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CA BON- I need some help


Hi, (long story)

I am in the process of transferring my RN license from Georgia to California but I am running into so many problems with the board of nursing. I applied for RN endorsement, NPI, and NP furnishing in early February and I submitted all the documents that were required. I emailed them to see if they wanted an official or unofficial transcripts for my undergrad class such as anatomy, physiology, etc but I received a generic email 2 weeks later saying to look on the website. So I called them and long and behold after a 2-hour wait, I got a representative who hung up on me. So I called again the next day and they said I required official transcripts, so I sent them. I called them 2 weeks later to get an update on my process regarding my transcripts since they were electronically emailed to them, they said they will need another 2 weeks since they were " just received". Meanwhile, I sent them one official transcript for my school which contained both my RN and NP classes which will cover the RN/NP application requirement. They cleared me for my NP application but placed a deficiency on my application that I require a permanent RN license in order to get my NP licenses. In addition, they wouldn't use the same transcripts to clear me for my RN deficiency since they require to be official RN transcripts to be sent to the BON. Now here is the kicker, they would not accept my psychology class on human growth and development as a social science requirement and they want me to take a sociology class!!!! they stated, " in order to be an RN in California you need a sociology class". So I asked the representative can you please explain to me in logical terms how a sociology class will help me in my profession? are you telling me after spending 3 years in school, I have to go back to college to take a sociology class which was not required by any of the nursing schools that I applied to, in order to get my license. I literally lost, since I have been waiting on my license for 2 months, I have a job lined up and numerous representatives of the BON tell me that I am cleared and I should receive my license within two weeks. Mind you, I am an NP and sociology will not help me in my profession. I asked the representative if there anyone in the office today? she stated no because of covid everyone is working from home, I asked for her supervisor's phone number and she said could only provide me her email.

So guys what can I do I am literally losing it, I am afraid that I lose my job, I don't want to go back to college since I have to pay off my debt and I lost my money applying to the board of nursing bec there is no way they'll give me back my money.

MentalKlarity, BSN, NP

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This is not surprising. It is well known that licensure in California is a nightmare and can take some people upwards of 6 months to a year for completion. It sucks but that's how it is there for some reason. It's why many employers want you to have a CA license before application. Good luck!!

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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California has very specific educational requirements for pre-licensure/RN education. Many US-educated nurses from other states and international-educated nurses have been told of deficiencies in their nursing program in the past and have been denied RN licensure until the deficiencies are rectified. Did you take any social science undergrad course other than Psychology that can meet the requirement? You may need assistance from your school of nursing to justify or vouch for you that you did have the required courses.

Sorry you're having such a hard time. California is unique for sure, which can be very frustrating! I don't have any suggestions or tips for you except just keep plugging along, if you can stomach it and can be patient. 

subee, MSN, CRNA

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If you are going to an area with high needs,  I would contact that state representative of that area to intervene for you.