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  1. NurseKait_11

    University of Cincinnati WHNP Spring 2020

    Hey EmilyRae08! Are you doing the WHNP program full time or part time? Do they give a part time option? I’m looking into WHNP programs possibly for the future!
  2. NurseKait_11

    University of Cincinnati WHNP Spring 2020

    Hey all! Looking into this school for WHNP in the further. Are you all doing the program full time or part time? How long do they predict it will take if you go part time? thanks in advance!
  3. NurseKait_11

    Choosing comfort over challenge, am I a bad nurse?

    Stumbled upon this post late, but I am actually glad to see a post like this. I have thought a lot about this because I work in a Level IV NICU and we definitely get our fair share of mico-preemies and unstable patients but I enjoy the feeders and growers, CPAP, relatively stable kids. But sometimes I think, Does this make me a bad NICU nurse because I have a preference or would rather be with a baby who is learning to eat then with a fresh 24-weeker? One of my co-workers love the fresh mico-preemies and absolutely dislikes having the feeders and growers. I don't mind the occasional challenge, but I found that working with the babies that are just learning to eat and helping the parents figure out how to handle their little ones and care for them is what I really enjoy the most. I feel like I can connect and be hands on with those babies, interact with them. But I figure that those babies can have issues too and if we aren't there to care for them, then who will? I definitely think a lower acuity NICU is for me. Maybe a level III since I still get some challenge but not as critical as our NICU. Thanks for starting this topic!
  4. NurseKait_11

    Ever forgotten to feed a baby?

    I worked this past Christmas Eve and the few shifts before then had been absolutely nuts. I was really nervous that my Christmas Eve shift would be crazy too so I was pretty anxious and just wanted a nice Christmas Eve at work. So, I guess because of my anxiety I had a dream that I got 4 babies to take care of and then another nurse had to leave or something and I was picking up two babies, so that I'd have 6. I was freaking out and wondering how that was okay! Then another night I had a similar dream that I got another baby right after the previous shift had left but never got report on it!
  5. NurseKait_11

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    I am a NICU nurse and I have found that I love working with the 34-35 weeks preemies that are just learning how to drink from a bottle. Sometimes i feel like i take bottle feeding for granted with the older babies who know how to eat, but it gives me so much joy giving a bottle to those preemie who take 13 mLs when they usually just take 5 or if they have enough energy and coordination to finish a whole bottle. I really feel like I'm able to bond with those babies then and it's really exciting to see them hit those milestones and how much pride I feel when they hit milestones with eating. I also love using a neonatal yankauer and saline and sucking out those boogers. So satisfying.
  6. NurseKait_11

    L&D RN in DC/Maryland region

    Thank you, I hope you have good luck too! I interviewed there in September of 2017! I was told that it's extremely busy and once you transfer a patient you'll likely get another soon after. It was a pretty large unit. I think the ratio was 2 patients per nurse or you can have 4 couplets at a time. They do contract you for you two years. I believe I was told it may be exactly 24 or a little over 24 months. If you want a lot of experience in a very fast paced unit, I'm sure you'll get it!
  7. NurseKait_11

    L&D RN in DC/Maryland region

    Hey! I currently work in NICU but am looking to get into L and D myself! I did my practicum at University of Maryland St. Joseph medical center though, in L and D and really liked it. I am not sure about c-section rates at hospitals but I can give you some of what I know for the units in general. Holy Cross in Silver Spring is one of the busiest, if not the busiest L and D in the DC, MD and VA area. I interviewed there and they pretty much are always busy and always have patients. They contract you for two years. I'm sure you'd get lots of experience there with different types of patients! They have around 20 rooms, maybe a few more! U of MD Medical Center in Downtown Baltimore just renovated their L and D and it's nice! They have I believe 11 rooms, 3 ORs, a triage area and I think 5 PACU beds. They are pretty busy and UMMC has a great cardiology center and have lots of high risk moms, as well as a Level IV NICU. St. Joe's was a nice unit from what I remember from my practicum. They have great midwives and I was able to see equal amount of midwife and OBGYN births. They have a small unit. I want to say 9 rooms? And it was a good mix of busy and slow. Anne Arundel Medical center is the 2nd busiest in Maryland from what I know. They are a good sized unit with 2 ORs, 5 PACUs and I believe 20 rooms as well. They have a "family-centered cesarean" which I think is cool to make a more positive birth experience for the mom and family. You can definitely google this and read more about it! I know it's very general information but it's most of what I know about some Maryland L and D units! Kait
  8. NurseKait_11

