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Didn't the 8th edition just come out last month?


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lol I just looked into a book buy back. They are telling me the book I just spent over $190, last spring is only worth $18.00. I guess I have a really expensive reference book now. :-)


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Specializes in critical care. is a good one as well as when it comes to comparing books from different sites. Ih ad to but 12 books for 1 class and i saved $160 over the campus bookstore. very excited about that.


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Just some advice from a clinical nursing instructor who's also been where you are. Financial aid is a good source, but many nursing students forget to look for scholarships. This information should be available at your Financial Aid office on campus. Many scholarships are now available from corporations who realize that the nursing shortage is going to impact this country in a big way just a few years down the road. Hang in there--we all need you!


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books prices are outragous, i swear the bookstores are mafia related.. i just ordered 2 nursing books online, don't need them until september and will save a little money.

i've had one week of class this week without a book in one of my classes, the instructor was kind enough to make copies of chapters for everyone. as we went over 6 chapters.



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Our instructors don't copy anything... Tight budget has put the entire campus on a paper ration.


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has anyone tried to purchase books from the publisher? I found an aP book that ran $190 at campus bs for $94. and it came with a bonus atlas. I m going to try & purchase all my books this way


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sorry it is early (3am here) I purchased the book from the publisher for $94.00, price at bookstore was $190


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my first semster i paid 670$ CANADIAN!!! i'm dreading my credit card bill for semptember already for this year...i can only imagine



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originally posted by lpn,future, rn

they are changing a couple of the nursing books this year where i am attending. i was praying to get them at least a few weeks before school starts but they aren't in yet.

god is good! i was talking to a couple of people who will start with me in the rn program aug 26. they have already taken pharm and health assessement and they are letting me use their books. i now have a chance to do some studying ahead of time.
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