Can't pass NCLEX-RN so took PN and passed???


I graduated about a year ago from an ADN program however I've taken the NCLEX-RN 4 times and have not been able to pass. I decided to try taking the PN exam after confirming it w/ my school and took it last week and passed! I feel like it's given me more motivation to go ahead and schedule the RN again! Does anyone think I could possibly pass the RN exam or should I just work as an LPN? I live in WI and there seems like there are not alot of LPN jobs anymore :(

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I would have advised you never to write the PN exam and just go for the RN exam.

I will be more than happy to help you pass the exam, just follow the instructions that are given for my first tip at the top of this forum.

Jobs for LPNs are getting much harder to come by, most facilities are going to RNs and phasing out the LPN. At least in the hospital setting. Those that have been at hospitals as LPNs are being required to go back and get their RN to keep their job all over.

Best of luck to you.


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Congratulations on passing the PN exam! I hope that this taste of success gives you the confidence and push to go on to prepare for the RN exam again. If you can afford it, why not give yourself one more try at the RN exam before you attempt finding work as a PN? You hopefully will be pleasantly suprised this time around and you can save yourself a lot of time and effort in looking for an RN position instead. Good luck on your next test!


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I have taken the boards twice. I am making my third attempt in a few weeks. Many people including my coworkers where suggesting i just sit for LPN boards but..i went to school to be an RN and feel that i cant give up. But at times its hard..especially knowing i have failed twice. I just have to keep on trying i guess.


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zeldajane did you feel like the PN was easier than the RN? I took the PN today, against advice, and had 85 q. I plan to take the RN again, I just didn't have the confidence at this point. If I failed it I wont attempt it again I'll just keep on trying for my RN.


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hey allhrt2rn!

I actually did find the questions not as challenging and felt alot more confident leaving that exam than I did with any of the RN exams I took but then again I think I wasn't as scared to take the PN and felt alot more relaxed so I am not sure if that played a huge role or not. It actually has encouraged me to sign up for the RN again though and give it my all this last time but if it doesn't work out again then atleast I know that I have the LPN under my belt so I'm hoping that will help me to stay calm during the exam as well. I am sure you did well though! I will keep my fingers crossed for you but no matter what don't give up bc we graduated w/ the education and knowledge of Rn's and we will get thru it at some point! I have faith still even though I've failed the RN a numerous amount of times. I've been taking care of my Mother for the past few years, she has been struggling w/ stage four colon cancer and I feel like maybe my brain has not been too focused on the RN exam and I was begining to question nursing overall until my bf's Grandpa endured a major Heart Attack but I was there to take all the right protocols and get him help immediately and he came through and is off to a full recovery, however spending days and nights in the Hospital made me realize how badly I wanted this! Therefore I scheduled the PN exam the next day and took it and passed so maybe this is just what I needed to get my confidence back to take the RN again? I have been just as confused as you and I know how much of an emmotional rollarcoaster ride this has been but maybe it's just making us the stronger ones :) Hang in there!


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WOW!! Here in NY State they just passed as of Jan 08 a rule that those who leave of the RN program (after passing 3rd semester) can no longer sit for the LPN exam.

I even had a friend who graduated back in "04" and sat for the RN exam once and failed...but never went back to retake the RN again..decided to take the LPN (this year) but when she went to go sign up for it...something on the computer told her that she couldn't. So now she is scheduled to take the RN in the next few weeks.


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my adn program won't let sit for LPN either. you have to gradute the RN program. Thanks ZeldaJane, iam awaiting my results and the suspence is killing. I do think I had more confidence for the PN boards and if I pass it will give me even more confidence to sit for RN boards. Lately I have had to much on my shoulders too and can't concentrate. But I think I spent prob 20min during the test praying that the exam would shut off at 85 and I was shocked when it did my heart rate must have went up to 165 min and I felt like I was going to pass out. oh well anytime now Ill find out if it was all worth it!:icon_roll


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the pn was probably easier cuz u finished all the way through rn school. if u had a years more experience above the rn, u'd probably feel more comfortable and pass the rn then but have a hard time with lets say nurse practitioner. remember how when we passed our 1st year of nursing school (able to sit for lpn at that point) but we felt like we didn't know anything, but by the time we finished 2nd year, we felt way more confident and knowledgeable about the previous year. i think u needed that boost and i am glad u took the pn. congrats!!! u'll get the rn soon, probably next time u take it!!!!

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