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  1. Nurse K-Bear

    Clinical Supplies For First Year Students

    I love the clipboard with the nurse stuff on it. It comes in handy. Just make sure that the stuff on it relates to your facility. Like the lab values. When I was in nursing school we sold the clip boards as a fundraiser for the student nurse association. they were a big hit To add to the list I always found it easier to put index cards in my pocket for clinical then the little notebook thing. you can grab a bunch of index cards punch a hole in the corner and clamp them together much more practical then always have to buy a little notebook. then I would keep all the index cards and refer back to them the following weeks while doing the ole clinical paperwork. I would jot down cool stuff or questions had Ion the cards. this worked out much better for me than the notebook thing. It also gives you more room in your already overstuffed pockets! good luck in school!
  2. Nurse K-Bear

    What's a good book to read about the realities of nursing

    I just got done reading Nurses: the Human Touch by michael brown, RN. Very well written and interesting But I have read all of Echo herons books many years ago. You have all convinced me to re read them!
  3. Nurse K-Bear

    What is failing at your school?

    74.99 is failing have to have above a 75 to pass course clinical not part of grade it is pass or fail 100 on med math test pass ERI exams at national passing It's the final countdown!!!! can't wait until may!!!!!
  4. Nurse K-Bear

    What's your nurse pt ratio?

    LPN- med/surg float pool large city hospital about 40 patients per floor most nights 3-11 shift RN's 6-7 patients cover LPN's (blood, pushes, out of ordinary problems, first anitbiotic etc) or charge nurse covers LPN LPN's 7-8 patients CNA's usually12- 20 patients each usually one LPN the rest RN charge nurse usually does not take pt Usually no break or just enough time to use the bathroom. utter chaos! Depending on wich floor I am on. Sometimes I just pass meds. start IV's, treatmens or do labs. Most times I take a full assignment and do good team work with the RN. (The barter sytem) Now I work at a different hospital on the pediatric service 15 beds for general and intermediate units, where I float to a clinic or when I take an assignment I usually have 2 babies and 2 older children. RN's usually have higher acuity patients and usually have 2-3. Much less stressful with my new job!! I am so glad they gave me the chance!!
  5. Nurse K-Bear

    What color is your OR?

    light grayish blue walls and the same color scrubs.
  6. Nurse K-Bear

    New baby & starting school???

    at my school one of my classmates had a baby in march. She brought her baby to lecture for the rest of the semester to continue breastfeeding. I was suprised she did this (bringing the baby to class. I do not have a problem with breastfeeding in public) and the instructors never told her not to. The baby was never distracting she just passed her around and the baby got lot's of attention. I am sure this is rare though, but you never know. In last years graduating class there were two girls who had baby's during the semester. Another cute story. My friend was taking anatomy one summer and she always read her a&p text outloud to her eight month old daughter. This helped her study and spend time with the baby. You will never guess what the babies first word was....Patella! could you imagine
  7. Nurse K-Bear

    Frustrated with Maternity Nurses!

    I had a great OB, LDR and Nursery rotation last year. The RN's, NP's and LPN's where very receptive of us. I could not wait to have a baby after that rotation. I am currently a RN student and a LPN. When I am at work, we love to have nursing students. The older nurses are snippy, we just have to remind them that they were once students also. ( I am not afraid to tell them that either when I am at work. During clinical I just go with the flow when I see these attitudes). I am sorry you had a bad rotation. Maybe you can go to another hospital and shadow for a day. This might help change your opinion. Good luck with school!
  8. Nurse K-Bear

    Etiquette in the OR

    I was on the ambulance and have seen much blood and guts. But something freaked me out about purposely cutting someone, the smell, the drills and saws etc. that is the part that made my stomach turn. Surgery of the abdomen was easier for me to observe than ortho. My OR experience has made me a better nurse. Now I know what my patients have gone through before they got to me on the post-op floor.
  9. Nurse K-Bear

    Nursing License information..need advice

    the first day of nursing school we had to fill out a state form which asked about any criminal activty. They nipped it in the begining. I do not know of anyone who got licensed after a criminal activity. The state board of nursing or a lawyer should be able to help. good luck
  10. Nurse K-Bear

