Best shoes for the job?


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In your opinion what is the best overall shoe for you at work for 12 hours on a busy busy day?

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Everyone has their own personal favorite when it comes to shoes. I swear by my New Balance shoes.

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Everybody's feet, shape, weight, etc. is different. There is no "one shoe best for everybody" out there. The only athletic shoe that fits me well is the Nike brand. I found the best shoe for me is one that is a size larger than I usually wear. That way my feet can freely flex, and my toes always have lots of room. Since I went up a size, my feet never hurt anymore.

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I used to wear Danskos, but they switched manufacturers and they no longer fit me well. I am now in Alegria shoes.

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I have flat feet and over pronate so my best shoes are either new balance or brooks addiction series. The brooks are a bit pricey, but they have been the best thing I have bought in a long time.

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I have short, stubby feet that tend to retain fluids after the end of a long shift. Actually, I am prone to fluid retention because I am hypothyroid.

Anyhow, Nike running shoes work out very well when I am working 12 hour shifts. I also have had good luck with New Balance and SAS (handmade, expensive old lady shoes).


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I may be wrong ,but if athletes aren't wearing them -then Oh,well . Soft ,supportive , athletic shoes . No Danskos in the Olympics , Final Four , NFL, Bassmasters Classic, NBA , Golf , etc.


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Go to Luke's Locker or Hhe New Balace Store if you have one or a running specialty store and be fitted specifically for show depending on your need for support & cushioning. The associates at these shoes can access what your needs are & recommend a model & brand for you. Take the information & find the right price shoe with the same recommendations they gave you. Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Saucony, & Mizuno are great to start with. Try to get 2 pair & rotate daily. Use them only for work. You can also get quality insoles to help, Spenco or Sof Sol & New Balance are good. Rotating your shoes & designating them as work only shoes will lengthen the life of the shoes. Also due to wear & tear & break down of he support/cushioning system you need to replace shoes about every 3/6 months. The support/cushioning systems need 24 hours to rest & return to full life/potential. Your feet & back will thank you. Just advice. But everyone's needs are different and costs sometimes do matter. Oh with New Balance usually the higher the # the better the shoe in its respective type of shoe. Good luck.


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I have tried sooo many shoes and my go to shoes are the champion c9 from target shoes.

I finally gave in and bought the dansko clogs everyone raves about. Love that they make me taller, but after a few months of wear, I have callouses on the balls of my feet, especially my right (leading) foot, and an aching pain in my right hip that won't go away. The nature of clogs forces you to walk a different way, and to grip the shoe a different way with your feet. I think dansko clogs would be great for someone who stands in one place all night, or only has short ground to cover - I however have 30 patients up and down two long halls with concrete tile floors, and am running all night. I need more cushioning, more shock absorption. Before the Danskos, I had Timberland Renova slip ons. Approx $80 and OMG so comfy for running in all night, no break in time. Cute too. Going to get another pair, save the Danskos for occasional wear, or for when I wear some of my longer pants....or for when I just want to feel taller!