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  1. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Funny doctor orders

    Uhhh yeah wound care. Sorry I work in Home health. BUt we use both wound care and wheelchair actually
  2. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    What would you say???

    I think if a md asks someone " Do you know how to speak English?" A good response would be "Do you know how to write in English? Bc this sh*t looks like japanese"
  3. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Funny doctor orders

    I have'nt seen any funny ones (bc there actually pretty sad) but I hate when a dr writes "WC TO LE" like.. can you be more specific please?
  4. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Needing an honest answer

    LOL @ last 2 posts Well, Ladies & Gents thank you all for your contribution to the thread. All thoughts and opinions will be taken into consideration when writing my paper. SIDE NOTE: When I used to do private duty I had a pt w/ MS who was allergic to almost everything. Instead of taking meds she went to a dr who practiced NAET which is a natural cure to allergies. It's very interesting. You nurses should look it up.
  5. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Why do nurses treat each other do way they do?

    It's not just in healthcare it's the way of the world. The whole world is divided by "classes". Upper class, higher middle class, lower middle class, low class. People are taught to treat people that they feel have or KNOW less than them with anomosity and disdain. That's just how it goes. Your true wealth is not what degree you carry, how long you've been in the nursing field. It's about your spirit. Half of the people who come to work b*tching are probaly having troubles at home anyway.
  6. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    A Little confused in what path should I take to become a Nurse

    Well from another young person (1990) :dncgbby: I went a different route. It all depends on whats good for you. Some people I know got their LPN 1st and then did a year to get their ADN. It helps you get experience and looks good to employer when you already have some nursing experience. BuT as for me I choose to get one degree at a time, take a break, and then go back and get another degree. Just because you graduate w/ a BSN does'nt make you any better of a nurse and I doubt anyone will hire you quicker seeing as you won't have experience. But hey what do I know? I'm just a baby lol. Side note: What school are you going to that requires you to have straight A's? I got to a private university and we don't even have to have straight A's.
  7. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

    Welllll since you asked *Pulls out long scroll* lol j/k I'm looking into buying a house NOW. Houses are so cheap now. You can buy a 3/2 townhouse for 75,000 and the mortgage would be cheaper than what i pay for rent. So maybe that but when I graduate I really just want to pay off this damn 60,000 that I already have in student loans and hopefully whenever I get my NP I can afford to by an Aston Martin. Whoo!
  8. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Needing an honest answer

    Exactly. The people with the money control the world. Tell me why we had a pt. w/ a stage 4 decubitis ulcer, paraplegic late 20's male and he is'nt getting the help he needs bc he has a limited health plan. Like seriously? No, seriously . He even went to the hospital and they did'nt even admit him. This is off topic but it just goes to show that insurance companies, pharm. companies all are big businesses! They don't care if you live or die. It's all a profit to them.
  9. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Soooo... Are you at a disadvantage at NS? I think I am.

    Yeah you will definitely need a dependable ride. You don't want to have to depend on someone to give you a ride to school 4 days out of the week because they will start acting funny trust me. What about your parents or boyfriend? Also some people say that not working while going to nursing school is a good idea. Well, that's their opinion. As for me I live on my own and have to pay all of my own bills so I have no choice but to work full time. But, it all depends on what you are able to do and what you feel comfortable doing. Your education is an investment so don't let anyone discourage you.
  10. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    I've had ENOUGH (vent)

    Have you ever thought about working in home health? I'm sure there are some agencies in your area looking for good lpns'.
  11. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Needing an honest answer

    You know I think your view on the matter has to also do with where you were born and your family background also. I was born in Jamaica and raised in Nassau so I've always seen my mom and grandma drink tea when they were constipated instead of taking Miralax.I think culture has to play a role in it too. Just a thought...
  12. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Needing an honest answer

    That was probaly one of the most sincere comments in this thread. Kudos to you!
  13. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Needing an honest answer

    Thanks for having an open mind.
  14. EbonyBorn2Succeed

    Needing an honest answer

    LOL @ INurseUK But if you seriously think about it. When has the US Gov't really tried to do ANYTHING for ANYBODY that was honestly good? Everything that they do is to fatten their pockets