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O.k, so I am probably the klutsiest person on earth. My husband cannot believe that I am a nurse and don't daily stab myself with needles or break my neck falling over my own feet:imbar

The worst I have done (this year) is run over my own foot with a fully loaded crash cart. One of my co-workers though, got her scrub jacket caught in the paper shredder last year...

Anyone else? Truthfully, I have never physically injured a patient or co-worker, just my own bruised self.:p

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Shar.....I'm just like you, so don't feel alone in the "klutz" category. :chuckle My husband agrees that I am the biggest "klutz" and always hurting myself. I can spot a bruise, a scratch, a bump, and whatever else shouldn't be on my person, but can't for the life of me figure out where most of my injuries come from. :chuckle

The ones I do recall are when I burn my ears, forehead, and neck with my electric curling iron several times a month. Or, when I bump into some HUGE object and bruise myself. Or, when I wake up in the morning looking like I've been in a fight all night. :rotfl: What can I say......I'M A KLUTZ THAT WAY! :rotfl:

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Thanks for the company!


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wooooooooooohoooooo a thread created for yours truly

the amount of times my mother calls me a klutz is amazing!

I trip over air !

at work I have had many a klutzy moment, triping over IV Poles, crashing my med cart into the wall once or twice, slipping off those stupid chairs at the nurses station , I could go on

I think I'm much like kramer on seinfeld, you know the way he just kind of falls all over the place etc..

its bad when PMS hits too, I get even clumsier....if thats humanly possible

once I went through a nice little routine of getting a glass of water, dropping it, breaking the glass, getting another glass, filling it with water, dropping that glass and so on and so forth til finally my mom banned me from the kitchen and brought me a plastic cup!

I have never injured a patient or anything, again my accidents happen to only myself !


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there are wrinkles in the carpet of my office and someone keeps moving the pillars....:(

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I know exactly what you are talking about. I think I just have rotten gross motor skills. I can do the most complicated procedures with my hands and then I go and trip over the person's bedside table. :)

hapeewendy....I will arm wrestle you and anyone else for the honors of "Klutz Queen"!:D

I am VERY near-sighted. One night I heard a sound downstairs and went down to investigate. (Stupid me...shoulda sent BraveHubby). Didn't want to turn on a light and wake the kids. Got to the bottom of the stairs, took a few steps, caught a toe on an upholstered children's recliner, fell, bringing the chair up into the air, and the recliner chair fell onto my ribcage.!!! I was bruised colors of the rainbow I didn't know existed! Luckily no broken ribs.

Another time, I was walking into the bedroom at night and caught my baby toe on the door frame. I hobbled over to the bed, trying not to utter profane curses, and told LaughingHubby "My baby toe is broken!" I turn on the light, and the poor toe is just sorta floppy, hanging off the side of my foot. HelpfulHubby offered to take me to ER...I said "Are you kidding??? ER at 3 AM for a broken pinkie toe? I gotta work at that place, not to mention the ortho would KILL me."

I am always covered in bruises I have NO idea how I got. Just last night,came home from work, changed clothes, saw two HUGE blue bruises one on top of each knee. No idea! :rolleyes:


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I do have days when if I can trip over it, knock it over, drop it, slip in it (!!??!!), spill it, tear it, break it, etc!!!!....well you know it happens!

The worst thing that ever happened to me at work...I was a new graduate nurse and working with a temporary preceptor. I had just finished giving a basin bed bath to a patient when this nurse decides to help me, runs over, grabs the basin of filthy water, trips over the overbed table, and showers me with said water! Needless to say I was not a happy camper. After begging scubs from the linen room, I took a quick shower and changed my clothes and finished the day-sans undies, so thank God those scrubs were a heavy dark blue material-not like some of the flimsy see thru or paper ones you see!


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Fell while 6 months pregnant, outside of the grocery store, carrying a gallon of milk.

(Not bad enough, I fell in front of the Girl Scout cookie stand where I was heading to get cookies to go with the milk.)

Was SSSSOOOO embarrassed, but the little girls, after stoney looks from their leader,(bless her heart) ran over to help me up without laughing (much) and were so sweet, that I bought more cookies than I intended to.

One of our nurses tripped up the curb, fell and messed up her knee so badly that she was off work for a few days. Now they want her to park underground at the jail, so she doesn't have to go up curbs.


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I get clumsier as the shift wears on, but the worst was when I almost dropped a baby. I had him in my arms, kind of leaned over to hand him to his mom and he sort of fell toward her, but I caught him and I almost fell on her. Hard to describe, guess you had to be there, but you get the general idea.

Another time I lost control of an empty stretcher and ran it into the glass cabinet doors in er, breaking them. Funny though, they still let me float down there. :)

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I did not want to put on the overhead light at work one night to give my patient her pain meds. I figured I would click the one over the bed on. I walked in the room and walked into the bedside table and proceded to dump the patients bedside pitcher all over the patient and linens. Had to turn on the light anyway to get the patient out of bed and change the sheets!


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Originally posted by hapeewendy

I trip over air !


:chuckle :chuckle :chuckle


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