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Licensed RN in June 2003; Mother of two boys; lived in MS all my life; Christian

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  1. hcnursesoon

    Clinical uniform for school

    We have the most awful gray smocks!! I hate them, They go over our all white uniforms and are trimmed with our school colors. We wear our school badge on the sleeve and all white leather shoes. The smocks are terrible... DEATH TO THE SMOCKS!!!
  2. penlight, bandage scissors, watch, small notebook and calculator. All of these are mandatory for clinical. You don't have them you get sent home
  3. hcnursesoon

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    I'm Heather, mother of 2 boys, 21 years old, will graduate my adn program in May! (HIP HIP HOORAY!!!)
  4. hcnursesoon

    Nursing school diary (journal)

    We were required to keep one last semester as part of the psyche content---This year it is more of a clinical journal(also required). As far as a journal for myself, I don't even have time to sleep, much less write in a journal.
  5. hcnursesoon


    My teacher was from India. He was really smart, but we southern students couldn't understand him at all. It was hilarious translating. We didn't do many labs though. I was disappointed. But I did get an A.
  6. hcnursesoon

    on CPR

    In MS you have to be AHA CPR certified before you can be responsible for a patient in a hospital...even if you are a student--We all had to have it. BLS for Healthcare Providers, was the name I believe.
  7. hcnursesoon

    Weigh in Time Ladies

    When i was pregnant my doctor put me on an 1800 calorie/day diet, because my glucose level was high at the first check. I wasn't ever diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but he kept me on the diet none the less. Anyway I lost 5 lbs. the month he put me on it eventhough I was pregnant. However, postpartum i blew it out of the water, All I wanted was chocolate, and potato chips (forbidden on the diabetic diet) So here I am chunky as ever blaming the snickers for my gains. My point is I am starting that diet again tomorrow. You still get to eat a lot of food, but you can only eat certain ones and nothing else. I recommend it to anyone. wish me luck :)
  8. hcnursesoon

    Im so nervous about my last year!

    I suggest working one of those NCLEX review cd-roms on your pc. I did that about two weeks before and so far I don't seem too lost. I also recommend reviewing all of your fluids and lytes. It's not so bad. I just started back and in no time you feel like you never left.
  9. hcnursesoon

    First Day Back

    I attend ECCC in Decatur, but we do all of our clinicals in Meridian. I will be at JARMC and Rush... I haven't had a chance to post since i started back monday... that should clue you in on how busy it is already! I am exhausted, but I love it.
  10. hcnursesoon

    Weigh in Time Ladies

    I lost 2 lbs last week, mostly fluid probably, I cut back on all my sodium filled soft drinks and hid the table salt. Got lots of healthy food at the grocery as well, here's hopin' I could stand to lose 55-60. Gosh that's a lot. Gotta long way to go.
  11. hcnursesoon

    First Day Back

    hey everyone, I am about to leave for my first day back. I am really excited - I haven't seen most of my classmates all summer. It will be nice to see everyone again. Anyways I just wanted to share my excitement.:chuckle
  12. hcnursesoon

    I am so bummed!

    Don't get discouraged...I am sure that the spring semester will be here before you know it... In the meantime cherish your time off -- think of it as an extended vacation or something... Stick with it, you'll get there :). --Heather
  13. hcnursesoon

    Students Only....warning this will bore others....

    I start Monday . I am kind of excited though... all the nervousness of first year is over.... I remember seeing the second year students last year and thinking that they looked like heros of war... that is until classes started, then they looked much worse than we did...HA! Anyway, I have been working in some of my NCLEX books to review some things that we had last year... other than that I am savoring every sane moment i have left with my family. and sitting on the couch without being covered with books and papers and flash cards.... That is so nice.
  14. hcnursesoon

    Students Only....warning this will bore others....

    get used to it you'll be saying that at least once a day until you graduate...and maybe even after that....:roll
  15. hcnursesoon

    Need A&P Study Tips

    I re-drew every diagram I could in my notes, wrote down just about everything, and re-read my notes (from that day) every night as a review. Our book also came with a cd-rom that was really helpful. Oh, and our instructors tell us all the time that if there is one thing that they wish students would retain from A&P it is the renin-angiotensin pathway... I did and it helps a lot with renal to be up on that from way back.
  16. hcnursesoon

    What am I thinking?

    Peeps, you're hilarious... but so honest! :)