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BSN in Psych

LouisVRN specializes in Med/Surg.

I have one credit left to take for my BSN in psychology which I did concurrently with my nursing BSN, except when during my first rotation of nursing clinicals I found out I was pregnant and decided I would not take the last class until after finishing my nursing degree. Now two years later I am struggling to find the motivation to go back and take the one class I need. Do you think having a BSN in Psychology would be something to put on a resume and help you in anyway if I'm not planning to work in psych nursing?

roser13 specializes in Med/Surg, Ortho, ASC.

I don't know that it would help you all that much in nursing to have that degree. Especially if you have no interest in psych nursing.

But truly....won't you look back in future years and say "oh man, if I had only taken that one last class, I would have had that degree?"

Midwest4me specializes in A myriad of specialties.

I have a BS in Psychology and am an LPN. It's a good all-around 4-year degree but only one employer ever paid me the differential(nearly 5%) for having the 4-yr degree. In fact I returned to that employer years later and did NOT get the differential; I was told: "We changed those rules years ago. If you were an RN NOW with the additional BS in Psych, THEN we'd pay you the differential." Hmmm.....

LouisVRN specializes in Med/Surg.

A BSN in psych or a BA in psych?

It would be a BS in Psychology, I already have my BSN :)

grandmawrinkle specializes in adult ICU.

There was a recent thread on this from someone else that was looking at getting a BA/BS in psych.

A lot of us that have dual degrees have this combination (self included) -- per my opinion and that of other posters in the threads I've seen, it doesn't really do you much good in nursing if you have an extra degree, unless you want to work in psych specifically, and then you might have a very narrow advantage.

You might not want to go back and get it just because you've been out of school for a while, but with ONE class -- just do it. It's not going to hurt you, and with that little investment on your part, I don't see the harm.

I have a BS in Psych - biggest waste of a degree ever :) I can't tell ya a single thing I learned... but for one class I'd do it.

Larry77 specializes in Trauma/ED.

Like running a marathon but stopping at the last turn and going home...why not just finish???

AgentBeast specializes in Cardiology and ER Nursing.

I have a BS in Psych - biggest waste of a degree ever :) I can't tell ya a single thing I learned... but for one class I'd do it.

Yeah a BS/BA in psychology is pretty much worthless in the marketplace. If you want to get an actual job in that field a Masters degree is required.

sistasoul specializes in neuro/ortho med surge 4.

With just one class left I would definitely do it. Do it when you are ready. If you have just graduated from school I can fully understand why you don't want to take that one class. I graduated in 2008 with my ADN. Was so burnt out I did not want to ever deal with school again. I started back to school this year after swearing I would never set foot in another class room again. Give yourself time. Things look and feel different with time. Plus, you never know what doors having that degree will open for you in the future. I have a business degree and I know that degree helped me get into a very competitive community college to get my RN.

LouisVRN specializes in Med/Surg.

Wow! I wish I made enough to throw away money like that!

I had a full ride educational Scholarship, they paid for all my classes and I had some additional Scholarships that covered all the books/rent etc. Before I got married/pregnant and had my son I used to take 25 credits a semester, so it wasn't really a waste of money. I did learn a lot and a lot of it has been useful at my current job.

Wow! I wish I made enough to throw away money like that!

Money spent on education is never wasted. Viewing it as such says quite a lot.


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