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  1. tumescent anesthesia

    Thanks for making my point. I've done anesthesia for liposuction cases since the procedure was developed more than 3 decades ago. Most go well - but I've also seen the overly aggressive high-volume lipo with tumescent anesthesia where things have n...
  2. tumescent anesthesia

    Sorry liponurse - the translation for your post is "lazy surgeon, more interested in money than patient safety". It doesn't matter how rare complications are in your hands. It only takes one and your career is gone. All that's being done here is m...
  3. Do crnas deserve that much salary?

    You know as much about AA's as Jasy appears to know about CRNA's, which is ​nothing.
  4. Of course it's sterile. And this isn't exactly rocket science chemistry. Many years ago when I ran a cellsaver service, we wanted to use the larger 3L bags to rinse the red blood cells which were then re-infused. Back then, I had a letter from the...
  5. Does it bother CRNA's that MDA's get so much more...?

    My large group has never been subsidized. I know quite a few anesthesiologists what work in rural areas, despite the fact that CRNA's are subsidized by the federal government in critical access hospitals and anesthesiologists are not. Your generali...
  6. ET tube questions

    This C-collar thing seems to be a common paramedic thing, but it really doesn't do anything to secure a tube. You will not find a single patient in the ICU or OR with c-collar on to keep a tube from being dislodged. Tape it in properly or use a com...
  7. Providence hospital 'let's go' of 68 crna's sounds fishy

    My guess is there is a whole other side to this story that has not been talked about - what led the hospital to this point that they decided to move the anesthesia contract to a private company? I'll be the first to say I thought the original offer p...
  8. CRNA Practice in SE Florida

    A $10k difference is nothing, considering there is no state income tax in Florida and the cost of living, for the most part, is substantially less than NY. That being said - the main complaint for years has been that the Florida market is more than ...
  9. Suggamadex passes FDA

    The main question in the US will be the cost. If it's cost-prohibitive, which it's rumored to be, it won't get much use.
  10. I'm sorry - there is no such thing as a rural hospital with 200 beds in Georgia. There is no such thing as a rural hospital in Georgia doing hearts, etc. Any hospital within an hour of Atlanta is IN metro Atlanta. Rural is NOT Lagrange, Rome, Gain...
  11. CRNA and patient death

    Like the others indicated - death from anesthesia is extremely rare. Perioperative death due to the patient's presenting condition are much more likely, though also uncommon. Trauma, ruptured aneurysm, fulminant sepsis, and perhaps PE would be amon...
  12. Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    Scary thought. :)Ever hear that old saying about nurses eating their young? You're seeing a classic example in this thread. You're not even a nurse yet, and you're firmly established in a professional career, and yet you're treated as lower than p...
  13. Internal jugular IV

    Although it's just semantics...an IJ catheter is, by definition, a central venous catheter, whether it's with a 3 inch 18ga catheter or a 9FR introducer and everything in between. Treat it as such. Also, it makes no sense to leave a catheter in the ...
  14. UK to USA conversion

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no such thing as a CRNA in the UK. As I recall there are "anesthesia nurses" but their roll is pretty limited.
  15. The Lazy, Lackadaisical MDAs

    "Pre-nursing" and you're worried about CRNA vs MD compensation? Seriously?