Change room, staff room, gym, locker room?


Hi there. SN here...

Everybody has seen it on TV right? These nice areas where staff can go to relax, or shower or change and lockers and whatnot. Or work out. Or read a magazine during your (ha ha) lunch break? I would love to work at some place like this, as would everyone I imagine....

My question is simple: Do amenities like this exist in your facility? And if not, what does your facility/workplace where you spend 1/3 of your life offer you?


crb613, BSN, RN

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We have a break room ( don't know why its called that!)...looks like a kitchen minus the stove....has a bathroom, TV & tiny lockers. I have never been able to go in there & take a break....don't know anyone else that has either!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I have spent much of my career in nursing homes. Most of these facilities have break rooms which are unkempt, unclean, and slightly larger than a walk-in closet.


mom2michael, MSN, RN, NP

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We have something that resembles a closet, they call it a kitchen/breakroom We have a locker room that is crammed full of scrubs, storage and gasp....some lockers but if more than 2 people are in there at a time, you are rubbing elbows. We have a bathroom that if you turn too quickly or don't squeeze in your toosh, you'll bang it on the doorknob.


RNperdiem, RN

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My hospital unit has a breakroom with fridge, table and chairs, and a microwave. It is a busy, noisy communal room.

I do wish as an introvert, that there would be somewhere I could go every day to be really alone for a while. Hospitals lack private spaces. That is not realistic with nursing where I am still responsible for the patient even if another nurse is "listening out" for my patients; I do feel I need to be accesible even at lunch.



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My unit (L&D) has both a break room and a locker room. The break room has a table, microwave, fridge, 2 couches and a chair. It also has a tv, and the makings for coffee, tea and hot cocoa. All the other units on the hospital where I have ever had clinicals have break rooms with similar ammenities. Our locker room just has lockers and its where we change into our hospital scrubs. I'm sad to hear that not all hospitals provide this for their employees. When you're on break, you deserve to actually relax!



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we have a break room and a room with lockers and a bathroom. Both of which are right off of the nursing station. You have to go through the nursing station to get to it. THis helps to keep family and others out too. It is not well kept but it does provide privacy. It is not bad but could be better.

LoveMyBugs, BSN, CNA, RN

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We have a break room, with table chairs, lockers for about 90% of in the ED, a bathroom with a shower, couch, TV, fridge and computer. Ours is fairly large, we hold pre-shift hudles so it holds about twenty people



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We have a locker room with two sinks and then two toilets off it. Off of this is our break room with a large table, many chairs, a couch, tv, microwave, sink, etc.



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We have a breakroom with lockers for all permanent staff as well as a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, sink, cabinets, TV, table, chairs, and a (really old) sofa. There are two staff bathrooms on the unit and a conference room as well. We don't have a changing room, but the bathrooms are big enough to change in if you were going somewhere straight from work. There is a small gym in the hospital, although I haven't gone inside yet. They charge $35 a year for membership, and I just haven't decided yet if I'll ever feel like working out after a 12 hour shift. Also, there are showers in the OR and L&D locker rooms, since their staff are required to change into hospital-issue scrubs for work and obviously have more of a chance of getting dirty than most of the rest of us do.

I think our facilities are more than adequate, and yes I do get to take lunch every shift.


Aneroo, LPN

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My most recent job had a mens and womens locker room with a bathroom, and an eating area with microwave, sink, tv and fridge, along with tables (doubled as our big meeting room).

Older job (much bigger hospital with new big ER) had two break rooms to eat in. There was also a locker room upstairs, but no one ever used it. There was a shower, two toilets and a ton of lockers. It was nice if there was an emergency and we'd have to be there a while (snow or hurricanes).

I tend to get GI upset often, usually after eating (esp. hospital food), so that was where I would go after eating. No one was ever there, and I had my peace and quiet for a few minutes. LOL


blondy2061h, MSN, RN

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We have a locker room and a break room. Break room is just a small room with a table, fridge, toaster, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, water cooler, and sink.

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