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  1. Cat365


    Ok apparently I’m over cautious. The whole red stuff out of the ear thing worried me. I’d never had that happen previously.
  2. Cat365


    Do you worry about bursting the tympanic membrane? I witnessed an incident recently where the ear started to bleed and even though the dr said that nothing was done incorrectly I’m wondering if that’s what happened. The tympanic membrane couldn’t be visualized after this happened,but since the ear was so blocked up beforehand it might not have been there prior.
  3. Cat365


    How do you handle ears that are so infected/dirty that the tympanic membrane can’t be seen? Do most ERs irrigate? If so, is it something a Dr does or do you do it in your workplace? What do you use?
  4. Cat365

    Misuse of the ER

    It's not just small hospitals that get non-emergent things. We have "i need a pregnancy test, I threw up once six hours ago, I didn't have a BM today, I fell down and nothing hurts but I thought it should get checked out, and other things that really don't need an emergency evaluation at midnight.
  5. Cat365

    When did being pregnant become a disability?

    We can't transfer to ICU without two people. One has to be a nurse the second can be a tech or security in case the patient codes on the way. So I can't see that ever being an issue with us. I agree with the poster that stated lazy people will always find a way to be lazy. I also agree with the person that stated you don't know what health problems the other nurse might have had. She might have a very good reason she couldn't push the cart. However, I'm not sure that if she can't push a cart she should be at work providing hands on care. In an ICU there are a lot of people that need rolled or assisted in other ways.
  6. Cat365

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    Sometimes you can find someone to trade with. Or you can ask to work Friday/Saturday instead of Sunday. I work every other Saturday/Sunday and 3/4 Friday's because this leaves me with the weekdays free. I have other commitments during the week that I either need to do or really enjoy doing. Other people in my department only work 1/4 weekends. That meets the minimum weekend requirements where I work. Each position/employer is different. Hopefully you can work something out. I'm not particularly religious but I can understand that there are things you enjoy doing. Odds are good that you won't have every Sunday off, but it's not hopeless that you will have the majority off. The key is to remain as flexible on other days as you can and not to complain and cause a fuss when you can't. Most of my coworkers are good at switching shifts to help out coworkers, but we stop doing it for people that don't return the favor.
  7. Cat365

    Relationship problems

    Glad other people are like me. I dumped a guy one time because he didn't like my dog. I was telling someone about it once and they said "Well you had the dog first." I told her that actually the guy came first. I just liked the dog more.
  8. I have multi-colored hair. However, I have long hair and when I had it done I stated I wanted to look professional at work and not like a clown. I always wear a bun at work, so my hair now has multi-colored streaks for the last two-thirds and at work I have a colorful bun. I have had patients ask if it is really my hair or some sort of extension. I believe in balance. (I also work nights in an ER, so that probably helps.) Do I believe that I should be able to go to work with full sleeve tattoos (some of which I actually like), twelve visible piercings, or all green hair? Not so much. I do happen to live in a fairly conservative area of the country.
  9. Cat365

    IV Bolus

    in·tra·ve·nous bo·lus a relatively large volume of fluid or dose of a drug or test substance given intravenously and rapidly to hasten or magnify a response; in radiology, rapid injection of a large dose of contrast medium to increase opacification of blood vessels. I don't think the definition changes per provider. It's the speed and amount that change.
  10. Cat365

    IV Bolus

    We have epic and our default is 999 so this is facility/department dependent.
  11. Cat365

    IV Bolus

    Our department would run it at 999 because that's as fast as our pumps will go. If lactic is high or blood pressure is low we would grab a pressure bag to get it in faster. Its generally understood in our department that a bolus runs over an hour. So whatever is ordered, barring any odd labs or vitals, will run over an hour. A 250 bolus goes in st 250, a 500 goes in at 500, and a liter at 999, because that's the pumps limit.
  12. I agree with the above poster. Also, if your coworkers are willing/able to pass all of your restricted medications. I imagine that would be a lot of meds on a step down unit. It would be a constant interruption to their work.
  13. Cat365

    RVN: Registered Veterinary Nurse, what do you think?

    I see no issue with it. It is a nurse of another sort. RVNs for DVMS. The thing that made me laugh was that you stated you were a Lab technician. The pun though unintended jumped out at me.
  14. Cat365

    Failing Anatomy!

    Good luck!
  15. Cat365

    Is earwax removal an emergency?

    Ear pain can be debilitating. The only time I was in an ER other than work I was brought in semi comatose post CPR. Obviously I don't like going but I seriously considered going with ear pain once. I would have if I hadn't found someone to drive me at 5 am to an urgent care clinic. Not everyone has my reticence though I had a patient come in by ambulance for a bee sting at school 6 hours earlier. No one EMT, myself, PA, or Dr could even figure out where the child was stung. There were no red marks or swelling anywhere.
  16. I want you in my ER! Not saying the majority of our techs aren't great but I still want you.

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