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  1. RNADN

    What happened to the post masters certificates?

    The University of South Alabama. I'm in the program now and have had a good experience so far.
  2. Hi, my nurse friends- I'm looking to move back home to NY after 20 years in Los Angeles. I'm finishing up my FNP right now and wondering what the job market is like in the Hudson Valley. I also have my MSN-Ed, with a year of clinical teaching experience and a background in NICU. I teach and still work in NICU (love those little guys!). I love both my jobs here, but it's time to move closer to family. Any suggestions on where to start looking? I appreciate any help, thanks!
  3. RNADN

    Anyone work only per diem with an agency?

    I'm thinking of doing the same thing in Los Angeles. I have two years NICU but only want to do 2 shifts per week since I also have an unrelated home business. I'm looking into agencies right now too, so maybe we can compare information!
  4. RNADN

    Portland Job Market

    Great, thanks for the reply. Yup, I have 2.5 years of experience in NICU and Mother/Baby. I was thinking of traveling nursing up there at first since I don't really know much about the area. Would you have any recommendations for good places to work? Thanks!
  5. RNADN

    Portland Job Market

    I'm hearing that the Portland market for RNs is extremely tight. Is this true?
  6. RNADN

    Post-Masters FNP Online

    I'm looking for recommendations on Post-Master's FNP programs. Any recommendations? I already have my clinical hours commitment under an MD set up, so that isn't an issue. Would anyone like to share their experience with this? Any information would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. Hi hi, Finally decided to move to Portland from Los Angeles. I'm a day shift NICU RN with three years of experience, 2 years in Level 3 NICU. Also just finishing my MSN in Education. What are the chances of finding a Day NICU position in or around Portland? My husband and toddler lost their minds when I was working nights, so I'm wondering what the possibility of finding a day shift would be. Is it impossible? I love my job now and really don't want to leave, but I can't stand living in Southern California anymore! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  8. RNADN

    WGU MSN (education) post-graduate certificate?

    I'm finishing my MSN in Education from WGU right now and researching the Post Masters FNP programs as well. Looking for something of quality and not too insanely expensive.
  9. RNADN

    Quitting NICU

    Thanks for responding, I appreciate the support. I still love my little patients, but I'm looking into other options right now. I truly love taking care of the little ones, but I don't like the high-stress level of taking care of the really sick ones, especially when I feel like all we are doing is prolonging their suffering. Maybe it's because I haven't had a proper orientation to do this work. I'm finishing my MSN in Education and thinking about becoming an FNP in the next couple of years. I originally wanted to become an NNP, but this experience has changed my mind. I'm not expecting the FNP to be easy, but I think I'd like to try something outside of critical care. Once you're in NICU though, it seems like it's hard to transition elsewhere.
  10. RNADN

    Quitting NICU

    I've been an RN for 2 years and a NICU nurse for 1 1/2 years. I received an excellent orientation at a large teaching hospital where I worked for the first year, and I felt confident of my skills. I worked in Level II and Level III. When I switched to night shift, my commute became 2 hours each way, and I had to find something closer to home. I accepted a day position in a smaller community NICU closer to home, and although the commute was better, the facility has been a nightmare from day one. I was given a month orientation with five different preceptors, and most of them were completely disinterested and barely talked to me. I had to finally go to my director to get them to fill out the necessary paperwork, because they would just ignore me. There were so many bad signs this was a bad unit, but I was trying to make it work. I wanted to resign after three weeks, and they convinced me to stay. I've been there six months now and I've lost all my confidence. Most of the time on the unit the nurses speak in another language to each other and I feel really alienated. I feel completely terrified to go into work, because I have to rely on them and most the time I can't understand what they are saying. The charting is awful and doesn't work half the time, the unit is completely disorganized, and the acuity level is insane because we do all the births for the Children's Hospital next door. I'm terrified to do even one more shift. How do I bow out gracefully? I am seriously considering leaving the bedside because of this experience. I love my patients, but if I accept a job at another facility, I'll be back on nights, which was really traumatic for my young daughter. The stress of this job is taking over my entire life and hurting my family. I'm sad to leave the NICU and my babies, but I can't stand this sort of hell anymore. Anyone been through this sort of thing?
  11. I'm a NICU nurse with 2 years experience, 1 1/2 of those in a Level III NICU. I'm currently working in a place that is run pretty terribly, and I'd like to see what other places are like to work in. I took the job because it was day shift, and didn't realize the working conditions were so poor. I know the place I'm working in must be pretty terrible compared to other NICUs in the are because all the travelers that come once refuse to return. I just want more flexibility and less drama, so I was thinking of trying agency nursing. Anyone out there work for a good agency in Los Angeles they would recommend? Thanks!
  12. RNADN

    Santa Fe or Albuquerque from LA?

    I tried to figure out how to message you, but I don't have that feature. Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry for the late response, I've been working. We are headed out to Santa Fe for a vacation, so I was thinking of doing some research while there. Which hospitals would you recommend? Any places I should steer clear of? I'm working day shift right now and have most of my career. I have a little one and have found nights don't work for the family. Are day shift positions impossible to get? Thanks, any advice is much appreciated!
  13. RNADN

    Santa Fe or Albuquerque from LA?

    Goodness, thanks so much!
  14. RNADN

    Santa Fe or Albuquerque from LA?

    Thinking of leaving SoCal for a quieter life and less people. A non-nursing friend moved to New Mexico and loves it, so we are going to visit and check it out. I'm a NICU nurse with two years of experience in high acuity, inner city hospitals. I have a BSN and I will have finished my MSN in Education by the time we move, but I'm not leaving the floor or my babies for a while. Any NICU RNs here that work in New Mexico? Any advice on good hospitals to look into? Do you like living and working there? Any advice would really be appreciated, thanks!
  15. Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it. I'm so glad to hear that this route worked for you, I find it very encouraging. May I ask you where you did your FNP? I'm currently working in NICU, but I'm finding the stress of critical care and the fact that I can't adjust well to night shift is making me feel trapped. Although I love working with babies, I'm not cut out for years of night shifts, which is also why I'm not going for the NNP. I'm on days right now, but I took such a huge pay cut that I feels like I'm working for the experience right now. I'm in Los Angeles, and the cost of living here is sky high. I'm hoping the MSN will open up some new possibilities, and I really want the intellectual challenge. I'm also really looking forward to gaining the education from the FNP and being more autonomous. Thanks again!
  16. I graduated in 2015 with my ADN, earned my BSN a year later and am currently about to enter WGU's MSN Education program. I've been working in NICU for a year an a half, and Mother/Baby before that. My goal is to become an FNP. I chose to return to WGU for the MSN because I enjoyed my experience with my BSN, and was able to complete it in one semester and pay for it out of pocket.I am planning on doing a Post-Masters NP. I'm worried that I might be making a mistake not going directly into an NP program. I chose to continue with WGU because I thought that I might want to teach later in life, and I thought getting the MSN portion of the NP out of the way right now would be feasible. I begin my MSN at the end of the month. Am I making a horrible mistake not directly pursuing an NP? Has anyone else done this route? Am I taking on way more education than I need to achieve my end goal? Any advice would be really appreciated!!!!

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