    MSN Options for Women's Health

    Let me see if I can clarify. I have been doing research on MSN options, as I'd like to pursue a higher degree. If I did, and MSN in education may be something I am interested in, as a clinical instructor or maybe a part-time teacher at a school. I see of a lot of MSN degres in which you can become a Women's Health NP or a certified nurse midwife. However, I am still trying to decide if that's something I'd like to pursue. I am very passionate about Women's Health, I did my nursing practicum in Labor and Delivery and loved it. I am a NICU nurse at the moment but am looking to get back to obstetrics. I don't see anywhere that I implied I don't want to do women's health, but sorry if that was confusing! I do think an MSN in education may be the best option for me, as I am doing more research. I was just asking if anyone knew of any MSN options that had a women's health focus or some ideas on what I could do in women's health with an MSN, besides a WHNP or CNM. Thanks for you input! I never thought about a childbirth educator! I hope I was able to clarify!
  9. NurseKait_11

    New Grad RN

    Hey there! First off, congrats on your upcoming graduation! I just completed my first year as a NICU new grad and glad I came across your post. I honestly think that if NICU or infant care is what you want right off the bat, then go for it. I found that a small percentage of people that I graduated with went into med-surge and the majority of my class went into the specialties they wanted (NICU, L&D, ED, ICU, peds). That was something that I struggled with when I was applying as well, but I definitely don't think that med-surge experience in something that you have to have. I work in a Level IV NICU and that means we handle some of the most critical patients and some babies are with us for months and months. We get a mix of critical patients, feeders and growers and full term babies who just need some help within the first 48 hours of life then we send them back up to full term. For me, the good days outweigh the bad and I think we see more positive things than sad. I find that working in the NICU is very routine. We do "cares" (feeding, assessing and doing vitals on the babies) every 3 or 4 hours, depending on how stable they are. Working in the NICU has really allowed me to improve in time management since sometimes you may have one critical baby and many things that need to be done or three babies, all with families there who need something, so I've learned to work efficiently and prioritize. I have also bettered my communication skills when talking to providers and patients. I work days and night shifts and we have different tasks that each shift does apart from the other, but other than that it's routine for the most part. I over-all think that NICU is a good work environment and working with babies is very rewarding. Hope this helps! I don't know much about mother-baby, but if you're looking to work with infants, look into couplet care positions. You'll look after both mom and baby instead of mainly the mother. Also look for new-born nursery or full-term nursery positions to apply to as well! I know some hospital are starting a neonatal assessment nurse position which looks after the new born after deliveries in the first few hours of life and its your job to do baby vitals and make sure that they are adjusting appropriately. Hope this helps!
  10. NurseKait_11

    MSN Options for Women's Health

  11. NurseKait_11

    MSN Options for Women's Health

    Hey all, I am a new grad nurse (graduated this past May) and am looking to get my MSN sometime in the future. I am leaning towards getting an MSN in education, but not sure I want to teach at a school or be a staff educator in a hospital. I am very passionate about obstetric and women's health and would like to pursue something in that area. I have been looking online and I don't see any areas of women's health I can pursue with a master's except a Women's Health NP or CNM. I'm not sure if that's an area Id like to pursue eventually, but for now I'm sticking with an MSN. I'd like to know if there are any women's health master's programs and what career options might be or if a clinical educator on and Labor and Delivery or women's floor is the only option. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. NurseKait_11

    Maryland (DMV) new grad pay

    For Maryland, based on the numbers at interviews I've been a few months ago, usually pay between $27-$30. Anne Arundel Medical Center is 27.50, University of MD Med Center offers 28.13 and Holy Cross in Silver Spring offers $30/hr but you have to sign a contract for 24 months and if you terminate and leave before that 24 months is up, you have to pay them. Hopkins I think is salaried. They offer 60,000 a year (I think) so that includes nights, weekends, Holidays and over-time. Hope this helps! There is a thread called Maryland Starting salaries that offers more hospitals salaries that other memebers have put in! It's a few years old though!
  13. I'm a bit scared for this person's patients if and when he actually does become a doctor and one of the nurses comes to him with a K+ level of 3 and he just says "Give them orange juice". I am hoping he improves in critical thinking and humility by then! OP, you did all the right things and handled everything beautifully!
  14. I'm a bit scared for this person's patients if and when he actually does become a doctor and one of the nurses comes to him with a K+ level of 3 and he just says "Give them orange juice". I am hoping he improves in critical thinking and humility by then!
  15. NurseKait_11

    New Grad hiring

    Try liquidcompass.com! My school has a page through that website that allowed us to see new grad positions in areas surrounding us and different cities in the country as well. It is worth looking into for health care jobs and anyone can use it! I believe you can sort between new grad elibiable and new grad specific jobs, as well as jobs that require more experience.
  16. NurseKait_11

    Maryland Hospital Starting Salaries

    Does anyone know if UMMC offer loan repayment?

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