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Travel RNs with a DUI


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Hello everyone!

Thankyou for reading my post.

Since the beginning of nursing school my goal has always been to become a travel RN. I am licensed in NY and NJ and currently practicing in NJ. I recently decided I wanted to move to California. After extensive research, I realized my past DUI from 2009 may unfortunately expose me to being denied in california and a few other states I was desiring to apply. With it being so early in my career, having to put on job applications that I was denied a license in another state is too risky. I am looking and questioning what states (if anyone knows) are less strict and are not difficult to get an RN license with a DUI. NY and NJ posed no problem, and I am now looking at hawaii. Can anyone recommend any others? Thankyou =)!


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I had a DUI about ten years ago and have been licensed in OR, ID, CO and AZ. I was a traveller in 3 of those states and decided to stay longer and switch my licenses over to perm. AZ took their sweet time approving my license (6 months) but gave it to me no problem after that. My offense was in college and I had to provide all court documentation and a letter explaining myself and showing no further offenses of course but besides a little extra time I was able to get licensed without issue. I count my blessings for that daily and make sure I never make that mistake again!