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What were the best and worst jobs you ever had before becoming a nurse?

My best was as a vocalist for a band. In fact, if you watch the movie "My Life" w/ Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman, I was the singer in the wedding band at the reception scene. Red sequined dress shaking a tambourine. That was fun!

Worst job was my first job ever, working at Dunkin' Donuts. I still have trouble eating those!

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Best job . . . .working on the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach when I was going to The University of Long Beach, studying Social Work. I loved driving up to that ship and working there. So much history. And fun people to work with.

Worst job . . . retail job at a clothing store in a huge mall. It was so so so boring . . .I quit after a week.


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Best Job,I'm still there Diesal Mechanic for a Kenworth Dealership.Very good pay and benefits.Worst Job a small truck shop at mininum wage.I was desperate,had a wife and a newborn baby and no unemployment.Had to do welfare for a few months,which was great for the mom and baby,but not for the husband that should have been working.:stone

Worst job...factory work inspecting and packaging hydraulic hose & garden hose. It smelled, was dirty, the place was freezing in winter & sweltering in summer, and physically tough. Pay was good though and I stayed 3 yrs.

Best: worked for 6 yrs as a ophthalmic tech for 2 eye surgeons. I loved the docs, the people I worked with & the pts. (I still have pts ask me when I'm coming back there to work! Been gone 7 years!) The gals I worked w are still my buddies and the Doc still gives me free eye care & glasses at cost! This is great b/c I have eye probs and am really myopic - glasses cost a small fortune! I only left there to become a nurse. I am happy to be an RN, but still miss that office.


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I've been in nursing all my life, worked part time in an army hospital during high school became a CNA and went to LPN school right after high school. I did work part time as a maid in high school that had to be the worst job. I do give riding lessons on the side and train a few horses, I think the riding lessons are the best part of the job.


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Worst job housekeeper at a local hospital

best job Pt care tech at a local hospital!


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Best job Emergency RN

Worst pastry cook apprentice making lot's of meat pies and working at McDonalds

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Best job prior to nursing: Jr. Acct. Exec at a Public Relations/Advertising agency. Maybe I'm a stress junkie??

Worst job: Dairy Queen while in High School. The owner of the place use to sit in the corner on a stool and watch every move you made. We had to weigh everything. Heaven forbid if we ACCIDENTLY put 1/2 ounce too much ice cream on the cone!!!!:eek:


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Best Job(s):

- Instructor - North American Van Lines - Teaching folks how to drive 18 wheelers in New York City.

- Golf Caddy (when I was in high school). Been 20 years, and I still talk to the folks I used to work with. Good pay (for a high school kid) - and got to drive the golf carts (big thing when you are 14 yrs old). Was there 5 years.

Worst Job(s):

- Wendy's. First day, I came in at 5AM, and was handed a broom and told to clean worms (it rained the night before) off of drive-way to drive-through window. I quit the next day.

- EDS (Electronic Data Systems) - GMAC Account (Dayton, OH). Had to do production support at 2AM (on beeper), then got hell because we did not wear a suite an tie. Had to carry a beeper while on vacation - and got beeped. Got beeped XMAS eve - and caught heck for answering more that 15 minutes past beep. Ended up working all day XMAS. Who knew that Puerto Rico works XMAS day??? Was there for 2 years of pure hell.


- Am starting nursing school (well Anatomy & Physiology) in 2 weeks. Can't wait. I work in computer software industry, and people here love to look at pics in Anatomy book (something different).

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My favorite job was the one I held before deciding to enter nursing. I was an inspector for a power generating equipment manufacturer. I got to travel all over the US doing endoscopic inspections on turbines. Good pay, fun people to work with, constant travel. Hope I can do travel nursing after (if) I graduate. Interesting side note: I met a lady on an evening flight and we got to talking. It turned out she worked for the same company in their medical division. She was an retired RN who came back to work to do training at clinics and hospitals which purchased the companies imaging devices. I thought that was such a neat job.

Worst job: Many years ago I was a labourer for a local municipality. I had to work on a repairing a sewage lagoon which had sprung a leak. We had to drain it, then walk out into the middle of it to fix the holes. It tooks weeks to finish. :imbar Does this little guy look like he's losing his lunch?

Best job: Started waitressing at a small restaurant when I was 15, stayed there until I graduated HS and went to nursing school. I LOVED having money at the end of every work day! The restaurant is now closed but I still see my boss on a regular basis.....she's my mother-in-law!!:D

Worst job: Doughnut maker at a Casey's General Store. Had to be there at 4 am, work til 10 am and then come back at 2 pm....really sucked!! Only worked there for about 3 weeks.


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Worst Job: Waitress at Big Boy, I lasted 3 days.

Best Job: I had tons of cash when I delivered pizza...I loved it!!

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