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As a pre-nursing student edging towards nursing school,I find that my friends who are nurses tell me to get the largest travel coffee cup.I dont like coffee,its too bitter and I dont like the aftertaste.They tell me that I will need something extra then my usual glasses of water and green tea.They say that they could not have survived nursing school without coffee.I guess I will just have to prove them wrong.Any nurses who couldnt live without coffee?Any nurses who grew to love coffee?

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Oh, I can live without coffee. Absolutely hate the taste of it and can barely tolerate the smell. However, I do need caffeine to survive. You do not want to meet me when I suffer from severe acute hypocaffeinemia. It's not pretty.

And we won't mention how many times I'd hit the beverage vending machine during a day of classes. :blink:


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I never started drinking coffee until about four months ago (mainly because my boyfriend bought a really nice espresso/coffee machine). Can I live without coffee? Definitely. Didn't need it during nursing school.

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I'm like Rose_Queen. I get my caffeine, it's just usually out of a bottle or a can. I like the smell of coffee, but I have never been overly inclined to drink it, even with breakfast when many people have a cup or two to start the day. I drink it once in a great while, but I also find it bitter. If I have to add that many things to something just to make it drinkable, I usually find it not worth the trouble.

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Any nurses who couldnt live without coffee?


I used to hate the taste of coffee but when I started nursing school, I grew to love it! There are tons of flavored creamers out there, my favorite is hazelnut. I'd reccomend trying one of those because I could never drink it with just sugar and regular cream and it can taste bitter to me. Start out with a light roast or medium roast coffee. I like Dunkin Donuts coffee! Though, I think you can probably get trough without coffee, I think on those early clinical days, it's good to have a little energy!


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I don't drink coffee, never have, and function just fine. My dad told my sister and I that we'd start drinking coffee when we had kids, but neither one of us have ever drank it. I'm 39 and have been a nurse for 10 years, not a drop to get me through nursing school, my son I had before nursing school, being a single mom during nursing school, and my youngest son. There's days I'm more awake than my coffee-addicted coworkers, since they claim they can't function without their morning joe.

Bottom line, if you don't like coffee, don't drink it just because somebody tells you to.


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I'm a total coffee lover. I start my day off every morning with a cup & I did that all the way through nursing school. Someone already posted something similar, but if you want to try coffee, I recommend starting with a light or medium roast and trying out different flavored creamers. I used to not be able to drink my coffee without cream or sugar but now I can drink it black! Green tea doesn't seem to give me the same "kick" that coffee does. I don't drink sodas; the only other caffeinated beverage I tried was Monster Rehab when I was on night shift. It wasn't bad.

That being said, I think you can definitely make it through nursing school without coffee. Just try to sleep enough & eat well (such a challenge in nursing school, I know)


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When I worked for Starbucks, there was a regular who used to sit down, order a venti coffee and get two refills after he downed the first one. That's 60 ounces of coffee, not 9 cups but pretty close

Anyone who says instant coffee is the way to go obviously has never tasted good coffee from a proper espresso machine.. Now I'm thinking of buying new one cozzy machine with grinder. At the end of the day I just want I want it at the push of a button without the faff and hassle of grinding the beans myself and processing through a machine that cost more than my bike.

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If you don't like it, and don't drink it now, I don't see any reason for you to change anything. I know perfectly fine individuals (including nurses) who don't drink coffee. A couple of them don't like chocolate, either. But, imo, those folks are waaay beyond the Bell Curve. Outliers!

If, @ some point in time, you decide to indulge, have at it, and enjoy!

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I know a guy who owns a small plantation in Kona; he brings in beans straight off the farm. When you order beans from him, he roasts it (medium dark), and sends it to you 2 day express mail.

Super tasty stuff!


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I don't think I'm a fair example because I needed caffeine for survival long before I began nursing school.