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  1. warmc1


    i didn't even study for it and i was by no means considered a great student and i passed. it is just common stuff that u know, that u have learned, nothing too bad.
  2. warmc1


    i had to take it in school to graduate, passed the 1st time. it's not that bad. probably harder than the boards, but the boards are more stressful!!!
  3. warmc1

    Can't pass NCLEX-RN so took PN and passed???

    the pn was probably easier cuz u finished all the way through rn school. if u had a years more experience above the rn, u'd probably feel more comfortable and pass the rn then but have a hard time with lets say nurse practitioner. remember how when we passed our 1st year of nursing school (able to sit for lpn at that point) but we felt like we didn't know anything, but by the time we finished 2nd year, we felt way more confident and knowledgeable about the previous year. i think u needed that boost and i am glad u took the pn. congrats!!! u'll get the rn soon, probably next time u take it!!!!
  4. warmc1

    How many questions did you do to pass?

    i think she was asking how many study questions did we do before taking the nclex, right? i studied thousands and i passed the 1st time. good luck.
  5. warmc1

    Nothing is impossible with GOD! my Nclex experience

    3hrs!!!! wow!!! hahaha!!!!u were too busy praying that u didn't read into the questions and screw ur self all up!!!! hahahah!!!! way to go!!!
  6. Kaplan says: give demerol to decrease pain (Qtrainer 6 question 101 what were the other choices? or was this the rationale?
  7. warmc1

    I did alright on the ERI, will I be ready for the NCLEX?

    i did superior on my eri exit test too and i passed, but there is just no way to know. that test is a monster!!! just study, study, study. u have to feel like like u know ur stuff when u go into that test. u r going to start feeling at the last minute that u don't know everything, which u can't. but if u feel like u r ready, u probably r. don't study at all the day before. good luck.
  8. warmc1

    Took NCLEX without studying. Anyone else?

  9. warmc1

    Wanted to share my Nclex-PN horror story..

    see told ya!! congrats!!!
  10. warmc1

    So What Do You Do The Day Before Taking The Test?!

    u do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:nono:
  11. warmc1

    OMG...Please Read!!!

    that is sooo wonderful!!!
  12. warmc1

    Wanted to share my Nclex-PN horror story..

    i know u passed!!!
  13. warmc1

    still waiting for results...:(

    I Think U Passed=)
  14. warmc1

    Did Anyeone Got A Lot Of Repeated Question N Pass?

    I Kept Getting Repeated Ones On Cdiff, I Passed.
  15. 120 in 3 hours, crazy cuz all through school i was always the 1st to finish all test!!!! HAHHAH!!! THE NCLEX FREAKED ME OUT!!!
  16. warmc1

    what should i do to pass the 2nd time?

    i have heard alot of happy ending stories from using suzanne's plan.