congrats to uk moderator


at last we have a moderator from the uk....about time too!

congratulations to madwife 2002 from me personally.

please spread the word to other nurses to join us, as a uk nurse now in the states i love to hear whats still going on from the uk....and not all the doom and gloom stories about the demise of the nhs.

having just paid $90 for a visit to the doctors and $131 for the prescriptions, i know that it cant compare to what the uk has.

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Thank you kindly my dear friend.


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well done kay

this place will keep you busy until you get back to work


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congratulations Kay :balloons:


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great news kay


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Congratulations Kay!


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Way to go Kay:balloons:

Can't think of anyone more equipped

Gale XXX

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Hiya and Congrats on the mod position.. Tis about time we had one in here.. I know you'll be great..



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Congratulations Kay

I've not been around much lately, been on vacation, but watch this space, I have news :wink2:

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