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  1. Acute Care NPs - To do a residency or not?

    If I had had the opportunity to do a residency/fellowship, I would have jumped at the chance. NP school and clinicals are weak and paltry and barely prepare you for anything. MDs have to go through their training period that pays jack as well, it's a...
  2. What to do with lab coats after leaving job

    I would personally just leave it at the work place and let them deal with it
  3. Does Palliative Care Limit Career Path?

    I'm a certified hospice/palliative care NP. I am going to add my two cents' worth. For sure you should have a general education/knowledge on palliative care. Every specialty needs to know about it. Whether you want to get into specialty palliative ca...
  4. Schedule and pay for a home hospice NP

    @GEB16 I worked in hospice for two years out of NP school. I was full-time. I will answer your Qs individually below. More or less, yes. I would start looking at charts at 06:00 in the home but after an hour, I would take 1.5 hours to eat bre...
  5. California NPF Requirements

    The California pharm "class" is easy peasy. I had to do it. It's not really a class.
  6. Gift Idea for Preceptor?

    I've given gift cards, a cute mug that said, "Doctor: Because Everyday Badass isn't an Official Job Title," and alcohol. Gift cards as usually safe bets.
  7. Agism as New Psych NP?

    While I am not a PMHNP, I can tell you about my NP coworker who is 68. From what I could deduce, she went to NP school at 61 years old.
  8. CA BON- I need some help

    Sorry you're having such a hard time. California is unique for sure, which can be very frustrating! I don't have any suggestions or tips for you except just keep plugging along, if you can stomach it and can be patient.
  9. NP specialty with the most patient time?

    Hospice and palliative care: 1-2 hrs for initial visit. Shortest visits average 30 minutes
  10. New FNP- Hospice...Thoughts? Advice?

    I worked as a hospice NP for two years for my first job. I did more than just hospice recertifications (NPs do not do initial certifications)--I served as attending provider, I did medication deprescription visits, symptom mgmt visits, initial compre...
  11. Hospice NP asked to perform RN visits?

    You are an NP, they are hiring you as an NP. Do not work as an RN. That would be like hiring a contract MD and then asking them to do MA work from time to time.
  12. ACHPN exam?

    Good for you! Chin up! I'm taking it the end of this month.
  13. Best review book for 2019 ANCC exam

    One word: Leik
  14. Can a Nurse Practitioner become an Art therapist?

    Of course you could be an art therapist with a nursing degree. However, if you are hired as an art therapist, I imagine you will not be able to work as a nurse, unless you can create your own position and have your own business. That would be pretty ...
  15. What is your opinion on "calling in sick" when not really sick?

    I don't work as an RN anymore but it is really no one's business to judge if a coworker calls out. We don't know what's going on with them. Maybe their child is causing problems at school. Maybe they're going through an ugly divorce. Maybe they are h...