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  1. Ears

    Ok apparently I’m over cautious. The whole red stuff out of the ear thing worried me. I’d never had that happen previously.
  2. Ears

    Do you worry about bursting the tympanic membrane? I witnessed an incident recently where the ear started to bleed and even though the dr said that nothing was done incorrectly I’m wondering if that’s what happened. The tympanic membrane couldn’t be ...
  3. Ears

    How do you handle ears that are so infected/dirty that the tympanic membrane can’t be seen? Do most ERs irrigate? If so, is it something a Dr does or do you do it in your workplace? What do you use?
  4. Misuse of the ER

    It's not just small hospitals that get non-emergent things. We have "i need a pregnancy test, I threw up once six hours ago, I didn't have a BM today, I fell down and nothing hurts but I thought it should get checked out, and other things that really...
  5. When did being pregnant become a disability?

    We can't transfer to ICU without two people. One has to be a nurse the second can be a tech or security in case the patient codes on the way. So I can't see that ever being an issue with us. I agree with the poster that stated lazy people will alway...
  6. Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    Sometimes you can find someone to trade with. Or you can ask to work Friday/Saturday instead of Sunday. I work every other Saturday/Sunday and 3/4 Friday's because this leaves me with the weekdays free. I have other commitments during the week that I...
  7. Both ways have there advantages. With multiple preceptors you learn multiple ways of doing things, but each preceptor will have different expectations, different things they place emphasis on, and with a constant change in preceptor they don't have t...
  8. I didn't cry

    When I stood by your bed as a student nurse and realized you had decerebrate posturing, unresponsive, blown pupils, and were missing ¾ of your skull. Not even when I realized that you had parents, a girlfriend, and a threeyear old daughter. None of ...
  9. The organs are not removed from a person before death. The patient undergoes a terminal wean in the operating room. The patient dies there and then organs are harvested. In fact if the patient lives too long after they are extubated the organs cannot...
  10. Question about Cigarettes and Drug Tests

    The test requires a minimum level to show as positive. One puff several days prior would not meet that minimum. You could get the same level by being exposed to second hand smoke at an event.
  11. Worktime issues in the US

    I don't work for free. I actually reported a previous employer (non-nursing) job to the Department of Labor for requiring that. I rarely get a lunch. Maybe one out of twenty shifts and I always clock out as no lunch. I understand day shift is the op...
  12. Importance of Identifying Fevers in Children

    Our ER is currently giving away free thermometers to parents. As well as education on fevers an proper medication. My fever conversations seem to go one of two ways lately. "He/She has a fever" "Did you take his temperature?" "No, but he/she feels...
  13. Dealing with Guilt and Coping

    It sounds like you did a good job. You provided accurate information and you looked up what you didn't know. A CPR board wouldn't have changed the outcome. It's hard as a nurse to accept that people will die. Everyone dies sometime. It feels like a ...
  14. The detail I missed that set my day on the wrong foot

    It's the fashion now to wear two different socks. You were just trying out a new version. My first day of college we were supposed to wear a white T-shirt with the college logo of it. Half way there I spilled coffe on it with the predictable result ...
  15. Depression, FMLA and nursing - need advice....

    I would discuss the issue with your family doctor. He would be the one to fill out FMLA paperwork. Unless you are also seeing another doctor about your depression. Are you on any medication for it?