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SRNA in 2005!

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  1. apaisRN

    I passed!

    Congratulations! All that work and struggle is over!
  2. apaisRN

    Filipino CRNA

    My preceptor today was Filipina. I don't know her story or where she studied nursing, although her English is so good that she must have been here a long time.
  3. apaisRN

    Surgery death blamed on jealous former classmate

    The information provided in the news story does not make it clear that the CRNA deliberately killed the patient. Giving a patient fentanyl in the recovery room is as routine as flushing the toilet! And I've never seen a CRNA ask a surgeon before giving narcotics. Not saying she didn't - but - it's a far-fetched reason to kill someone and I'd want to see some pretty solid evidence.
  4. apaisRN

    Nitrogen Wash Out

    I have NOT been taught that in school or heard it from my preceptors. In fact my professors have emphasized the need to avoid atelectasis and tissue damage by running N2O or air with our O2. Tell me more!
  5. apaisRN

    Reasons NOT to be CRNA

    I think anesthesia is intrinsically more stressful than the job of most NPs and CNSs, although not perhaps of midwives. Your decisions have to be instantaneous, with no time for a friendly consult or room for error. No time to mull it over. No second chances.
  6. apaisRN

    Reasons NOT to be CRNA

    The stress level and pressure are higher than most realize.
  7. apaisRN

    Ephedrine for prevention/treatment of PONV?

    In my very first rotation a preceptor spoke highly of this technique, although we never used it. I was still pretty overwhelmed with figuring out the bed controls so I don't remember her rationale.
  8. apaisRN


    You don't sound like it's what you want to do at all. Tell daddy he should become an anesthetist if it's what HE wants to do.
  9. apaisRN

    SRNAs to Graduate Soon

    I am class of 2007. The class of 2008 started today. It feels very weird that it's been a year and those new juniors are where I was a year ago! I still feel like I don't know anything (much)! Congratulations to the class of 2006 and kudos for staying the course. It must feel unreal, in a very good way. Do something really fun with that first paycheck!
  10. apaisRN

    1 year ICU schools

    I do understand where the longterm ICU nurses are coming from. New ICU RNs require a lot of focused attention and don't stay long if they have anesthesia plans. However, as an SRNA (who worked 2 yrs in the unit) - what else can we do? CRNA programs require one year and often accept after one year. Should I stay in the ICU, working nights for RN wages when I can be advancing myself personally and professionally? The working world is not altruistic and no one enters any unit with a primary goal of making the lives of other nurses easier. Maybe the schools should change the policies. I dunno.
  11. apaisRN

    Why Am I Putting Myself Through This????

    It's a long haul. The sheer length of it is my nemesis. 16 months to go.
  12. apaisRN

    Average Salary

    Just FYI, money can be a touchy subject around here. Some may resent those who express interest in the profession which is perceived to spring from financial considerations alone.
  13. apaisRN

    Looking for guidance from a CRNA??

    Wow - well, if you can do pharmacy school, you will be a shoe-in for admission and success in anesthesia school. Admissions committees will LOVE you! All that science and pharmacology background. Your classmates will beg you for tutoring too. (this pharmacodynamics/kinetics stuff is making MY brain hurt . . . ) Anesthesia pays well but I have no idea what pharmacists make and whether you will gain or lose. Going to school is pricey and once you actually start CRNA school, you will not have a lot of time to work as either an RN or a pharmacist. I am so impressed with your drive - I just hate school (all school) and I don't think I could motivate myself to go back and change careers after I finish with anesthesia. Best of luck!
  14. apaisRN

    CRNA school with children

    Great post, ellarose.
  15. apaisRN

    SRNA clinical skills

    Sheer terror for several months.
  16. apaisRN

    Potential Space and Epidurals

    If the patient is free of risk factors like coagulopathy (hematoma risk) or infection (epidural abcess, very bad) there's really not a lot you can do to seriously hurt someone while placing a spinal or epidural. I was petrified of neuraxial anesthesia and while my skills are still rudimental, I now approach the patient with much less anxiety. Worst case is generally headache or unsuccessful block. An ugly airway, now, that's scary.