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  1. Kaylesh

    American nurse wanting to work in the UK

    Hiya It was called The Scottish Nursing Guild. Not worked for them in about three years as many of the NHS health trusts stopped using them cos they were soooo expensive. Some of the trusts are still using them for specialty areas such as ICU's NICU's etx. However it was one that i worked at after I had my dual citizenship so i have no idea if they would sponser a work permit and/or hire someone without the right to work in the UK. As has been said you must register with the NMC(uks nursing licensing agency) and there are other things one must do now to be able to work here in UK. The best folks to get in touch with are the NMC to find the current rules and regs of nursing in the UK. As well as getting in touch with The Scottish Nursing Guild(they have a website) just do a search for it. I can't remember the web addy. Hope that info helps. If you have further questions feel free to ask i shall try to answer. if i can't i'll let you know :). Im currently on holidlay so may not respond right away. Kay
  2. Kaylesh

    Anyone else call 'em johnnies?

    Not spent much time in NH.. but as i said i grew up in Mass. so am partial to it :) I love it here in the Fife area.. I first lived up in Aberdeen bloody freezing up there for sure.. Much more temperate here in Fife. Aye it does get cold here but never as cold as Mass. and very very rarely do we get snow which we could get plenty of in Mass. I still miss a good blizzard /snowstorm as well as a good thunder and lightning storm during the summer.. Good luck and feel free to keep in touch. Kay
  3. Kaylesh

    Anyone else call 'em johnnies?

    Hiya Where abouts in New England are you heading for? As i said up above a bit there.. Im born and bred from Massachusetts and emigrated here to Scotland in 1999. Soooo if you need any New England terminology help.. just ask lol.. I have had the opposite happen.. asked for summat that was well known in Mass only to find out there was nooo equal here in scotland lol Take Care and good luck. Kay
  4. Kaylesh

    Anyone else call 'em johnnies?

    Im originlly from Massachusetts and we called them johnnies too. I've been here in Scotland for just over nine years now and we call em theatre gowns here. :).. Ahhh yes good ole chux.. guess what we call em here in Scotland well at least in my area .... they are called fluffies.. why i dunno :)
  5. Kaylesh

    Thornbury Nursing Uk

    Aye i used to work for their Scottish branch called the Scottish Nursing Guild.. was great for a while then most of the NHS trust put a ban on using them. I've not done any work for them for over 18 months now. Never worked down in england so i can't comment on the parent company thornbury... Sorry..
  6. Kaylesh

    starting a new inpatient dialysis unit

    Hiya.. I work for the NHS.. on a medical/renal ward .. We are next to and rotate through to the dialysis unit next door .
  7. Kaylesh

    starting a new inpatient dialysis unit

    Aye we us fresinius in our hospitals inpatient and out patient dialysis units.. As you prolly guessed yep im in Scotland
  8. Kaylesh

    Do anyone in healthcare in the US wear these?

    yep they are very common here in the UK. I see them all the time ..
  9. Hiya to all and hope everyone has/is having a wonderful holiday season. My query is regarding the E Grade role. I am a US trained RN and have done only D grade and agency nursing here in the UK. Been here in Scotland since July 99. I've got a nice new post as a E grade equivalent in the new banding and am wondering if any of you experienced E grade level UK nurses have any helpful hints and/or suggestions on what makes a good E Grade RGN. I am working on a medical/renal unit where patients go to the actual renal ward for their dialysis. Again any helpful hints or things to watch out for etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Kaylesh
  10. Kaylesh

    Confused, Newly Qualified Nurse

    Not sure if you able or want to .. but have you thought about relocating to another area of the UK? I know up here in Scotland it seems the trusts always have jobs for both new and experienced nurses. I myself have recently bought a property here in Fife and am not willing/able to think about relocating. Besides I love it here in Fife. So i realise that option is not for everyone. Most of Scotlands nursing jobs can be found on http://www.returntoscotland.com Good Luck in your search Kaylesh
  11. Kaylesh

    Crazy night...

    Hiya, I myself had a Roux N Y Gastric Bypass back in 1998. Still to this day i occasionally will go very HYPO. Fortunately i have so far caught it before iI've passed out. It is a really uncomfortable/horrible feeling, gives me a better idea of how diabetics feel. Doesn't happen to me very often and fortunately i've always been somewhere where i've been able to get something to eat/drink quickly. I've come close to passing out but touch wood.. not yet.. I'm in Scotland and my lowest blood sugar was 2.7mmol/l on our scale(48.6mg/dl US ).. was lucky in that my diabetic b/f was visiting and i tested myself using his meter.. Probably should get a meter myself for those times..
  12. Kaylesh

    US nurses working in the UK?

    Hiyas All Waving from Sunny(today anyways) Kingdom of Fife in bonny Scotland.YeP i am indeed the one from the expats forum.. Since i've been here over 7 years now i have dual citizenship. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Kaylesh PS. What do the trust have against agency staff looking to come back into the trust? siggggggggggggh
  13. Kaylesh

    American RN moving to London - Help!

    Hiya I'm a American RN from Massachusetts ... I've been living and working in Scotland since 1999.. As others have said your first stop is the Nursing and Midwifery Council they are the licensing board for all UK nurses. The rules have changed since i came over so I'd check with the NMC . I know you have to have some supervised practise now. You will also need a work permit unless you are covered under your husbands. Check with the Immigration and Naturalistion folks regarding that.. Not sure how that works,As i came over single. Good luck with your move ..
  14. Kaylesh

    congrats to uk moderator

    Hiya and Congrats on the mod position.. Tis about time we had one in here.. I know you'll be great.. Kaylesh
  15. Kaylesh

    Anyone attending MBCC in Metrowest!!!

    Hiya I went through Mass Bay way back in the late 80s early 90s.. Finished in Dec 91(if memory serves me) and took the boards in Feb 92. Back then it had a very good reputation.. Not sure what it is like these days..It had a very high pass rate for the boards as well. Kaylesh
  16. Kaylesh

    Agenda for change

    And why i'm glad im not working the NHS directly anymore.. Got to love agency nursing for some things.. Kaylesh