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LouisVRN is a RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. Standing up to MDs - consequences?

    i don't think so. Although this has several answers. First of all imo you have to develop a good relationship with the doctors, and also deliver good quality care to their patients. Second you have to be willing to explain your thinking to the doctor...
  2. Becoming an ICU nurse

    I have worked med-surg for the past 4 years, and have loved it. I am currently a med-surg charge nurse and getting to the point where i need a change. I feel like the unit i have been on, while home, and I are going in different directions. The push ...
  3. Diagnoses you never thought you'd see?

    SJS, Serotonin Syndrome, and Werncike-Korsakoff's Encephalopathy, as well as 2 cases of Adrenal insufficiency/
  4. Need to interview nurse supervisor for scholarship

    You can send it to me, I'm a charge nurse.
  5. Where would I be a good fit?

    I've done Med/Surg for almost 4 years and have been a charge nurse for about 6 months. I don't have any intent on leaving my unit for at least another couple of years, we are in that time going to get trained on Telemetry as they are going to start d...
  6. How did you *know* your specialty and when?

    I always wanted to work OB in school, but was offered a med/surg job and took it out of school. I've been there for 4 years this September and am now a charge nurse and love it. Every now and then I wonder if I'd like anything else as much.
  7. Rapid Response - primary RN

    Oh yeah as charge its super annoying to have the icu charge rn, house sup and swat nurse there asking questions about the pt and have to pretty much run after the primary nurse who is trying to leave to go chart or when their questions are met with s...
  8. Rapid Response - primary RN

    In a Rapid Response what is the primary RN's responsibility at your facility? I am working on this as a project as during several of our recent RR on the floor the primary RN has left the charge nurse to conduct the RR while they see the rest of thei...
  9. Tips for a new nurse going into ICU

    I don't work ICU. I'm a Med/Surg Charge nurse. But we get to see the intensivists/ICU charge nurses whenever there is a rapid response/code. And what I've learned is this...ask a lot of questions. Most of them have been doing it for years and welcome...
  10. Stopping patient care for another patient

    I agree with this. Pt A wanted pain medication. Once they received that they probably would not have minded if you reassessed their vitals, repositioned them, etc when you went back to reassess your pain after medicating patient B. I have had one pa...
  11. What NOT to do as a new RN.

    On a related note, as a new grad I once was taking care of a pt with an AKA and on a heparin gtt. My shift was over, pt and I had a good night and developed a good relationship, so when he said he'd like to get back to bed during bedside report i tol...
  12. A question to nurses with children

    Having 2 young children, I work nights so I can spend all the holidays at home. Even if sometimes it means staying up 36+ hours. We all sacrifice somewhere. But nights works well for me. The only nights I try to get off are Halloween, usually not a p...
  13. Eating on the Night Shift

    My usual eating schedule on days I work: drink coffee when I get up around 9am, eat a light lunch around 2pm, take a nap around 330pm, snack before work at 530 with another coffee, dinner at 1-2 am, then light breakfast around 8 when I get off, if I'...
  14. A lot of it will be ambulating/helping pt's with ADLs. Regardless of the type of ortho surgery few of them are independent post-op whether it be due to inability to move, pain, or fear. So expect a lot of helping set up trays, helping pt's turn in be...
  15. Is this considered patient abandonment?

    I'm assuming that would depend on the policy at the facility where you work. Are you required to get a verbal/written SBAR of the patient, or is that information available in the computer and you are supposed to see it when you are assigned the patie...