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I went to the school bookstore today to find out which books I'd need for this semester and to find out how much they cost and I'm flabbergasted! We have to have 8 books just for nursing. $550 in books for one semester!!


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See if you can buy used ones from a former student.... I highly recommend this ... saves $$. Plus I've had professors that haven't updated their tests but have the newest edition of the book & I had the older edition that the test was designed for.... enabled me to get an A on a test where the class average was a C.

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485 Posts is the way to go... It will probably cost you about half of that.... I got all my books and so far they are all great and almost new... check it out!


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I bought my books yesterday----OMG!!!!!!!

Of course, almost every book is a new edition, so no used ones. I spent $500. I still have to get two more books.

I wish that I could get my hands on my financial aid sooner. There are so many expenses that have come up before classes start (books, shots, uniforms, syllabus, etc.) Oh well. Thank goodness for American Express.


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It's the same way for me too. Almost all these books are new edition.

I wish I got financial aid period, lol! Only thing I qualify for is student loans. And only $8625 worth at that, the remaining $5000 must be paid in 10 monthly installments...I'm beginning to think I must be crazy!!


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Wyldeflower ... if you haven't bought your books yet & you can buy used ones from previous students (at my school there are notices for selling books everywhere ... we don't go through the bookstore), then ask your professors about the new editions... are they necessary? All but one of my books it was okay to use the old edition ... and my professors were very open about that. Saved me $350 just the first semester ... Plus the student I was buying from waited until I got my loan money before cashing my check. Whew!!

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Try to talk to students who haven taken the class with your professor before... This fall I am taking A&PI everybody I've talked to said don't spend the money on the text book... he doesn't use it.... just buy the coloring book and record the lectures.... So I just saved myself $200.00!

Hope that helps!


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I used a site called they compare the price of books at various internet sites and even figure in shipping. So you know which site has the book (new or used) for the cheapest price. It really helped me. They were still really pricey though


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I just got my books yesterday and I spent about 814.00 altogether. We have 10 books, plus a nursing kit (supplies), and I am taking microbiology. I also bought a backpack for $35 so that was figured in as well. But I think that the remaining semesters I only need 1 or 2 extra books so this is the majority. Thank goodness!



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I have to buy a new AP book. I purchased a book last year for an AP class that I didn't even use. Brand New. The class I was assigned to was AP2, not 1. I could not follow & dropped. I changed schools since then. I now have a new book & Lab manual, with disks. Anyone interested.? Let me know.

Book Name is Hole's Human AP 8th edition


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they are changing a couple of the nursing books this year where i am attending. i was praying to get them at least a few weeks before school starts but they aren't in yet.


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originally posted by lisa1970

i have to buy a new ap book. i purchased a book last year for an ap class that i didn't even use. brand new. the class i was assigned to was ap2, not 1. i could not follow & dropped. i changed schools since then. i now have a new book & lab manual, with disks. anyone interested.? let me know.

book name is hole's human ap 8th edition

lisa, the same thing happened to me. i took a&p i at one school and had to buy new books again for a&p ii for the school i am at now. boy am i glad i have taken the science classes before starting clinical!
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