for CNS grads have focused on the Mometrix products. The grads from our program that take the AACN typically are using CCRN prep books (to get the feel for the style of questions), Synergy Model, and Mometrix. I suppose that acute care NP prep tools could be useful as well.
  2. DrAres

    RN-BSN: CSU East Bay vs CSU Dominguez Hills

    I'm a graduate of CSUDH but also faculty. I'm not sure when NurseGina17 attended, but there is no math test. There is a graduation writing requirement, which all of the CSU schools have, but it can be done via essay with a proctor. Yes there is a weekend health assessment lab. The clinical courses with preceptors have been reduced to 2 - leadership/management and community health. Preceptors for the leadership are quite easy to find as typically there is a qualified BSN prepared manager in your workplace that could serve as your preceptor. The Community Health involves either a public health nurse or school nurse and that can be more difficult to arrange. I encourage you to look at the curriculum to see what looks most interesting and to consider how courses are delivered and if that suits you.
  3. I believe that CSU Long Beach has discontinued their CNS programs. If you'd like to make contact with current CNS students at CSU Dominguez Hills, contact the School of Nursing and ask for the CNS Advisor.
  4. DrAres

    Santa Monica CC, CSU Dominguez Hills agreement?

    The dual enrollment pilot program between SMC and CSU Dominguez Hills is coming to a close. This is due to a change in admissions procedures at SMC and desire by CSUDH to "scale" the dual enrollment beyond just one community college. Beginning Summer 2016, ADN students will be able to take BSN level courses each summer to knock out up to 6 courses prior to RN licensure. Procedures are being put into place Fall 2015.