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If you don't like it, and don't drink it now, I don't see any reason for you to change anything. I know perfectly fine individuals (including nurses) who don't drink coffee. A couple of them don't like chocolate, either. But, imo, those folks are waaay beyond the Bell Curve. Outliers!

If, @ some point in time, you decide to indulge, have at it, and enjoy!

Exactly! Why do people tell other people they NEED to pick up a habit they didn't already have? I'Ve been a nurse for 10 years and a mom for almost 16 and have never drank a drop of coffee! It's not a job requirement!


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I know a guy who owns a small plantation in Kona; he brings in beans straight off the farm. When you order beans from him, he roasts it (medium dark), and sends it to you 2 day express mail.

Super tasty stuff!

Is there a website we can order from?


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I love coffee, but coupled with stress and large amounts of chips and salsa for study sessions my stomach began to resent the combination. I gave up coffee and left chips for just a day a week and I have done pretty well. I do not need coffee to start my day but if I really need that extra wake-me-up-please, I have my tea selection and works fantastic.


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I love good coffee. I'm not drinking crap coffee, but my family once owned a coffee shop. I once told a man I was dating (I already knew he didn't like coffee) that I never trusted anyone who didn't like dogs or coffee just to watch him squirm.

Be the rebel. Drink your tea. I'll keep my coffee and my tea.

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I need it for the overnight shift.

I enjoy it at other times.


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I like some coffee with my sugar and creamer. It's not bitter at all!

Same way I like my chai tea ;-)

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I like my chai tea ;-)