    Etiquette in the OR

    don't touch anything blue is true. Get a feel for how the doctor and the staff is towards you before you start asking questions, as a student myself I sometimes feel I am in the way so I just observe when I feel the time is right I will ask something. If you feel nauseous start backing away towards the door. Participate if the team encourages it make the most of your experience. Don't forget to eat that day. Good Luck and have fun. After my day in the OR I realized that is not something I wanted to do.
  11. Nurse K-Bear


    I am a LPN in the med/surg float pool at a large hospital. I float to medicine, surgical, ortho, oncology, gyn, ER , telemetry and sometimes very rarely as a extra pair of hands in the delivery room( starting IV's, assisting with c-sections and helping patients during labor never have an assignment there ). I was given a 2 month nursing orientation on the surgical floor, and 2 days orientation on each unit. I had already worked at the hospital as a CNA and a nurse extern so I got to skip the basics. I usually work the 3-11p shift. I am currently an RN student as well, so it is good experience for me to be exposed to different areas of the hospital. If I am on a floor and they need to float someone 9 times out of 10 it is me. This is part of the job. One night I had a very heavy post op assignment. One of my patients needed a blood trans, another needed platelets, one had a epideral ( I think that is spelled right?) and the other had a lot of IV push meds. all procedures a LPN cannot initiate, or due but some you can maintain. I have had assignments like this before. I swap tasks with the RN and everything get's done. Well at 7:15pm the supervisor told me I needed to float to another floor at 7:30 so a RN can take over my patients. At first I was thinking to myself, you are kidding me, it is the middle of the shift and we (Meaning the RN's and I) had it all worked out. How annoying. I then took two minutes to myself in the middle of the chaos and said floating will benefit my patients and my RN coworkers. They are better off having a RN take over my assignment because the RN's can do the tasks without jepordizing there patients. It all worked out in the end. I was then floated to another floor and drew blood and started IV's on pre-op patients so my tasks were needed elsewhere. It all worked out to benafit everyone I feel. Myself, my patients and my coworkers. I have seen that a lot of nurses do not share the same belief I did that night. But we are their for our patients and that is what my focus was. Also the nursing supervisor did a good call floating me that night. There have been other times I can remember when I was a CNA I had to float. When I was not in the float pool. It never really bothered me. You just feel out of your comfort zone for a while. If the floor is very short staffed, anyone is welcomed usually. I like floating to sifferent units, I enjoy the challenge each day. When I graduate in May this year as a RN, I do not want to be in the float pool. Hope this helped you!
  12. Nurse K-Bear

    Nursing Students Shafted

    where I go the care plans and all the clinical stuff just counts as pass or fail. how annoying no credits either it is required. all that time !
  13. Nurse K-Bear

    Nursing Students Shafted

    where I go the care plans and all the clinical stuff just counts as pass or fail. how annoying no credits either it is required. all that time !
  14. Nurse K-Bear

    Male SN mistaken for a doctor

    make sure you document both the confusion and her thoughts on life. Have your professior help you chart it or tell your co assigned nurse. Where I work there is a procedure for suicidal ideations. hope this helps
  15. Nurse K-Bear

    Male SN mistaken for a doctor

    make sure you document both the confusion and her thoughts on life. Have your professior help you chart it or tell your co assigned nurse. Where I work there is a procedure for suicidal ideations. hope this helps
  16. Nurse K-Bear

    Handling of miscarriage pt.

    Sorry for your loss. In the hospital where I work patients who have had a pregnancy loss are admitted to the gyn floor unless they choose to go to ob. We have a very good support program that continues after discharge as well. A card is placed under the patients room number outside their room andone on their chart. On the card is a leaf with a tear drop on it. The card symbolizes pregnancy loss. the patient can opt not to have the card placed. (none of my patients ever objected) For IUFD or stillborn families. We dress the baby. If the patient does not have an outfit on is given. A gold ring is put on the babies finger. We give the patient a hand painted box. Inside the box has the babies lock of hair, a baby ring (which most patients wear around their neck), the outfit the baby was dressed in for the pictures a memory book and the phone number for services after discharge. You do not have to take the pictures or the keepsake box with you. Most patients do though. They are stored on the unit until you are ready for them. (Some patient just called the other day from 2 years ago and she came and got her pictures.)