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  1. db2xs

    Schedule and pay for a home hospice NP

    @GEB16 I worked in hospice for two years out of NP school. I was full-time. I will answer your Qs individually below. More or less, yes. I would start looking at charts at 06:00 in the home but after an hour, I would take 1.5 hours to eat breakfast, get ready, etc., and I'd see my last patient at 15:00 most of the time. As long as I fulfilled my hours, at least at my agency it didn't matter when I worked (although they discouraged crazy after-hours, I did it anyway). Until I got used to the job, my work/life balance wasn't great. Thankfully as an NP, I had better control over my schedule than the RNs did. For a starting job, my pay was great. It paid more than a clinic job that I had applied for, and since I was hourly, any OT was time and a half. I did not have to be on call or work holidays. I also served as attending provider--that's what brings in the money, because we can bill. Anything else was not billable. Mileage was paid for but at less than the Federal rate (which, btw, is only a suggestion; your employer doesn't have to match it). My supervisor was not onsite, which had its pluses and minuses. If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help.
  2. db2xs

    California NPF Requirements

    The California pharm "class" is easy peasy. I had to do it. It's not really a class.
  3. db2xs

    Gift Idea for Preceptor?

    I've given gift cards, a cute mug that said, "Doctor: Because Everyday Badass isn't an Official Job Title," and alcohol. Gift cards as usually safe bets.
  4. db2xs

    Agism as New Psych NP?

    While I am not a PMHNP, I can tell you about my NP coworker who is 68. From what I could deduce, she went to NP school at 61 years old.
  5. db2xs

    CA BON- I need some help

    Sorry you're having such a hard time. California is unique for sure, which can be very frustrating! I don't have any suggestions or tips for you except just keep plugging along, if you can stomach it and can be patient.
  6. db2xs

    NP specialty with the most patient time?

    Hospice and palliative care: 1-2 hrs for initial visit. Shortest visits average 30 minutes
  7. db2xs

    New FNP- Hospice...Thoughts? Advice?

    I worked as a hospice NP for two years for my first job. I did more than just hospice recertifications (NPs do not do initial certifications)--I served as attending provider, I did medication deprescription visits, symptom mgmt visits, initial comprehensive visits, goals of care visits, and visits to actively dying patients. Your duties depend on your individual hospice agency. I know some hospice agencies that only want the NP to do recerts and some symptom mgmt stuff and that's it. That doesn't sit well with me because I cannot work to the full scope of my practice. @FNP_Yari I suggest reading up on regulations, etc., on websites such as NHPCO, HPNA. HPNA also has CEs.
  8. db2xs

    Hospice NP asked to perform RN visits?

    You are an NP, they are hiring you as an NP. Do not work as an RN. That would be like hiring a contract MD and then asking them to do MA work from time to time.
  9. db2xs

    ACHPN exam?

    Good for you! Chin up! I'm taking it the end of this month.
  10. db2xs

    Best review book for 2019 ANCC exam

    One word: Leik
  11. db2xs

    Can a Nurse Practitioner become an Art therapist?

    Of course you could be an art therapist with a nursing degree. However, if you are hired as an art therapist, I imagine you will not be able to work as a nurse, unless you can create your own position and have your own business. That would be pretty awesome!
  12. db2xs

    NP Student, highly wanting to do med school?

    This or this might be better. The JAMA article requires a subscription.
  13. Whatever you end up choosing to do, I want to point out that age should *never* be an issue. Carl Allamby just graduated medical school at age 47. If it's not too late, I would complain to your school about your instructor. Her behaviour is unacceptable. If your classmates are wiling to vouch for you, then even better.
  14. db2xs

    APRN in scrubs?

    Pre-pandemic, I wore scrubs only on Fridays to match the casual Friday thing. Now I wear scrubs 99.9% of the time because I do direct patient care and like Juan said, I don't want to wash my nice clothes all the time. If you end up at a job where you're doing telemedicine visits almost all the time, then I imagine you can just wear a nice top and get away with that.
  15. db2xs

    Questioning My Future While in NP School

    @SN2751 I will send you a PM
  16. db2xs

    NP Student, highly wanting to do med school?

    @RNAudrey123 I already responded to your original post and wanted to point your attention to this article from JAMA about Carl Allamby, MD, who owned an auto repair shop for 25 years and has recently graduated from medical school at age 47! Never let age be a deterrent 🙂