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  1. db2xs

    Need help- got into NP school

    Do you have the option to do the classes part-time? You could work full-time for the majority of the time and then switch to part-time. I've already shared about this on AN but I went to school part-time and worked full-time for two years, then switched to part-time work the last year for clinicals. I was able to pay my tuition in full out of pocket and have no zero debt. I also had zero life for three years and it sucked but it was worth it to me in the end knowing that I wouldn't be strapped with an ugly student loan for years. If you think about it, if we continue on the trajectory/thought that we will be retiring around age 70 (64 is no longer the norm for most people these days), you have another good 20 years ahead of you of work. Two, three years is just a drop in the bucket. I don't know what the job market is like in Pennsylvania. I live and work in California and made significantly more my first year of NP school than I could have dreamt of working as an RN and could easily recoup 80k within 5-7 years.
  2. db2xs

    Eureka, CA - safe place?

    Hi. I don't know Eureka but I do know Arcata, which is super close (appx 10 miles), super cute, and a college town. Remember that you don't have to live in Eureka! It is very foggy, rainy, and cold up in that area but it is gorgeous with all the redwoods. Just like FullGlass said, Eureka is like any town: Good and bad areas. You can get a better idea after you visit and talk to more people. Good luck!
  3. db2xs

    BSN to FNP or MSN to FNP

    I am not understanding your original post. Maybe you mean should you get a general master's degree vs an MSN that would take you along the NP route? I know several RNs who have their general master's and are not NPs. You cannot "skip" the master's portion in NP school: You can either become an APRN or just stay as an RN with your general master's. Ultimately, if you know you want to be an NP and want to "save time," just go to NP school--you'll get your MSN at the same time. If you are not sure what you want to do with your master's degree, perhaps just do a general master's. That could leave it open for you to decide later on whether you want to do education, CNS, NP, or CNM (I purposely left out CRNA).
  4. Where are you working that you have to pay for it yourself? Are you in education?
  5. db2xs

    Resigning from first NP job...

    Everyone here keeps saying two weeks but I would check with your contract just in case. My current job requires me to give 30 days' notice and as Juan de la Cruz stated, you probably want to leave your situation on good terms.
  6. db2xs

    About FNP 🤔

    I think you are fine to specialize on one thing. I suggest you reach out to or join a specific professional organization to find out about certification. The only "concern" about doing FNP is if you really want to do acute/critical care. Check this link out: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/gastroenterology_hepatology/education_training/nurse_practitioner_fellowship_program.html And this one: https://gastro.org/aga-leadership/initiatives-and-programs/nurse-practitioner-and-physician-assistant-resource-center/
  7. db2xs

    NP Competency After Graduation

    I personally LOVE The Curbsiders. It is primary care but they also cover hospital medicine as well. https://thecurbsiders.com Their older episodes are great, and I used to listen to them in NP school. I learned a ton from them, more than in school, for sure.
  8. db2xs

    Is it worth it to be an NP?

    @Polly Peptide I'm going to send you a private message
  9. First of all, I want to say that I feel very sorry that you have to be going through this. Are you a union member? If so, can you ask the help of the union representative to either help go over the contract or to get an attorney? Contracts use a lot of convoluted language and can be confusing, so while yes, it is imperative you sit down and read it carefully, I suggest sitting down and reading it carefully with someone who can "decode" the confusing language. Beth also makes a good point: Are you prepared to pay back $15,000? Talk to the lawyer/union rep about that as well and see what your options are.
  10. db2xs

    Psychedelic Nursing

    I didn't realize that there was a Psychedelic Nursing section--this is great. @Mywords1 I hear your concern about bad experiences on entheogens and it makes sense. There is a lot of crap medicine out there and people don't have someone trained to guide them through a healing session. The problem with hallucinogens being a Schedule I is that we can't do more extensive research, we can't regulate adulterated medicine that is being put out into the public, etc. @dallasmiss makes a good point: the MDMA and LSD that are on the street right now can be compared to street fentanyl that is being mixed with god-only-knows, which is *not* what is being given in a clinical setting. Ketamine is the only psychedelic that is legal right now--it is a Schedule III. It has helped people with depression, a nice discovery surgeons made after patients with depression came out of surgery/anesthesia. MDMA is on compassionate use only at the moment and as things progress, will probably be administered in a clinical setting only. I feel very excited by this emerging field and am glad to know about you @EntheoNurse!
  11. db2xs

    RN experience before WHNP Career

    Looks like I misread your question. I thought you meant you've already worked in L&D but that was two years ago. From a practical point of view, once you graduate it would be better to look for an NP job, not an RN job, L&D experience or not.
  12. db2xs

    RN experience before WHNP Career

    While I am not a WHNP, I would imagine that a prospective employer for a first job would appreciate any experience you have in anything women-related.
  13. db2xs

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    I worked my tail off during school and paid cash/out of pocket. I had zero life for three years but it was so worth it knowing I wouldn't have years of indentured servitude for years on end. I would imagine most NP jobs would not pay off your tuition unless it were for Indian Health Services or something of that nature. And you would have to be wiling to move to a rural setting to do this, which it sounds like you are.
  14. The OP has not responded to anyone's comments. I feel curious if they plan to.
  15. db2xs

    Do you have your own malpractice insurance?

    No! I will check it out. Thank you!
  16. db2xs

    Another Quitter

    OP, I would like to say that what you decided makes a lot of sense. You want to protect your family and loved ones first, which is totally reasonable and what matters the most at the end of the day. Hearing this, I wonder if you might think about relabeling yourself as a preserver or saver instead of a quitter. Who are you letting down? Not your family, that's for sure. Big virtual hug to you for caring!

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