Santa Fe or Albuquerque from LA?

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Thinking of leaving SoCal for a quieter life and less people. A non-nursing friend moved to New Mexico and loves it, so we are going to visit and check it out. I'm a NICU nurse with two years of experience in high acuity, inner city hospitals. I have a BSN and I will have finished my MSN in Education by the time we move, but I'm not leaving the floor or my babies for a while. Any NICU RNs here that work in New Mexico? Any advice on good hospitals to look into? Do you like living and working there? Any advice would really be appreciated, thanks!

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I actually am from Albuquerque and moved to SoCal a few years back! Before moving I worked at the University of New Mexico Hospital in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and I loved it there! That's where I started as a new grad. They also have a Intermediate Care Nursery at UNMH.

Other NICUs in Albuquerque are at Presbyterian Hospital and Lovelace Hospitals. I can't speak for those since I didn't work there.

I am not sure if Santa Fe has any NICUs, I would expect the larger NICUs to be either at UNMH or Presbyterian. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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Goodness, thanks so much!

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I tried to figure out how to message you, but I don't have that feature. :( Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry for the late response, I've been working.

We are headed out to Santa Fe for a vacation, so I was thinking of doing some research while there. Which hospitals would you recommend? Any places I should steer clear of?

I'm working day shift right now and have most of my career. I have a little one and have found nights don't work for the family. Are day shift positions impossible to get?

Thanks, any advice is much appreciated!

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