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  1. kevinm23

    HRSA Score vs Job

    Hi, I received a HRSA scholarship back in 2018 and recently landed a job as a primary care provider with a score of 19. After accepting this offer, the coordinator that was assigned to my case emailed me to let me know that the site would not qualify for my contract since the national primary score is now 20 but I am allowed to work there to see COVID related patients and manage their care until the pandemic is over. After the pandemic is over, I will have to look for another job. I have asked multiple times to see if they can make an exception in my case to allow me to work in this clinic with a score of 19 since I can not find a clinic with a score of 20 in my area or even around the area that would satisfy their requirement. In addition, I have applied to more than 25 jobs and only a couple email/called me back. The clinic that hired me is willing to mentor me and alter the patient schedule to help accommodate my religious observance. I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on how I should approach this situation or if there is someone I should communicate with who can help make this exception. I spent over an hour on the phone speaking to them and discussing how I can't move from my area due to my health and how this job will help me become a better provider but it seems that they would not budge. So if anyone can give me some advice or tips I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  2. kevinm23

    CA BON- I need some help

    Hi, (long story) I am in the process of transferring my RN license from Georgia to California but I am running into so many problems with the board of nursing. I applied for RN endorsement, NPI, and NP furnishing in early February and I submitted all the documents that were required. I emailed them to see if they wanted an official or unofficial transcripts for my undergrad class such as anatomy, physiology, etc but I received a generic email 2 weeks later saying to look on the website. So I called them and long and behold after a 2-hour wait, I got a representative who hung up on me. So I called again the next day and they said I required official transcripts, so I sent them. I called them 2 weeks later to get an update on my process regarding my transcripts since they were electronically emailed to them, they said they will need another 2 weeks since they were " just received". Meanwhile, I sent them one official transcript for my school which contained both my RN and NP classes which will cover the RN/NP application requirement. They cleared me for my NP application but placed a deficiency on my application that I require a permanent RN license in order to get my NP licenses. In addition, they wouldn't use the same transcripts to clear me for my RN deficiency since they require to be official RN transcripts to be sent to the BON. Now here is the kicker, they would not accept my psychology class on human growth and development as a social science requirement and they want me to take a sociology class!!!! they stated, " in order to be an RN in California you need a sociology class". So I asked the representative can you please explain to me in logical terms how a sociology class will help me in my profession? are you telling me after spending 3 years in school, I have to go back to college to take a sociology class which was not required by any of the nursing schools that I applied to, in order to get my license. I literally lost, since I have been waiting on my license for 2 months, I have a job lined up and numerous representatives of the BON tell me that I am cleared and I should receive my license within two weeks. Mind you, I am an NP and sociology will not help me in my profession. I asked the representative if there anyone in the office today? she stated no because of covid everyone is working from home, I asked for her supervisor's phone number and she said could only provide me her email. So guys what can I do I am literally losing it, I am afraid that I lose my job, I don't want to go back to college since I have to pay off my debt and I lost my money applying to the board of nursing bec there is no way they'll give me back my money.
  3. kevinm23


    Hi, I need some advice from my fellow nurses. I am a new FNP graduate and I am thinking of becoming a CRNA. A little about myself I recently graduated from a rigorous brick/mortar school with BSN/MSN with an FNP degree with no bedside experience. Before you jump on the bandwagon and rebuke me for not having RN experience let me explain myself I always wanted to become an FNP so I forgo my bedside experience to pursue this dream. In addition, I am a HRSA scholar so I was unable to stop my MSN degree since I received a scholarship that helped fund my schooling. Towards the end of my FNP program, I started to have these thoughts of pursuing my CRNA but I knew I had to go back to being a bedside nurse. The problem is that since I don't have any bedside experience I am afraid that no hospitals will hire me. What should I do to make myself more marketable?
  4. Hi, I am currently trying to transfer my RN license from GA to MD and I am having a really hard time. I have sent them emails and called the MDBON and no one is answering. Has anyone transferred their RN license from GA to MD? can someone please help
  5. kevinm23

    Switch from GA to MD RN License

    Hi I am currently trying to transfer my RN license to MD and I was wondering how you guys did it? since everything is close and no one is answering their phone or emails.
  6. kevinm23

    Tips to impress your preceptor?

    Hi y'all, I am currently in FNP school and I am about to start my rotations( urgent care, primary care, psych, etc) and I was wondering if you guys can give me any tips to impress my preceptor? Thank you!!!
  7. kevinm23


    Hey guys, I am about to start studying for the nclex but i first have to past the ati and i was juust wondering what works for you? do you guys just the read the book? do you guys only do practice questions? I know everyone has diffrent study habits so i am open to anything. thank you for your ideas!
  8. kevinm23

    Critical thinking

    thank you guys for your input so as i was going through different example of critical thinking i came up with different questions to ask myself here there are. please let me know what you guys think of these questions and if i should change any of them or tweak it What is the CC? What did the doctor diagnose the pt with? And how does it relate to the symptom? How are we the treating the symptoms of the pt? Does the pt have any past medical history? And if so, are they taking any medications to help with PMH? What is the current problem(pathophysiology)? And why do we want to solve this problem(what can it lead to)? What is the priority for the patients? And why is this a priority over the other problems the pt is presenting? What are the goals for this pt? what are your goals for the pt? think critically What assessment will be done on this pt? What is the status of the pt- incontinence, can't walk, pain, any dietary cautions? Ask nurse and pt Is there anything else that I should know about my pt before I walk into their room?
  9. kevinm23

    Critical thinking

    Thank you so much do you guys think doing case studies will help me develope critical thinking? And if you do, do you know are I can find a book of cases? Bec I have been searching google and I only found a couple of cases
  10. kevinm23

    Critical thinking

    Hey guys I am having a hard time developing my critical thinking skills in a clinical scenario and I wanted to know what you would recommend to help me get better at it
  11. kevinm23

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    Are you sure? Bec the representives couldn't give me a straight answer
  12. kevinm23

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    My parents helped me pay for my education by taking out parent plus loans will the NHSC pay for what my parents took out?
  13. kevinm23


    Yes I called and that is what they told me
  14. kevinm23


    They will be letting us know regarding the scholarships either this week or next week
  15. kevinm23

    Umass Worcester fall 2018 GEP

    I got accepted today!!!
  16. kevinm23

    Yale GEPN 2018

    Same here for FNP!