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  1. epg_pei

    Right to defense against violence on adolescent unit

    This thread has become relevant for reasons similar to the original posters. I have to work tonight with one of these kids. I once had notions of spending many years working as a nurse and retiring in reasonably undamaged condition. Fantasy? I hope the patient is still in seclusion as I left them last weekend, and not out on the unit as the doctor originally ordered. Weather's nice down under eh....
  2. epg_pei

    What can you do with a Canadian Nursing PhD?

    Need a sister site, aboveallnurses.com or smarterthanallnurses.com
  3. I've used Meditech and Cerner. Meditech is old technology but it's proven and works, although it's not very pretty to look at. Cerner looks good, but it's not quite as reliable, we seem to have a lot of downtime with it, and the learning curve has been steep. We seem to have had to invest much more than was initially budgeted to secure the features we were expecting from the outset.
  4. epg_pei

    Which is best province among the four?

    I'm from PEI, hence the name. I think coming from the Phillipines you may have a difficult time adjusting to the weather and culture of PEI. Our winters are long, summers short and relatively cool by your standards. We have limited choices for entertainment and shopping. And there remains on PEI a cultural divide between native Islanders and what some refer to as CFAs or "come from away"s. We're getting better, but we're not there just yet, especially in nursing. It's quite territorial. The better nursing positions are difficult to secure, we have an abundance of open positions on the heavy floors and are almost constantly short-staffed. Throw in high taxes, low levels of service, and I begin to wonder why I'm still here?! If I were in your position, and had to choose between PEI and NS, I would go with NS. My , thank you and good luck!
  5. epg_pei

    Canadian wanting to work in HI

    I have reviewed the application for licensure by endorsement as I am interested in travel opportunities in Hawaii. The application indicates a SSN is required. How does a Canadian RN with a Minnesota license endorse to Hawaii without a SSN?
  6. epg_pei

    Recruitment ad/solicitation

  7. epg_pei

    Recruitment ad/solicitation

    I got a postcard in the mail today from Crytzer England. They are holding an expo to recruit Canadian nurses to the US. The offer is to provide airfare and hotel and a forum where nurses network with hospitals that attend. Has anyone else received one of these? Does anyone know anything about this organization?
  8. epg_pei

    Acute vs chronic

    Does anyone have a good definition? Is there a length of admission, number of admits within ashort-period, or other measure of what constitutes one vs the other? Just asking becasue a BPD pt flew off the handle at me for suggesting chronic care might be more appropriate.
  9. epg_pei

    Im curious about the 1:1 vigilance

    I haven't done that much 1:1. The psych attendants usually do it, with an RN or LPN co-assigned. Everyone stays outisde the room. Usually there's at least 5-6 feet between pt and staff. I don't feel comfortable any closer. I see people reading and even watching DVDs. I like to keep a closer watch than that, you never know what is going to happen. If it hits the fan while you're watching a movie or likewise, chances are you'll be in very deep you-know-what.
  10. epg_pei

    I need your advice ASAP

    Wow, that's pretty bad. Almost every sentence in your post gives a reason to RUN from that place. Makes me feel a lot better about my own workplace.
  11. I thought I had seen info online indicating that long-term meth use causes the subject brain damage. Not just the altered activity you see on a PET scan, I mean actual spongiform appearance on CT. If anyone out that has seen similar and could link to it I would really appreciate it!
  12. I just wanted to thank everyone for their input. We certainly seem to deviate from policy too often. I'm glad I have some options as far as what to do in some of these situations.
  13. Somewhere I may not be for much longer LOL
  14. epg_pei

    Inpatient Visitation Times

    Our unit has weekday visiting from 1630-2030, weekends from 1130-2030. The other posted have identified some problems we've had, smoking on the unit, illegal substances brought onto unit, alcohol brought onto unit. But for the most part, visiting hours are a welcome break for pts. We do restrict visiting if the pt situation requires it.
  15. epg_pei

    Staffing levels

    Our unit is a combined adolescent/adult acute care unit within the hospital. We have 17 adult, 3 adolescent, and 3 emergency assessment beds. We have 2 seclusion rooms for the entire population. Assuming a full census with no high risk, aggressive, or constant observation patients we would typically have 5-6 RNs and 1 male LPN, weekdays. Weekends we have 3 RNs and 1 male LPN. If a pt requires seclusion and constant obs, the male LPN is often assigned to this task. Considering this, and because males are tasked to provide crisis intervention for this and other units in the hospital, I am the lucky winner some days. The subject has been on my mind a lot lately. We had a crisis on the weekend. A pt attempted strangulation on the unit, and for a brief period, only myself and one other male RN were available to directly intervene. The charge RN had to try and help us plus call for orderlies, get orders and prep meds. Apparently the only orderly in the whole hospital was tied up with another pt, and our male LPN had to run back the the unit, after having responded to a pt crisis in ER. Anyway, we spent quite a long time on the floor restraining this pt until the level of aggression decreased. My worry was, in all that, if anything else had happened on the unit, who could have responded? Or what if we could not have restrained the pt, what about our safety? I have NVCI training, but I am not very experienced or physically capable of handling a violent pt without adequate assistance. I just wanted to know if my situation and experience is common to this field. I appreciate all the information being shared, it is very helpful.
  16. epg_pei

    Assault Response Training for ER Staff

    We have Non Violent Crisis Intervention, which often becomes Violent Crisis Intervention. This is an area of psych I hate. I'm not a big guy, but I am tasked to deal with aggressive patients without adequate backup. I heard a rumor that our hospital is losing orderlies. No, I have no idea what they are thinking....