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  1. db2xs

    NP Salaries

    Adult-Gero Primary Care. I'm also certified in palliative care and hospice (CHPN).
  2. db2xs


    I only used two books: The Core Curriculum book and another one published by HPNA that only had questions and case studies. I passed this month. To be honest, I didn't study a ton. I would say know your med conversions for sure, disease presentations, and symptom mgmt. The rest is self-evident.
  3. db2xs

    Best way to advance career in Oncology Nursing

    Hi Arielle. Congrats to you early on your impending graduation! You say that you're interested in oncology, and oncology is very broad. And there are so many different things you can do in oncology as a nurse. Patient education, patient coordinator, clinical nurse specialist, infusion nurse, bone marrow transplants, just to name a few. The question I'm wondering is: What interests you more specifically? You could have a satisfying career in oncology by just staying as a registered nurse. If you're more interested in prescribing and/or doing procedures such as bone marrow biopsies or skin biopsies, etc., you can become an NP. If you're more interested in being an knowledge expert in oncology and want to teach other nurses, you can be a clinical nurse specialist. So many different roles! And then within oncology, you can focus on solid tumors or on liquid tumors, or you can do rad-onc, surgical oncology, etc. So many things!
  4. db2xs

    New DNP mandate

    As per the above, I am guessing that you feel angry and annoyed but I don't think that justifies assuming that all new RNs/NP students don't care and that they only want to be called doctor. Everyone has their own reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree.
  5. db2xs

    What's the nicest compliment you've gotten as a nurse?

    "You helped save my life."
  6. db2xs

    Are B's good grades in nursing school?

    I got into grad school with a 3.45 GPA. My grad school considers passing to be 83% overall which is ... yes, a B. Unless you're super achievement-oriented and "need" to get into Sigma Theta Tau or prove something to someone (which, btw, you don't), Bs are hunky dory.
  7. Just to let everyone know, the second question the interviewer asked me was, "Are you in school?" LOL There's only so much lying that I could do in this interview because I have already been working in this institution for four years and other people I've been working with know that I've been in school. It would have been different if I interviewed at a totally different place.
  8. What about explaining why I can only work certain days of the week and not other?
  9. Did they know that you were an NP/were about to graduate?
  10. When I'm doing clinicals and therefore can only work certain days of the week, that is difficult to explain. If you have some suggestions for that, that would be great, thanks. I understand that telling an occasional white lie sometimes can slide, but when I have to start making up lies to cover up my other lies, then that becomes something else.
  11. Me neither. I figure the way around that is getting a per diem job, but then that leaves me stranded for health insurance ...
  12. db2xs

    There has to be more besides indeed.com for NP job searches??!

    I also get emails from AANP with jobs.
  13. db2xs

    San Francisco Living as an RN?

    The weather is temperate almost all year round (except June/July, unless you live in the East Bay), there is gorgeous nature surrounding the whole area, people are liberal and fun-loving, food is great--the list goes on. When something is high in demand, it costs more. SF has always been a little more expensive than other cities because of all the nice things about it. Recently, however, the main reason why it's so expensive is because of all the tech businesses that decided to call that area their home. That has really driven up prices excessively.
  14. db2xs

    Audio resources during school

    thecurbsiders.com is a podcast that is ... the best. I am totally addicted. It is three internists who have weekly podcasts with special guest speakers on all things primary care. It has helped me so much.
  15. db2xs

    Men not helpful

    Still waiting to hear from OP.