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And this comes from the PRESIDENT of the American Society of Anesthesiologist Assistants Again, assertions that AAs and CRNAs function at the same level -absolutely misleading. And, what's... Read More

  1. by   subee
    Quote from rn29306
    You can't pull that crap the day of surgery.
    Their answer to "you'll have a problem" - not having surgery. Take it or leave it.
    We have two ways of handling this: some docs will just tell them that's the way we do it here - this is what your surgeon wants because of the close teamwork, etc. If the patient still balks, they get the least experienced baby in the department, or the department weirdo who is only hanging on my his fingernails anyway. I love introducing the little baby docs. to the patient and then tell pt. - "Don't worry, he/she is allowed to drive home after dark."
  2. by   destiny5
    As a nursing student I had the opportunity to observe the surgery dept. At the first surgery there was a CRNA. She was very attentive to the patient and even explained to me what she was doing.:wink2: During the second surgery there was an MDA. As the surgery progressed I noticed his head bobbing. As I got closer... I saw that he was sleeeeeping. When I alerted the surgery nurse who was in charge of me. She said "yes, he's catching a few zzzzzz's. WOW!!!! I was sooo nervous, but appearantly I was the only one.....cause no one else seemed to care.
    After the surgery the patient (who was getting an av fistula) told the MDA that he'd had one before and that this time he was in a lot of pain during the procedure so what happened. The MDA politely blamed the surgeon and said he didn't give him enough local anesthetic.
    Call me crazzzy but I'd rather have a CRNA, AA, CNA, MBA (LOL) than a sleeping MDA anyday. Question---do they normally dose off during surgery or is this an isolated incident. It was my first time in surgery so I really don't know.
  3. by   Sleepy 7
    get a clue.
    There are only a few AA schools.
    and as far as CRNA's most Mostly all hospitals in the world and especially the US will not use them.
    Read the quals for the entrance to CRNA schools.

    Oh and your MD analogy,
    The lowest grad from any school is still an MD.
    Numbers do not MAKE the provider.
    LAst but not least You must be an ICU nurse for a minimum of 1-2 years and not all ICU's qualify. No one gets in without the experience 1st.
  4. by   jwk
    Do y'all realize you're posting on a thread that went on for years, thankfully went dead for 6 months, and you are now replying to posts that may have been made YEARS ago?

    The above post is a perfect example - Athlein made the OP 3 years ago, and hasn't made any posts in over a year.

    36 pages and hundreds of posts - do you really think it's possible that ANYTHING new could be brought to this discussion?

    I'm an AA - and even I want the thread to close!!
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  5. by   aDDctd2sBUX
    Are AA's trained according to the medical model?

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